WPCentral Avatar Body Prop Winners!

Okay... so it took longer than expected to randomly select thirty winners from seven hundred thirty five comments to our Windows Phone body prop contest. But we did it!

We randomly selected fifteen male winners and fifteen female winners who will be receiving Xbox Avatar codes shortly for the Windows Phone Body Prop.

Our winners are...

On the male side of the house we have,

fourblades, AussieMS, ThreeLeggedRace, blessthejon, phirefly, AO_, iTamma, Reflexx, astroXP, Duckhole, unicorn109, jackcanon, KustomAU, safesax2002, gh8421

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And on the female side of the house we have,

jenjen4U, Tritianoferra, tranthe, pLUSpISTOL, sSs IROCK sSs, YamaYamaYama, dellyx, SophieHex, jeskiska, MFmonster, Lady Chosen, cyder1127, Alvarian, ianthe, strtrkn

Look for the email with your redemption code shortly and thanks to all who participated!

Update: All emails have been sent to the winners as of 11:30 am ET. Please contact us if you have not received your code.