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Endomondo reportedly putting its Windows Phone app development on hold

Fans of the popular fitness tracking app and service Endomondo may start to have problems in the future with the Windows Phone app. In an email correspondence between a customer and the service rep the company has revealed that development on the Windows Phone app is on ice until further notice.

The email is short but gets to the point:

"I'm sorry, but we have put the development of the Windows Phone app on hold for now, so we don't have immediate plans for a new version of the WP app. We'll keep your ideas in mind if we decided to make a new version at a later stage."

The Windows Phone app ecosystem is at a strange place with some high profile companies continuing to drop support while others are remaining or even adding. Indeed, some companies see the value in the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP), the easier coding, and the promise of hitting more screens than just mobile while others are hesitant to risk resources.

Windows 10 for PC is on at least 110 million computers in just three months and Windows 10 Mobile is right around the corner. Later in 2016, the Xbox One app store is expected to launch as well possibly creating a tsunami of users on Windows 10. There are also the Bridges for Astoria (Android) and Islandwood (iOS) that may help companies transition. Unfortunately, Microsoft has been relatively quiet on those bridge programs, which are still in development.

Luckily, Windows 10 users have the Microsoft Band and Fitbit wearables as alternatives to Endomondo.

Thanks, Christian H., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Wow  
  • O oh.. Hope not
  • Well guess that makes my band 2 jogging community choice easier...
  • Windows will struggle with apps like this. They are purely mobile and make little sense on other devices, so app developer will have little incentive to support it for WP - at least if he is not for some reason oriented to European population where it would make more sense.
  • True, which is in theory where Bridge would help. However, there is no clear ETA on when those will be available to all devs.
  • Wasn't endomondo purchased by Adidas? They had assured full support for wp back then.
  • It was Runtastic.
  • Endomondo & My fitness pal were bought by Under Armor
  • And there lies the common problem with Microsoft, it's always a waiting game. They announce things then there is a long wait and all the buzz goes away. Windows phone fans have been waiting since 2010,.
  • I'm not waiting for anything... =[
  • Corrected: Windows fans with the exception of MediaCastleX have been waiting since 2010.  :)
  • Wow, no ETA for the bridges but is Cortana for iOS. I wonder when they will start using these bridges for porting their apps back to the Windows ecosystem. Coming soon (tm)
  • Or they could do something similar to what Fitbit has done with their app. The win10 mobile app records active data from the band and then syncs with laptop as well.
  • Same deal with Snapchat, and even more so I'd say. Most desktop computers don't have built-in cameras and not everyone has a webcam so the app is mostly useless there.
  • Most Notebooks and tablets do 
  • "Same deal with Snapchat, and even more so I'd say. "
    True, but here's the thing: Snapchat is having trouble monetizing, just like Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you ran a business that was 'mobile' but saw an opportunity to go bigger, would you? I mean, it's not like Snapchat can't adapt to go bigger or offer something on tablets and the Surface. They could expand their market and improve the app. After 200 or 300 million users go to Windows 10 it may be hard to ignore.
  • Viber is a nice exception, they have their app on anything: Windows, MacOS, Linux and  ALL mobile platforms. That is what I call impressive!
  • It is not exception it makes a lot sense to type messages on viber for Windows when you are by your laptop. Actually more sense than typing on your phone. It makes 0 sense to carry your laptop while you are running, not to say that it probably doesn't have the GPS sensor at all.
  • I do agree,but there's also the opportunity of using Xbox and PC to later consume the data that's been gathered by apps like this. Looking at your fitness data on a 50" TV via your Xbox could be useful for some people, and easy to develop for both PC and Xbox soon (for things that are worth doing at all that is)
  • Well mw10s motion api currently doesn't work anymore so who knows if they'll fix it
  • Let's hope they're switching to Windows 10
  • But that would make no sense as 97% of Windows 10 users are likely PC users not mobile which is the whole point of Endomondo. This is a big shame as its the best thing to Runkeeper that we have!
  • Wow as a long time WP fan this and all the other apps dropping out is a little worrisome.
  • I have seen more news about apps coming to WP than leaving.
  • What companies have announced support for UWP apps recently?  Not being snarky, genuinely curious.
  • This ^ Positivity.
  • Optimism is great, but it shouldn't be at the expense of pragmatism.
  • Actually they put development on hold. That does not mean they are leaving. It was a complete app when I used it a long time ago so I guess it is even more feature complete now. They have all the time to decide what to do.
  • Put on hold means no more development at this stage, it does not mean they killed the app! You will be able to use it for years.
