Evernote is dropping support for its Windows Phone app

If you're still using Evernote for Windows Phone, your days with the app are now potentially limited. Evernote has announced that it is gearing up to drop support for its Windows Phone app.

While Evernote for Windows Phone will continue to work if you already have it installed, the company notes that it will no longer be available to download on the Windows Store as of June 29. From Evernote (opens in new tab):

As of June 29, 2017, we'll be discontinuing support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone. If you currently use Evernote on these platforms, you may continue to do so. Evernote, however, will no longer be available for download on these devices and we won't be making any further updates.

As the company points out, your notes and notebooks are synced to the cloud, so they'll continue to be available via the Evernote app on other platforms.

Evernote says that it is making the move to focus its attention more on maintaining and updating its other apps. Fortunately, it seems as though the Windows version of the app is safe and sound, including the Evernote for PC app that's available as a separate listing on the Windows Store.

In any case, if you want to continue using Evernote after June 29, you'll want to go ahead and download it from the Store now. Keep in mind, however, that new bugs will most certainly pop up as time wears on. Now might be a good time to consider moving over to OneNote with Microsoft's Evernote to OneNote importer tool.

Thanks to Samuel for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Why would you use evernote when you have OneNote?
  • This
  • One note isn't all that great.
    Sometimes you just need Notepad.
    Just a blank app to input text.
  • ^ Exactly. Experience has taught me to use the product that is simplest and just lets me get straight into being productive. In this case, for me, that is Evernote.
  • What makes Evernote simpler to use than OneNote? I used to use both years ago to compare them and always found OneNote better and simpler, though obviously things have changed now which is why I'm asking this question. Also from using OneNote before compared to now I'd say it's even easier/better to use, though that's personal preference.
  • From my last look at evernote, onenote is far better. Not only Pen-Support and a file that can be synced to whatever cloudservice you're trusting, but also the UI on Win10, Web is cleaner and looks everywhere the same.
  • Agreed. I don't know about anyone else, but for that reason my smartphone days may be numbered. I miss the days of PalmOS. That was much simpler.
  • um, OneNote is pretty accessible.
  • Use Appy Text for that!
  • Evernote was a fad.
  • Oh, just wait.  Eventually Microsoft will announce they are no longer supporting OneNote on Windows ANYTHING and you'll have to move to Android or iOS.  It's just a matter of time.
  • I disagree, as long as Office exists, OneNote will be receiving support.
  • it all comes down to Choice, which MS lacks in their app store. 
  • Dude..... choice..... Along with a PROMISE of choice when the phone was bought. 
    Try and get your head around that and you will begin to understand the runaway success of Android. 
    That day when a decent standalone desktop Android o/s is suddenly announced.... Pants in Seatle are going to be dirty. 
  • Well, here's a couple of reasons:
    1) Evernote is great for storing, catgorizing and organizing all my documents & receipts. I really WANT to use OneNote for this, but the workflow is not as intuitive as Evenote. In Onenote, I cannot tag a document with multiple descriptive categories without installing a clunky add-on package.
    2) Evernote allows me to easily share a single document. In OneNote, I only have the option of sharing an entire folder (or go through the process or exporting the note out of OneNote and then emailing it). 
    I do love and use OneNote for what it was made for - writing notes and building my speaking presentations. I use it daily. But for me, Evernote - OneNote is mostly an apples-to-oranges comparison. Just my 2-cents. 
  • Never used it!!!
  • Another one bites the dust. And another one gone, and another one gone...another one bites the dust. Hey, they are gonna get you too.......
  • first thing I thought...
  • Suppose someone removed an app and nobody cared.
  • Haha, look at those downvotes. This is humor, people
  • Anyway no one was using it. Prism is the best.
  • I used Evernote when it was just coming out and it was okay, but when they announced their paid features, I really switched over to OneNote. It works on all platforms, MS removed their pay for more features/notes on the other platforms, and it's a pretty good app overall. I think I missed the tagging feature, but really didn't use it that often.
