Brad Wright, a concept artist at Creative Assembly, has revealed some concept art for a rejected Halo Wars project, based around space combat. It's unclear whether this art was for either a new game or a Halo Wars 2 expansion, however, he pitches the idea of a space setting, integrated alongside ground-based gameplay.

Looking at the concept art images, the project may have been a 4X strategy experience like Stellaris, or even turn-based like the XCOM series. Had this been part of Halo Wars 2 or an expansion, this could've massively increased the appeal of the title, capturing a wider demographic of gamers. Stellaris is especially popular nowadays and has a substantial following on PC. Gamers crave expansive experiences so adding more depth to Halo Wars 2 would've served it well.

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In order to attract more players, 343 Industries could incorporate space battles into the game, adding variety to change up standard gameplay. While we would've loved to see this concept make its way to Halo Wars 2, all is not lost. Maybe 343 Industries will reconsider given the popularity of the genre. Here's hoping this concept doesn't stay a concept and we eventually get to play it in a Halo Wars setting.

The next Halo Wars game may be a few years away, but moving the setting to space will be a logical evolution for the franchise. Halo Wars 2 was a good next step when you compare it to Halo Wars but Halo Wars 3 has to innovate. This concept exudes innovation.

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