Xbox Insiders can test streaming games to Discord

Xbox Insiders Discord gameplay streaming
(Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Members of the Xbox Insider Program can now stream their games to Discord. 
  • This feature allows someone playing on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles to stream the game they are playing into a Discord voice channel. 
  • This test is rolling out now to Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha testers in the Xbox Insider Program. 
  • Streaming games to Discord will be coming "soon" for everyone. 

Ever wanted to show your friends what you're playing on Xbox, but without the hassle of setting up a Twitch stream? Your hopes are being answered.

Microsoft shared on Wednesday that Xbox Insiders will be able to test streaming games to Discord starting now. This new feature, which is rolling out to Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead ring testers, allows players who have linked their Xbox and Discord accounts to instantly start streaming gameplay into a Discord voice call. 

In order to use this feature, testers simply need to join a Discord voice channel, then select "Stream your game."

This functionality is similar to how PlayStation 5 users can take advantage of the "Share Screen" feature to stream the games they are playing into their party chat. While this isn't exactly the same thing, as PlayStation's offering doesn't rely on Discord, this is still a neat feature for people to use.

While there's no exact date or window for when regular Xbox users will be able to stream games to Discord, the press release says that it's coming for everyone "soon."

Windows Central's take

This is a really cool feature to see added to the Xbox ecosystem. Obviously I wish there was a completely native version like what Sony offers to PS5 users, but this comes pretty close as a substitute. By being able to stream games to Discord, players can have community game sessions even with a single-player title, ask friends for help with something, or just liven up a long-distance date night.

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