  • At least you gave a reasonable answer unlike the typical fanboy "don't need it cos onenote" crowd....
  • I was an Evernote user as well for a while. Then I switched to OneNote and I never looked back. OneNote works great for what I needed.
  • I don't blame them or any app dev for dropping support now. As much as I love my W10M device (Idol 4S) there really aren't many of us left now.
  • Yes, that is very sad. Still best OS, but devices are running out, apps are getting low. Microsoft just messed up. I have already started investigating Android options, custom roms and launchers to avoid the UI mess Touchwiz & Co have.
  • Me too...
  • OneNote is better than this...😜😜
  • This is no news. We're used to articles of apps leaving the Store. "They'll all leave one by one". I'm tied of this kind of articles. Bring me something new.
  • Tell that to Microsoft
  • So basically, Microsoft won with OneNote, right?
  • yes
  • No? As much as I love Windows Phone, they're not concerned about those amount of customers. Not like some dank new OneNote features drove them out.
  • I meant overall since it's been on the desktop for years and cross platform plus no usage fees like Evernote. I was early on the Evernote bandwagon but haven't really touched it since OneNote was added to Office. Time to just uninstall Evernote I guess, what's the real value-add in comparison?
  • OneNote came first and I don't think EverNote has ever had as many users as OneNote, so... yeah. They've probably even lost some users on other platforms since OneNote went free.
  • ... and Android an Apple beat Microsoft. 
  • OneNote is better, but I used it to access a client's notes fairly regularly, this sucks. Can't believe I can't sign into a mobile website either. It just prompts me to sign up for an account or download a mobile app.
  • OneNote won Evernote, truth is, no windows phone user will use Evernote over OneNote.
  • I use both. They both have their strengths (and weaknesses). I gueses I don't fit into your blanket statement. 
  • Good riddens... my take on this back when they increased their pricing structure; https://msftman.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/161
  • OneNote and MS To-Do is enough for me.
  • For the first time in my life, and yes I am (was) a fan of MS, due to their lack of direction, support and ability to bring things to market quickly, I'm considering dumping all things Microsoft. Really over them and this BS. Their CEO has been a MASSIVE disappointment IMO.
  • LMAO dude be platform agnostic.
  • "Dude" I don't need to be platform agnostic and neither does anyone ;)
  • no complaints from me.  It was only a FAD in the beginning to use evernote, but OneNote over took it and is now my main grind for school work. 
    This is why Microsoft has to Bring OFFICE to every platform to compete with brands like Evernote.  People ***** about multiplatform apps, but in the end, Microsoft wins.  If Office was kept in Windows Phone/Windows tablet ecosystem, other companies would have flourished.  It's about time Microsoft start thinking like Google and put themselves out there.  Google is a leech.
  • Thank God for UWP
  • One note is good enough
  • This is a bummer. I prefer Evernote over OneNote. Primarily because evernote is more intuitive to me than is OneNote on any mobile device. I did notice that Evernote on Android and IOS was more evolved than on Windows Phone. For example you can search within a note on Android and IOS, but I can't on Windows Mobile. I really hope Microsoft has not truly abandoned the Mobile market space.
  • Awesome.... I can still access Evernote in Windows Edge. Happy day...
  • Who's surprised!! If Microsoft killing Skype for Windows phone, don't blame other companies.
  • Hi Nadella, enjoying this?
  • You think he cares? Unfortunately MS is just too slow and not being a contender in Mobile could in fact have severe consequences for their entire business. They won't see it this way until it's too late, as always. Waiting how long for the next mobile device doesn't cut it, devs are leaving now, what ones are left, and won't be returning, no matter how good they make a Surface mobile device. It needs to be on the market NOW!
