Collect cards, defeat enemies and top the ranks in the fantasy world of Permia Duels

Collectible card games are a fairly popular genre of video games as of late. You’ve got the likes of Hearthstone in closed beta from Blizard (the company behind World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo), but there are also small gems out there looking to tap into the market. This movement includes the likes of Permia Duels ( from Seepia Games. If you’re seeking a fantasy adventure, while being able to build an unbeatable deck of cards, pass the break for more details as this is the mobile game for you.

Permia Duels is the second title from the independent developer, based in Lappeenranta, Finland. As touched on above, it’s a multiplayer collectible card game in which a single game takes less than a handful of minutes. That’s the main attraction of Permia Duels. You can pick it up when on the move, have a quick game and either win or lose before needing to stash away your Windows Phone. As an added bonus, Permia Duels is also product of the Nokia, Microsoft and Aalto University Appcademy program.

Permia Duels

The game board. It's not as complicated as it looks.

If you’re also a fan of turn-based strategy games that require a solid mindset and some crafty thinking, Permia Duels is right up your street. Not only have you got the goal to form the best dueling deck possible, but there’s ample enjoyment when using your card collection against live opponents. So, how does the game work? What do players have to achieve to win a “round”? Fear not, this game is by no means complicated, but there's definitely room to invest hours upon hours into the addictive gameplay.

Permia Duels is pretty straight forward and simple, so don’t freak out when first playing the title through with all the numbers, units and upgrades available. Essentially, the goal is to be the player with the most units in play when the round is over. Each card has an assigned number per side.  When you place a card down, should your numbers be greater than what’s connected to them on an enemy card, you take control of said card. It works both ways, so be sure to protect your low figures and kick some ass with those high values (note: you can't turn cards).

Permia Duels

Upgrade older cards to create the perfect deck.

Losing and gaining cards placed (one is placed per turn by each player), you have to think wisely and have a strategic mind analysing what’s already on the table, as well as in your deck. It’s not that easy though. Not only do you have different units, but there are multiple land types, which provide extra powers to certain units when placed on appropriate spots. This adds a subtle, but welcomed boost to the game, not making it simply about who has the highest digits. Build a well rounded deck.

Permia Duels

Purchase booster packs and "Qual" from the in-game store.

When not in an active game and challenging other players, you can utilise the tools and means available to create your tailored deck. This includes sacrificing cards in your deck to create new, powerful ones in their place, as well as purchasing booster packs to get stronger units to play with. The game itself is free, but the in-game currency can be purchased from the store. Highest ranking players will receive some “great rewards.”

Interested in starting your own deck? You can download Permia Duels from the Windows Phone Store for free. As an added bonus, Seepia Games is running an exciting campaign, celebrating the company’s two-year anniversary, through this week (ends January 26th) where players who log in before the closing date will receive a 500 Qual reward!

Rich Edmonds
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