Cortana for China makes a video cameo

Finally, there is a video showing off how Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana would look and work when it lands in China. The video shows the feature demonstrated on a yellow Lumia 1520 phone, and the features shown confirms what we already know about the localization of Cortana for the Chinese market.

As we had reported in the past, the most visual change to Cortana is that rather than a blue orb that we're seeing in the U.S., the Chinese iteration will be a yellow shape with eyes. Microsoft had noted that eye contact was important in the culture and it's a visual change that's made specifically for the country. Cortana is headed to China in beta.

Cortana will interact with users in China with Mandarin in voice, speech, and text. Also, users can also brush up on their English with Bing Translator integration.

Another feature that the Chinese version has is that the built-in notebook of Cortana could also track air quality reports and driving restrictions.

Be sure to look at our prior coverage of Cortana for more details.

Do you like the fact that Microsoft is creating a regionalized version of Cortana? Let us know.

Source: WMPU

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