  • It's already too late. Leaving the Phone market when they did will eventually lead to the end of Windows itself. Mobile, and by mobile I mean phone, is the only thing that matters to developers and consumers. They have lost both of them. When developers leave, consumers leave, they use other OS's for everything and that eventually trickles down to enterprise as well. Windows is done and will be irrelevant in 5 years. Nadella may have made some money for investors and the board in the short term but they better all sell before it's too late. MS will eventually separate or sell off the Xbox division and become a shell of it's formal self. Existing only as a dime a dozen cloud company once this all plays out.
  • Sad but I see it the same way. All of this Cshell talk hasn't resonated with me and I don't see the path to mobile dominance again. Every move by Microsoft will be matched by Google, Apple, and maybe Amazon. Those companies will have the loyal customers who want to buy into those ecosystems. It's going to be a slow and painful decline.
  • Agreed. Microsoft only shows off technical achievements like HoloLens, continuum, cshell, etc. It's fun and all but nobody actually has a desire to want it. They show off every technical achievement years before they can complete it so that everyone can copy. So ridiculous. For once they should release something that is 100% consumer ready.
  • This is not the first nor the last app to drop support.  It is just a slow death.
  • There are many things about OneNote that should be improved. This includes it's UI. It's a mess right now.
  • The UI just had a major overhaul this month. It's easier to use on mobile now.
  • I like and use Evernote. Yes I realize OneNote is a capable product also. I use Evernote + Postach.io as a lightweight but fully functional blog publishing platform that is easy to use from my phone. Very bummed to see it go away.
  • Ok, one step closer to the windows fangirl mobile dream of a Microsoft only feature phone. They do not realize that ANY apps leaving the platform whether if they used them or not is terrible for the future of the platform.....they cannot see beyond the windows blinds and windows Kool-Aid to figure that out. But the general public has, and we have what we have now. windows mobile/phone TANKED into NOTHINGNESS!
  • I think the only "fan" around here, is you. You love to rant and rave and bash people. You're actually the unreasonable one who treats this all like some lunatic's religion. You'll have to use some logic instead of your schoolyard namecalling, because I'm writing this on my Samsung Galaxy S8. Evernote sucks and OneNote is better. I use OneNote on Android. I use OneNote on my Lumia 950. I use OneNote on my laptop and tablet.
  • Yes Dalydose....wow  you are bright.  I guess you do not READ what I say.  Just go against me because I go against the microsoft crowd.  I OWN DEVICES FROM ALL PLATFORMS...INCLUDING WINDOWS MOBILE!  I can call people fangirls because 1.  They are!...2.  I get responses like yours which are quite funny, 3.  Because it's because of said fangirls not getting upset when apps like this leave,  but instead...say,  ahh,  onenote is better never used "XXX" app.   That mentality is what got the windows mobile platform to where it is.  Developers start developing and fangirls will only use MICROSOFT branded apps.  Let's not forget how your almighty microsoft cut onedrive storage to nothing without paying for it.  or just left windows mobile to ROT.  So, Please give up with the holy'er than thou ****.  Good for you your writing on your s8.....I could be writing this on my 950xl,  my blackberry bold,  my iphone,  my note,  etc...what does that have to do with anything...you are still a fangirl if you think apps leaving the platform is good!   OPEN YOUR EYES.
  • We've all read your insult laden tirades because you copy/paste them, ad nauseum. You also show your sexist mindset with thinking that adding "girl" vs "boy" to the end of your insult, makes it worse. It also seems that your definition of a fanatic is anyone who dare disagrees with you. I don't claim to be holier than anyone. I know that I'm far more reasonable and pleasant than some. I also know that I can make a point without having to act like a child on recess. You call such reason...funny? I don't have to like Evernote or care that it exists at all. It's terrible software that is losing on ALL platforms. My eyes are plenty open. Yours only see opportunities to spread your toxic negativity. Being rude with no productive or logical contributions to make, isn't evidence of an open-eyed savior of us all - it's simply evidence of a rude person who doesn't have much productive or logical to contribute. This article is about Evernote, not OneDrive. It's not about MY Microsoft. In not even sure how you knew that I was a shareholder. I never said Evernote leaving the platform was good or bad. I simply don't care. Your usual tirades are that Windows has long since died, so your continued obsession is confusing. Why would Evernote leaving be BAD for the platform, since it's already "dead"? Seems kind of morbid to be hanging around the corpse you perceive yelling "it's dead, it's dead", while others are interacting with it, in a very lively way. Why do other people's choices bother you so much?
