Confirmed: Samsung doubling down on Windows Phone 7, sidelines Android

We mentioned last week that Samsung was making Windows Phone 7 its number one OS, knocking Android down a notch and putting their own Bada OS in a distant third.

Now a graph, reportedly from Samsung themselves, seemingly confirms the earlier story that for 2011 Samsung will put Windows Phone on 63% of its smartphone releases. Android follows in a distant second with just 32% and Bada at a tiny 6%.

Samsung must see something special with Windows Phone 7 and evidently that "licensing cost" argument is blown out of the water. Free licenses alone won't win you OEM love, our little robot friend. Now if Sammy could just bring their Super AMOLED gear to the remaining carriers...


Daniel Rubino

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  • How exactly is this 'confirmed'...? Do you have a link to that graph in a PR statement at the Samsung website? I've taken a peek at the site and don't see anything resembling this graph, or the info that's being presented as a factual confirmation. Perhaps the local community college offers some journalism courses and you could learn about different writing terms and what they mean ;)
  • What makes you think the chart is from Samsung themselves? I don't see the 'confirmation' in the link you provided. I suspect the chart is just something people created based on the earlier report.
  • Exactly Android has bought them alot of money. Its hard to believe they're gonna throw it on the backburner for a brand new os
  • I woundering if this means that Microsoft is finnaly broken down balmer and is going to make a samsung tab with windows phone 7 on it ???
  • I would have to say that Microsoft has brought Samsung much more money that google ever has do you not remember Windows Mobile ? Windows on the PC
    and what has google brough to samsung android... yes this was good until WP7 is now available Google TV !! this gives Samsung tv netowrks blocking their servis and getting pritty pissed off at samsung and google
    for no agreement on broadcast tv ? its just like google
    to through it out there and than do contracts if it sticks..
  • i'm thinking that the pie chart isn't from Samsung, unless they like to prefer to themselves in third person. This is still kinda odd news that they'd release more WP7 devices than Android given the cash cow that Android seems to be and the success that their own Galaxy S phones are. Perhaps they see this as their chance to become the most prominent WP7 partner, as HTC was with Windows Mobile.
  • Wow, imagine how slow Android upgrades will be now that Samsung cares even less about Android than they do in 2010, and then upgrades were painfully slow.
  • Daniel, Daniel, Daniel ... Burned once ... Burned twice!? The article references the same interview that you took out of context given by the head of Samsung Thailand! The graph was produced not by Samsung Thailand or Korea, but by iMobile for their article. The article doesn't "confirm the original story," merely retells it. At least they had the good sense the attribute the original source.
  • If it's true, I don't see why people would find it preposterous or otherwise difficult to believe. I read somewhere recently that Samsung is supposedly in the lead for Android phone sales and I assume this chart is about new phone designs, not product quantity. With that in mind, why would people think it's logical for Samsung to spend money in R&D to design more new Android phones? There is such a thing as saturation. Yeah, if they make more new models, people would have more choice in design, but, eventually, they'd basically be throwing money away just to compete with themselves. Additionally, WP7 is new and there doesn't seem to be too much in the queue for upcoming phones. If Samsung capitalizes on it with excellent phones, they could gain more mind share and be in the top sales for WP7 devices, too. They'd still be bringing new Android phones to the table, they'd just be casting a wider net by including WP7.