  • Microsoft Health may have played a role in this. Honestly, this app did not have much to offer compared to other running trackers.
  • My thoughts too. Nonetheless, some users are hooked into services and it is never fun to switch, especially when not voluntary.
  • I like Endomondo more than Map My Run.  I switched 3 years ago because the MMR GPS kept saying I started my run 3 miles away and 3 seconds later had me in the right area.  Endomondo also seems to use less power than MMR.  Maybe the MMR app is more reliable now, but this is a big disappointment for me.  Any chance WC can do a review of the current state of running apps and how reliable they are?
  • Have you tried Running Mate?
  • Not yet. It it reliable with the GPS location?  Do they have a website like Map My Run and Endomondo where I can click on a map to plot my run?
  • It's been reliable with me, but I don't think they have a website to plot runs. ​
  • You have to 'plot' runs these days? :)
  • With some apps I've needed to fix their poor tracking, and some runs I don't remember to start the tracking.  Website route plotting isn't necessary, but I'd like to have the option.
  • Try Runtastic. They have these features.
  • Just downloaded Runtastic.  You don't happen to know if they're able to sync my previous runs from Endomondo do you?
  • I used to use Endomondo all the time. Then I got a band 2 last week. Now I can't see myself opening endomondo again. Why would i? Still, very sad to see them go. Maybe they'll integrate with MS Health & Fitness instead. That would be an awesome option
  • Please you know how this community is sensitive Daniel. They are not leaving, it is a very complete app already it will be good for a long time the way it is.
  • Makes sense. If I had an android, ios, and wp app - i'd certainly hold off development on wp app until I knew the exact plans for android and ios apps on windows mobile. Especially seeing as how an app like this isnt really useful on larger devices. It makes perfect sense for them to hold off.
  • They were bought by Under Armour along with Map My Fitness.  They now owns 3 running/fitness apps, and I'm sure Endomondo has the smallest user base despite being usable for any activity.  I was dreading the day we would find out development was stopping.
  • is it stopping on all their platforms? If not its still more likely this app will come back to Windows using one of the bridges. 
  • I don't believe it's stopping on other platforms right now, but I don't know why Under Armour would keep several apps in active development that do the same thing.  I'll probably keep using Endomondo until Windows 10 comes out on phones.
  • Genuine question...why would you only use it until Windows 10 is out for phones? It still works on Windows 10 Mobile. Personally I stopped using it once I got a Microsoft Band v1
  • I wasn't aware that it still works with W10. I've found a few apps on my Surface 3 that no longer work properly after the upgrade. I'll keep the Endomondo installed, but I'm going to check out Runtastic just to have another option. I'm satisfied with my Charge HR right now. I'd probably go for a MS smartwatch, but the Band doesn't make me want to go out and get it for some reason.
  • At least they are not removing it from the market. It could be worse.
  • I tought Windows 10 was supposed to fix everything...
  • You are not supposed to think like that.. ;)
  • I tought I taw a puddy Kat
  • Hahaha, LOL
  • Hahaha ROFL!! Good one! xD
  • I did! I did see a puddy kat :D
  • Microsoft too... They just forgot to tell to others companies
  • Companies are pulling WP apps from the store because there is only 3% market share for the OS.. That makes me wonder why some companies make apps for OSX ... :-/
  • Because it's hip and Apple spends all their money advertising instead of innovating.
  • Because Apple takes good care of their products and Microsoft makes good software for OSX and iOS.
  • And again, they are not pulling anything, the app is there and it is a very complete app.
  • Damnit.....i use this for all my biking.
  • They are not pulling the app.. At least you have that ..
  • I don't care, i will stop using their app and service and move to band 2/fitbit
  • Great, now I have to find another running app. I switched to Endomondo from Map My Run because it's GPS tracking is better. Does anyone have a recommendation for a running app with accurate GPS tracking that doesn't drain the battery?
  • MS band, you don't even need to take your phone with you.
  • I almost impule bought the first generation Band, but I always have my phone with me for music.  I wouldn't have a regular need for the Band right now.
  • And again, they are not pulling anything, the app is there and it is a very complete app. 
  • Endomondo is freezing it's app... Garmin are out of WP... Really great job Microsoft! Only way is support/ finance 3rd parties app...
  • Dont forget MS also killed it's own MSN Fitness app that included a GPS run tracking function...  I used that astoria thing to try Nike Plus on my 1520 and it just doesn't work because there is no link to Google Maps in it... so you can review your stuff but anything relying on mapping doesn't work.  So the bridges will have to be official for that stuff to work and companies will have to be OK with the google services being replaced with MS ones.    
  • Wish they integrated with the band
  • Writing was on the wall when they got bought by UnderArmor. Under Armor is buying up tons of fitness apps and is not pro Windows Phone at all.