  • I don't copy and paste ****....shows how much you think you know.   Sure you think your holier than thou!  I dont care that you are a shareholder....that must make you entitled then!  got it.   I don't think windows has died....see again you DO NOT READ THE MESSAGE.....you just comment because SOME comments go against your Fanboyism.   I love microsoft and windows as a platform...I use windows on my home computers as my daily drivers.  I still think windows MOBILE IS DEAD.  When BB10 has a higher percentage of users,  and has devices still available for sale.....Come fanboy...clean the **** out of your eyes and see what's happening.   FACEPLAM!
  • as an aside to my previous post there DOSE,  1.  Using fanboy and fangirl means I am NOT SEXIST as i am adding both sexes into the mix.  Hell,  I will even add fanLGBT!  again,  you think you know me...you have no F'in idea about me.   2.  your comment regarding Evernote was terrible so I never used it,  glad it's gone....that shows what a true windows koolaid drinker you are!  You do not understand that ANY apps leaving whether YOU used them or not is bad for the dying platform.  Well dead really since even Microsoft took it off the main update cycle and put it on featureless 2.  If you think they are going to re integrate w10m in the fall,  you are totally blinded by Microsoft and their Kool-Aid.   Read between the lines that have been drawn with many products in the past few years....open your brain and eyes up to the fact they are quietly killing the platform.  Once all the HP x3 phones are sold....axed!  no more windows 10 moible.  All devices running it will get no further apps/updates.  Good try calling me out.  Just proves you have NO IDEA what you are talking aobut!
  • So your only other tactic beyond sexist insults is to misrepresent people and then counter claims that were never made. Listen hater, I never said Evernote leaving was good or bad. I said that it sucks and that I use OneNote on every device and every platform that I use. I also said that it is losing on all platform. This is a much about Evernote's struggle as it is about Windows'? I want saying I was a shareholder to brag. If you slow down your insecure need to lash out, you'll see that I was trying to hire out why you were calling it MY Microsoft. Reading comprehension is important, but as a copy/paste hater, you only see what you want to see and make up the rest. Is that your definition of eyes open. Get your face out if your palm with the faux superiority and maybe attempt to have a grownup conversation. Your tantrums aren't a good look. I'm ignore the rest of your tantrum as most of it is based on nothing that I've said. I'm no fanboy, but you're definitely a hater.
  • Nice changing your original comment there fanboy!  you are sooooooo funny....change your post you made to me originally to make it look like your  awesome....you are a funny little fangirl aren't ya!  ha ha...YOU SAID IN YOUR first post there responding to me,  you tried evernote hated it said you DONT USE IT,  and you could CARE LESS IF IT LEAVES......man up and grow a set of balls and stand behind what you say instead of taking the slimely little internet fanboy/toughguy approah.....*****!
  • A - again, I'm not a girl, but that doesn't reallly add to your lame insult, in lieu of logic, the way you think it does.  Sexist.
    B - nope...no edit. You saw what you wanted to see, got caught making stuff up and made yourself look stupid.
    C - I would never say "could CARE LESS IF IT LEAVES" because I know that the phrase is "couldn't care less".  I don't care about Evernote, regardless of platform...at all.  It can vanish from existence and it wouldn't affect me.  I'm not sure why that bother's you so much.  It just seems to put your finger on the repeat button so you can call people "fangirl" in your not very clever, sexist way.
