Digitally Imported for Windows Phone beta opens up, gives you three months of DI.FM Premium

We’ve been getting a solid stream of official apps the past half year. And those few apps that haven’t made the jump yet usually see solid alternatives within the development community of Windows Phone. But it is still important for the platform for official apps to keep joining. We’ve told you that Digitally Imported was working on a Windows Phone app. So you should go sign up for the beta.

Back in early May we learned that the team at Digitally Imported had an alpha build of an app for Windows Phone. It was at the time under internal testing with a planned beta for the public a few weeks away. While weeks turned into two months we won’t complain. You can sign up for the beta right now. The team will give you three months of premium status for DI.FM if you provide them with feedback (or add it to your current subscription). Not a bad deal for helping develop the app. 

The notice comes courtesy of their Facebook page, which also gives a sneak glimpse at the UI the app will have. In the meantime you can always enjoy the excellent third party app Beem.

Source: Facebook

Thanks for the tip Microsis! 

Sam Sabri