Facebook users don't want Windows Phone 7

Out of an online poll of 42,000+ respondents, a whopping 76% responded in the negative AT&Ts question on whether they would buy a Windows Phone 7 device.


Considering how well Windows Phone 7 works with Facebook and Microsoft's deep connections to the social site (via Bing), those sure are some high negatives. Microsoft certainly has their work cut out for them, but this is a marathon, not a sprint. I'd also make some joke about teenagers and Facebook, but I think there are more older folk than younger ones these days. Could also be that they're thinking of Windows Mobile, not WP7.

[Related note: everyone who sees my Samsung Focus is pretty blown away by it]

Source: @manan

Daniel Rubino

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  • Considering the average consumer is an idiot and ignorant of any technology not made by apple, and especially thinks anything made by microsoft is going to get a virus or bluescreen, I'm not surprised. Give it time for people to learn about the phones and opinions will change.
  • Still. Normally I don't put much stock into these things but 42,000 people voted. That is a large pool of people. Though they are facebook users. It's the non-facebook users or lite-facebook user such as myself who would enjoy facebook so much.
  • Yeah, reading the comments shows how ignorant people are. I love my Samsung Focus. Sure, WP7 is a 1.0 release. But it has SOOO much potential, it's insane. I show everyone I meet, especially iPhone fanboi's.
  • Maybe if they actually saw a WP7 device and its facebook integration the results may not be so negative. But since MS doesnt seem interested in showing off the OS properly its not a surprising result. Ouch indeed!
  • MS is showing it off more and more, it's poping up on lots of new TV shows, and even the new AT&T ads are out now. It's starting to ramp up more.
  • I think it's also important to note that it's on AT&T's Facebook page (I assume it's official). In other words, most of the people who are probably fans/friends of AT&T on FB are probably either iPhone users or want to eventually be one of the sheep who have an iPhone just 'cause.
  • i honestly believe those are iphone or apple fans because everyone who actually uses my focus have the wow factor and all have said they are at least going to the carriers and inquire about wp7
  • 9% market share in the first week of US launch? Not bad.
  • Or it could just be that everyone knows how bad AT&T's network is and isn't willing to buy an AT&T WP7 device.
  • It's kinda surprising but Paul Therrot says he's only dropped ONE call since swithcing to WP7 on AT&T and that one time was due to some outside factor, I forgot what, tunnel maybe? Compared to the mess that was the iPhone and always dropping calls. That imo says a lot about how piss poor the iPhone really is design wise, it's the marketing and hype that really sells these things in the end.
  • A quick scan from the poll's comments, shows that they are mostly trolls, VZW, android and iPhone fanbois. Also, people started using fb pages as another medium to reach customer support. Kinda like online forums, you don't usually get posts of praises but of problems. I mean, I didn't even know that poll existed till you pointed it out. I just voted, yes of course!
  • I recommended the HD7 to a friend who was ready to renew her contract with T-Mobile. She was going to get the Samsung Vibrant. She said the Facebook functionality was too slow... so much so that she returned it the next day and got the Vibrant. I think it's going to be a year or so before the OS and apps are tweaked to a point as to not disappoint the general consumer.
  • So the Facebook app itself was slow? I don't think the built in OS FB features are slow at all. I seriously don't see why you'd return the whole phone because one app, a version 1.0 app, isn't working quite as good as you'd expect.
  • I don't know why you see that so bad. 15% is pretty good, considering many users don't care about a mobile Facebook access at all, are happy with their existing smartphone, or frustrated by Windows Mobile.
    And WP7 fanboys whining over all that concurring fanboys is just ridiculous. ;)
    WP7 is different, you either like it or not. I don't, but that doesn't make it a bad system for everybody. Just like it doesn't make it the best system for everyone just because you like it.
  • There is also one more Query from HTC in facebook. The question was which model of HTC WP7 you like between HD7, Trophy, Mozat. Out of 270 comments around 90% comments are about Android phones. This suggest 2 things. People do get noticed WP7 and wants to love/hate it. So eventually one day they will also consider to buy one. It is better to be hated than just getting ignored. So future looks quite good.
  • Android fanboys are the worst kind of fanboys we've ever seen. They have the fanaticism of early apple fans but there is much more troll in them.
  • As a former android fan not fanboy or fangirl in my case I totally agree with you. I was chewed out on my facebook page just for posting a wp7 link. Let's just say defriending someone does work on facebook!
  • I totally agree with the survey. I don't want an AT&T wp7, I want a Verizon wp7.