    D - The only faux "toughguy" around here is you.  I am very calm and not ranting and raving and name calling like some other guy you might find in the mirror.   It must be a lot of work being a full time hater.  Why not just go enjoy what you enjoy and leave others to enjoy  their own choices?  
  • I used to use Evernotes extensively, because it was just simply text based. I was basically forced to switch to OneNote when they started charging for stuff... OneNote had stability issues and messed up Sync and I lost a bunch of data several times (I ended up copy and pasting my most important notes into Word... Pain in the rear). With most recent client apps most of those issues are resolved tho. I still have some notes with corrupted text and missing images in my notebook from those days, but for the most part all my new notes are working fine and sync properly.
  • I thought evernote had been replaced by some Microsoft product now. Or am I thinking of something else?
  • If this is an old Silverlight app, rather than a proper UWP, it would have been on the way out anyway.
  • This one isn't that big a deal considering OneNote is native to the platform and ecosystem. They likely weren't getting that many users on the platforms anyways, because these people were simply using OneNote.
  • I had to use Evernote to get someone elses notes.  I didn't care for it.  I like OneNote UI.
  • With onenote, I get in jot down my notes and get out. With onenote I take pictures add text sometimes audio and get out, in onenote I do everything and realized that evernote was taking up space and I deleted it. So unfortunate that the folks at evernote chose to not to make their app better or for that matter as useful. Cuz even on my iPhone and iPad i use just onenote. Deleted Evernote from them as well. So on my dell laptop, dell pc, dell tablet, hp Elite x3, iPhone 5s and old practically useless iPad 2 onenote is everywhere. Hate to see apps go, but am not going to say ill miss them. Support those that support you. They are choosing not to support us, the next move is to stop supporting them.
  • Another one bites the dust?... :-( Everyday I hear about one more application whose UWP version is no longer supported. A very sad thing.
  • I have been using Evernote for almost 5 years. Very sad.
  • Windows phone is dead. We must accept this and migrate to spotless andro or ios
  • Another one...
  • Every app that leaves the app store should be a reason for concern whether YOU use it or not. In order for any platform to succeed it has to be usable to more than just a core group. To say "I never used it so who cares" is selfish at least and contributing to a platform's downfall. I left Windows Phone because they never got the TAGG/Whistle app for my dog's GPS collar. I'm sure most on here wouldn't need it that app but I do. All it takes to leave a platform is that one app, however esoteric, that you rely on. All apps that leave Windows should be a concern whether you personally use it or not. Think of it as a job interview for Windows Phone. A dev will say you've had how many apps leave? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't think you're right for us. A user will say you don't have the right skill(app) for me? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't think you're right for me.
  • Erik Read - Agree. I took tghe decision to leave when I could not use a banking app anymore. Then my phone was stolen and I could buy an Android phone. Now I can do online banking on my phone. And a number of other things.  
  • Exactly my point Erik.   There are about 50 apps that are either not available,  or non responsive on windows moible that I use daily on my iphone.  Not everyone would use these...most windows phone / mobile users don't use any apps by the sounds of it.  They just sit in their basements with their phones connected to a montior for a hackjob computer.   Not how I use my phone,  nor will it ever be.   Processing power is not there for real software,  and not having real apps is a turn off for people who are actually using their mobile devices as mobile devices.   
  • Yeah, until MS drops OneNote too.
  • I again feel such a sucker for having bought two W10 phones....
    You won't catch me again. 
  • "I don't claim to be holier than anyone." - Yes you do.
  • I left Evernote when they maxed the support to two devices for the free version, so won't affect me.
  • Ok, as a result of this article I tried OneNote again. There's a re-learning curve but I think I can use it over Evernote.
    There is a bit of a lag syncing in OneNote though. Since I just bought this HP Elite X3 (at a really great price), I'll stick it out with Windows 10 Phone for the next year or so.