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The Windows Central Discord is the official off-site chat for staff and readers of the site. It is where our readers can interact with each other and the staff of Windows Central to talk about everything from gaming, PCs, Windows 10, Surface, and more.

As of June 2021, the channel is broken up into smaller chats. Those groups focus on Windows/Surface (hardware, wallpapers, share your setup, Ask Windows Central, site news feed) and Xbox/Gaming (discussion, screenshots and clips, Ask Windows Central Gaming, and news feed).

While the Windows Central Discord server rules are not complicated, there are a few cardinal ones that must be followed; otherwise, disciplinary action, including up to banning/removal, will be enforced by our staff. Those rules are:

  1. Everybody has a bad day sometimes, but please try to be kind and courteous.
  2. Try to stick to channel topics, no sensitive topics please (politics, religion, NSFW, etc.)
  3. No NSFW uploads, links, or external emojis.
  4. Have fun!

Join the Windows Central Discord

To join the official Windows Central Discord channel, follow this link. You can also download the official Windows 10 Discord app below.

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Discord app for Windows 10

While you can run Discord in any web browser, even as a PWA, some may prefer the free official standalone app for Windows 10.