The question is an interesting one, specifically, because Microsoft attempted to shift users over to digital with the original Xbox One's launch, by making the console always-online, while adding limitations on how often you could trade used game discs. The trade-off would've been digital library sharing for up to ten friends and family members, and an assault on the used games market, which game developers and publishers feel is eating into their profit margins. The backlash against the limitations led to Microsoft scrapping the system entirely.

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Digital continues its rise regardless, however, with physical retailers like GameStop and GAME in the UK struggling for survival. Yet, for all the convenience of digital licenses, there's still something enchanting about collecting physical game discs, in a similar way that has seen vinyl records return to popularity.


I'm not ashamed to say, I still prefer physical but, every once in a while I will grab a digital game, so right now, NOT including FREE Xbox live games, I am about 70% phsyical vs. 30 Digital. Why I prefer phsical games ? 1. Faster install if I had to reinstall the game. One night we were all trying to play a older Xbox one game that we all owned but, no one had installed, it was about...


So we ask; what do you prefer?

In the forums: Still prefer Digital or Phsyical games and why?