Concept Unicorn puts a unique flip on Windows Phone

Nothing can stimulate your tech glands like some silky renders of a concept phone. Here’s one from a senior industrial designer at Alcatel Mobile. The device is unique, Concept Unicorn shows off a Windows Phone device with a vertical flip cover. Check out some of the renders and a little video of the device.

Concept Unicorn looks like a little side project from a senior designer with Alcatel. Jet Ong has some nice design work in his Behance portfolio, but it's this Windows Phone device that has us wishing.

The most interesting thing about this device is how it folds back like a reporters notepad and within that fold is the USB charging port. The back of the flip cover looks like it has a velvet like texture as well. I'm going to stretch my gadget bone and imagine it with a flexible spine like the Microsoft Arc mouse, it can hold its position no matter what angle you set it. Anyways, here are a few more pics, get the rest at the source link below.

Concept Unicorn Windows Phone

Would this be a potential form factor any of you would try? Could be fun.

Source: Behance

Thanks for the tip Corey G!

  • YES!
  • i would consider this form factor as well. I really like it. Also the cover that folds back would be enough space for a HUGE battery!
  • I just want MSFT to make their own phone
  • Me too! I've been using my corporate Lumia 822 as work & personal for about two months since I dropped my personal L900 for two stories in the air while running cabling. I haven't replace it because I was hoping MS would announce a device at MWC. I'm getting desparate and just might go ahead an purchase the L920 if I don't see something soon.
  • Yes, I'd luv a MS made Windows phone myself, even though I'm not exactly suffering with my Lumia 920. I think you'd be really happy with the 920,...
  • I don't think that will happen. Manufacturers are already fleeing RT and Surface isn't doing great either.
    Example i don't think even with nokia cointrolling over 80% of WP market they wanna stay here for too long if WP sales and support from MS doesn't get better and MS starts to make it's own phones.
    Android is now again profitable with LG, Sony and Samsung. manufacturers that just 3 years ago sold 1-2 million smartphones compared to Nokia's 24 million a quarter. There must be some discussion inside Nokia about relying to WP. Just like there seems to be with HTC.
  • I read microsoft indeed has a "homegrown" windows phone, but they arent going to do anything with it unless the Windows Phone eco-system starts to fail (Basically, theyd do what they did with surface; Create a device to show OEMs how its done and to spark interest in the platform, but not to necessarily steal the market). So unless Nokia jumps ship i highly doubt MS will release such a phone, but they have, at least, if rumors to be believed, considered a windows phone made directly by them.
    ALSO: Surface isnt failing, and nor is RT. Remember: Rome wasnt built in a day, and nor is ecosystems for platforms. (People are so used to having their apps on devices that they forget this and forget Apple and Android bother were where WP8 and WinRT are today). And a hefty app ecosystem is whats plaguing RT atm (and somewhat WP8 as well.). The OS is great, but it lacks some core apps (and as far as twitter and youtube is concerned, restrictive API's {or lack thereof} make it hard to bring anything solid to the os, especially for free in Twitters case {remember the original Tweetro?}). People these days will skip an entire OS just because they dont get their instagram or whatever (no matter if there are equal alternatives or even better ones for the platform). As far as surface Pro, its all about miscategorization and double standards.The pro is: A: Being considered a tablet form factor instead of a Tablet/Laptop convertible form factor (The Verge actually rated it as such) B: Being criticized for battery life and size, when it is cheaper, smaller, and contains more equipment than a Macbook Air, to which the industry seems is fine (thus the double standards).  
    Another thing, last i checked, Nokia itself has said theyre still not going to consider Android and sticking to their guns with Windows Phone. Theyve put all their eggs in this basket (Developing markets excluded, where they use Asha devices).
    Last thing: Sales of windows phone quadrupled last year. Yes, they havent dominated Android or iOS, but android took a good 2 - 3 years to get off the ground, and only now is it (or should i say Samsung) dominating the market.
    tl;dr - Windows Phone has had a rough journey, and the path ahead is bumpy, but it has a bright future and is a great alternative. I mean, why else would some elements be found in apps on other platforms (Maluuba for example was on android about mid last year and only now is available on WP8, and its interface SCREAMS Metro/ModernUI), and why would the Lumia be talked about as a benchmark by people at the iPhone 5 event (as well as apple using a Lumia 900 as an example that not all phones have to look like iPhone in their case against samsung last year)???
  • Looks pretty neat!
  • "tech glands" that's a phrase and a half.
  • Yeah had me in stitches :D
  • You'd think I majored in some science related degree or something... :P
  • "gadget bone" close in second place...
  • I like the concept. But it would be nice if they could dedicate to WP as well.
  • Would love this design!
  • Very nice. I probably wouldn't buy it personally, simply because I go for tech over fashion, but it would be a very popular phone, simply for its looks.
