Okay folks, as Friday is winding down we figured it were time to announce our Surface Pro 3 contest winner. If you recall, all you had to do was leave up to three comments on our original article. Those comments were enough to enter, even if you're world-wide.

We ended up having an astonishing amount of entries, which broke our backend CMS a few times (thanks for the free stress test!). Let's take a look.

  • Total amount of comment: 41,240
  • 2961 participants with one comment
  • 1473 participants with two comments
  • 10687 participants with 3 or more comments
  • 15121 unique entrants

Those are some crazy numbers, and you all proved one thing: you want a Surface Pro 3! We pulled out the comments into a file, filtered out anything more than three original comments and the algorithm picked one person:

We hear Kol is from Albania, which is pretty amazing! The winner has been emailed directly and hopefully we'll hear back from them in the next few days (if not we will select another winner using the same random methods).

You can still win!

Considering most of you probably didn't win, we'd still like to thank you for playing along. You showed how great this community can be. And remember, we're still giving away Windows Phones or tablets in our ongoing Hidden Gems series! There is a winner for each one of those articles, so get in on that and increase your chances!

From the Windows Phone Central team to you, thanks!