Eten corp announces Glofiish M700

Why the extra "i" in Glofiish? Did they mean to put it up front? At any rate, say hello to this GSM slider PPC with built-in GPS. Availability (or detailed, uh, details) still unknown, but it's a good bet you won't be seeing it in the US especially soon.

The glofiish M700 supports GSM, GPRS and high-speed EDGE for voice and data connectivity almost worldwide, while IEEE802.11b/g support allows users to connect to public and private Wi-FI® networks when in range of suitable hotspots. For travelers, the glofiish M700 also features GPS and TMC functions delivered via an embedded SiRF Star III chipset allowing the glofiish M700 to handle both daily business needs and weekend leisure.

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WC Staff