E-TEN Glofiish M700+ Passes FCC Requirements

E-TEN is pretty much an also-ran in the world of WM smartphones, but they still seem to be trying to crack the US market. Back in December, their QWERT + GPS + FM Radio + the other standard stuff glofiish M700 was approved by the FCC. I said back then that FCC approval doesn't mean much in terms of availability and given that we've yet to see it here, I was right (ding!). Perhaps this new version, the M700+, has a better shot.

But what's the + for, anyway? Perhaps it's for a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade? Perhaps 3G data speeds (which the original lacks)? Or perhaps having two "i"s in "glofiish" just wasn't weird enough for 'em and they wanted to spice up the product name just a bit more.

ETEN has just passed its FCC requirements for glofiish M700+, bringing it one step closer to coming out in U.S. with a service provider

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WC Staff