  • Good reason for microsoft to talk to them to make sure that they keep working on development. ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Good​ thing there's still Adidas Train & Run supported and updated together with the corresponding Fit Smart device. Added to this their recently released from beta Windows 10 companion app, and I've got all my running and biking covered (the Strava integration is excellent btw)
  • Never used their product anyways.  Looking forward though, if the company can't create a Windows 10 Universal App... then I won't use them and I won't recommend them to anyone else.
  • Band 2 is what I'm using!
  • Would love to use it in South Africa. Fitbit and others are on the shelves but somehow MS has this curious policy of releasing only to selected markets.      
  • Too bad. I really enjoy using it on my phone. Even if it is not on par with other platforms.
  • I'm working on full-featured third party STRAVA client. Perhaps anyone are interested in participating in private beta testing?
  • Make sure you try our forums, which as an area for that. You can also ping us through when that happens for more coverage.
  • Fantastic! My Band 1 is connected to Strava, but would love an app, msg me for Beta.
  • What band and band2, nothing announced in my country, I have an android phone just for these things :-(. This is where MS sucks. When the pricey and good for nothing i things are available here, why not the bands, surfaces and Lumia's
  • 2016 will ultimately decide the fate of Windows Mobile.
  • WP users have waited for longer than pretty much any other platfom. The magical 'this will fix it' just smells of desperation and delusion. The mess with the new phones not being on Verizon is pretty much the last straw. If Microsoft isn't willing to do the work to get phones on all carriers, why should we be expected to wait for Microsoft? We waited, MS dropped the ball. Are we supposed to just wait some more until MS puts out a flagship level phone that pople will not need to change carriers just to use? And if we do wait for that, what is the payoff, a phone on the carrier we choose, but no app marker to speak of? At what point is our waiting nothing more than us being gullible and easily decived?
  • I think that not being on Verizon is a feature and not a bug, but that's just bitter me seeing how they treated devices like the Galaxy Nexus and the Lumia phones #IHateVZW
  • Switched from Runkeeper to Endomondo when the former quit supporting the Windows Phone platform a couple of years ago. Now I might need to look into an alternative again. Perhaps Windows Central can do a comparison article?
  • Thanks God Caledos Runner is alive & kicking on wondows phone store:-D
  • So let me get this right. Windows has a dismal 3% market share and has few apps while Apple has 13% market share and has an abundance. So in reality, how much share of the market do these apps get in IOS? Seems to me that even with that dismal market share, a good app would return more due to much less competition and on top of that, create loyalty in an ecosystem that WILL grow. So many people have ruled MS out of the game and noone seems to remember that they basically invented mobile OS. Another company came along and did it better but it doesn't mean that you can never change that...      
  • Apple buyers have money, while WP users are carrying $50 phones.
  • Not actually true as many of us have flagships or mid-level devices. But I've seen a lot of complaints on here about having to pay $1 for apps ("should be free") so the developers will just end up going where people aren't such tight-arses
  • If it goes like this Windows Phones users will be left with some of Microsoft apps only, mostly in beta versions....
  • If you want to keep your Endomondo presence, but change running app, you can use this web app that automatically pushes your stats to Endomondo. It's called I have the ms band and use the service to keep the stats altogether that I've built up over five years.
  • I'm a paying member of Endomondo... No more... Crap
  • I love miCoach
  • Another nail in the coffin
  • That only translate into, we're not sure if MS will stick with windows phone, their decisions have been erratic. Look at One drive, beside I'd preferred capacitive buttons, that OneDrive move make me wonder if they won't jump ship on windows phone. Blackberry user went through the same thing a few years ago.
    I never think I say this but imma put buying any Microsoft product until there's a clear picture of what their WP strategy is.
    Let the hate rains
  • Argh. I love endomondo. Last straw for me. I was going to get the lumia 950 because of the camera, and put up with app gap. Now I'll just get an S6 and be done. Bummer... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What the hell? There are other great apps that offer the same functionally, sometimes even better. Adidas micoach is coming with a w10 universal app (best running/hiking app imo) and Runtastic is great as well.
  • I am coming from android and a big fan of Endomondo. I have seen my friend using Endomondo few years back on her Lumia 625. But when I got my hands into Lumia 535 with W10M latest .71 update from Insider Fast Ring program I could not find Endomondo on Store on search. I went to and from download section and selected 'Download from Windows Store'. The link took me to Store app and Endomondo's app page showed up. But it says the app is not available. Now, what happened to Endomondo?
  • Oh now i get it. I'm from Bangladesh so my country/region was selected as Bangladesh. I changed it to UK and guess what, endomondo along with many other app are available to download now.