  • Like a Lenovo yoga for phones, pretty sleek
  • That's a pretty neat concept!
  • Very cool.  I like it.
  • Super slim. I wonder if they would use a flex screen.
  • While it looks cool and I like the idea of integrating the circutry in two parts, I'm not sure a phone that thin would actually be comfortable to hold. Plus it'd get caught in things.
    Accessing the usb socket is a pest (although hopefully it'd have wireless charging so that'd be less of a problem than normal).
    And finally there's no headphone socket...
  • Not to mention, a camera that thin would likely suck. Still, it's a cool concept.
  • Cool concept ut i'll pass. I mean that thing doesn't have camera button or volume rocker meaning i have to wake the phone every time i want to increase or decrease the volume and i can't launch my camera without waking the phone and i have to tap the screen every time i want to take a picture.
  • Wow, this is the reason why some people never prosper...lack of vision.  How about if the volume is voice operated? Or if you feel it's necessary to touch the phone, how about when in sleep mode, you swipe screen up or down for volume control or perhaps (and this is my favorite ;-) ) you can clap once for volume up and twice for volume down. Lack of creativity from consumers afraid of changing and from marketing and sales departmets deciding what will sell more is what's keeping all this phones looking essentially the same...Just saying! 
  • Imagine everyone doing all you just described, i mean the stuffs like clapping or using voice commands. Technology is meant to make life easier and not complicated. I don't like being disturbed and i also don't like disturbing people. All you just described seems like show off to me.
  • No vision, No sense of humor...the clapping was meant as a joke (therefore the winking face).  The other two were meant as options to your need of having buttons...move forward!
  • Volume could easily be adjusted from the edge. Tap to initiate then swipe up or down.
  • CONCEPT, people.... C'mon. It would have hardware buttons if it were to be mass produced.
  • Love the concept idea, love the color, I would like this to be produced
  • Looks like it would make a great cover for my 920 (almost like the note 2 cover) first thing that popped into my head when I saw pic
  • I read he's name as Jet Dong.  Well, can't stop reading it that way so he's Jet Dong from now on. 
  • I wouldn't want to have to open my phone up to access the charging port everytime I needed to charge it.  Plus I don't really see any added functionality into having that cover. It just moves the battery and camera inards from the base to the cover. Add a Dual screen perhaps?  Extra battery in cover? With those items then this concept would be more attractive.
  • I would need an easy way to lock the cover closed and to reopen it.  If that cover is flopping around, opening & closing in my pocket, it'll get annoying. Agree with some that it would need the hardware buttons. Agree with some that it would need better USB port placement. Other than that, I think it looks pretty cool and I'm glad they're trying to come up with outside-the-box designs.
  • funny naming considering the android ads that are running about the unicorn game dev.... The phones in that ad have a side-flip cover too.
  • WPC please switch to disqus!!!
  • I was thinking the same thing. Unicorn Apocalypse is now live! Haha.
  • Have any of you thought it might wake when you open it just like the old flip phones used too. It's very close to the Lumia 920 in size but 2mm thinner. Looks very cool.
  • I don't see the point of this concept.  The folding part doesnt really bring anything to the table appart from covering the screen which isnt needed when you have gorilla glass anyway. It just splits he phone in two and has a flimsy looking usb hole. If there were KB buttons on the flip part, maybe...
    Also how anyoying is that flip going to be every time you make a call and you have to open & fold back or leave dangling. NIce idea but doesnt really work.
  • If they could churn out some "Nokia Quality" apps and features for this, then I WANT.
  • Stick a keyboard or second screen on the flip.
  • Whoa... totally reminds me of a Unicorn. You know... becaues they can turn themselves inside out and all.
  • Beautiful! My first phone ever was Alcatel one touch.
  • There is something screwy about the camera on this phone renders...the first picture depicts that the camera would be blocked by then when flipped over and then in the rest of the images it wouldn't be...guess the first image is a mistake lol.
  • Too Nice. Boy did WP8 innovation escalate quickly.
  • I would be more than happy to own this phone!
  • Would be cool if the flap was a second screen. Maybe a screen that would use a stylist for OneNote notetaking.
  • Without needing any extra circuitry, a dumb accessory cover like this would be good enough to start. Nokia allow changing the back cover on some of their models, so 3rd party could build one that intergrate a flip cover like this.
  • This is an interesting form factor for sure. I particularly like the camera on the flip cover. When the cover is closed the lens remains protected along with the screen too. Despite the cover the device looks pretty slim and easy to hold.  So all in all it looks nice. However, my buying decision is based more on the specs rather than the looks. So this form factor coming in a flagship phone woudl entice me.