Instogram Windows Phone

Although we have wait on the fate of Metrogram, the unofficial Instagram client for Windows Phone announced this past weekend, FastCompany is citing an unnamed source that Microsoft may have worked out a deal with the developers behind Instagram for an official, certified Windows Phone version. For those not familiar, Instagram is a extremely popular photo sharing app with kitsch filters on iOS. Instagram have acknowledged that they're working on an Android version, but now we're learning that Windows Phone may get it first.

Windows Phone boasts Metro UI which has been positively received by most and is a unique experience available on a mobile platform. This, added with the quick camera functionality and consistent quality across hardware, will ensure that an Instagram app would look (and feel) fantastic. Even though Windows Phone is still picking up steam with market share, Android suffers from fragmentation which could have a negative impact on the user experience.

Instagram would be a worthy addition to the Marketplace, a popular app that many smartphone owners on a competitive platform use, and the software giant is looking to spend to get the apps people want.

Source: FastCompany; thanks Lucas for the heads up! For more info on Instagram, check our iMore's coverage.