EA to reveal revamped Star Wars Battlefront II progression system soon

Star Wars: Battlefront II
Star Wars: Battlefront II (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

A few months ago EA suspended microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II. This was due to intense customer backlash regarding the progression system which relied on loot crates to gain gameplay advantages. Since then the publisher promised a revamped system but we haven't heard much about it for months.

Luckily, that changed today because EA said that aside from a new season of content and a new game mode called Jetpack Cargo, a new progression system would be revealed in March. A post on EA's website said the following.

We're working on a revamped progression system. Your feedback has been essential here, and we are preparing significant changes to progression that will address many of the things we've seen players asking for. We'll be sharing more details about these changes in March.

Even though it's taken the developer this long, it's great to see changes coming soon. Hopefully they will be meaningful and repair the damage the previous, egregious system has done to the game and franchise. However, given the fact that this is EA making decisions, we all just have to wait and see.

It seems like the only acceptable solution to this would be purely cosmetic microtransactions which don't affect gameplay at all. However, given the fact that the upgrade system relies so heavily on crafting materials, it might not be possible. Star Wars Battlefront II's loot crate system was so egregious that even some governments got involved. A few months ago, Belgium's Gaming Commission announced that it was investigating whether loot crates available in Overwatch and Star Wars Battlefront II constituted a form of gambling. Even lawmakers in the United States and Australia took notice. Recently, Hawaii State Representatives called out EA for its business practices by branding Star Wars Battlefront II a themed casino.

In Star Wars Battlefront II, you embark on an action experience in the acclaimed universe. Iconic characters like Darth Maul, Han Solo, and Kylo Ren make an appearance in this game and there are plenty of other surprises across its campaign and multiplayer modes. The title is currently available on Xbox One, Windows PC, and PlayStation 4. The game also achieves native 4K resolution on Xbox One X.

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