DMD Panorama for Windows Phone takes and shares panoramic images

While there are other Windows Phone apps that can take and share panoramic images, such as Microsoft's own Lumia Panorama, there's a new app for users to try out now. DMD Panorama was previously released for iOS and Android and is now available in the Windows Phone Store for free.

Here's what users can expect from DMD Panorama:

  • Fully automated capture system
  • Blazing fast stitching, see the result in no time
  • Immersive 3D viewer, pinch or double tap to zoom, autoplay...
  • On-device local gallery
  • Web gallery to enjoy public panoramas

DMD Panorama

There is a caveat with this app. The smartphone must have a front-facing camera and a compass to use DMD Panorama, which means some low-end Windows Phone devices may not be able to access it.

Thanks to Elie-Gregoire Khoury for the tip!

Download DMD Panorama from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

QR: DMD Panorama

John Callaham