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The official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8.1 has a new update in the Windows Store. There's no indication of any new features, so it's likely that it contains just bug fixes.

The change log just shows that the new version number for the app is If you do notice anything major that has been included in this Facebook update, please give us a shout out in the comments.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Download Facebook for Windows Phone 8.1

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  • Probably just a regular useless update to make WP users think they care about them.
  • You are right . We just need universal app for Facebook and we will be so calm :)
  • You are right . We just need universal app for Facebook and we will be so calm :)
  • Of course its our dream .
  • UWP Facebook is already available ... Facebook works fine on Continuum.
  • Thing is why not update them with current fb equivalent , no reactions , no ability to reply properly , news feed keeps showing same news everytime ! No trending news area , no birthday wishing specific page .!!! Despite known why do they don't want to put It in , why not just drop and hand it over to fb to get the full fedge st par with other platforms !! I am on wp8.1 cant leave 720 user but updating with these would be an benficial move!! Don't know why they don't :|
  • Because fb are using their resources to make Win10Mobile app. They wouldn't be able to work on the 8.1 app even if they wanted to. So MS are doing it +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Facebook UWP is already available ... just ran it today on my TV via Continuum, also works on laptop.
  • My thoughts exactly...
  • Sad, but true. Having just started using an iPhone 4S alongside my 950, I'm AMAZED how poor Microsoft's apps are on their own platform compared to the ones on iOS. MS Translator on iOS is fluid and pretty. On WM? Ugly and unintuitive.
    Outlook on iOS opens .eml attachments. It doesn't on WM.
    I just wish MS hadn't put such a great camera in the 950...because that is literally the only thing now keeping me on Windows Mobile.
    Apple just does it better it would seem
  • Wait my friend wait..wm just needs time.. Only few months.. Posted from Nokia 3310
  • Haha. My wait began with the Lumia 800. If I can find a standard/small camera that interfaces with the 4S via WiFi, then my wait will end with the 950.
    I just can't be bothered to support MS when they don't even seem too fussed about the app quality on their own OS.
    I mean, just take a look at the difference between the Translator apps. It's embarrassing!
    I've ran out of reasons to stick around.
  • Beta test is over! Wellcome to alpha test.
  • Next version of Outlook can open .eml. Feature is currently in preview release.
  • Waiting for features that are already on iOS?! How VERY Microsoft!
  • Gotta keep the WC fanbois occupied and happy.
  • who?
  • World.... cup...?
  • may I know what is the problem of facebook app in windows 10 ? its running very smooth in my mobile, can share pics, videos without an issue..... loading is also fast..... why everyone demanding for UWP app ? - From Windows 10 Nokia Lumia 730
  • loading fast?? hah! let me lol! it has always issues when loading new posts and loading photos and comments! sometimes it even loses connection to the internet! :/ sure it's more complete and appealing than 8.1's Facebook app, but damn.. we deserve so much more! at least as complete and fluid as the other OS's Fb apps!! :c
  • lol... but for it works flawless for me, in a hour i open my facebook app for 2-3 times check new posts and close it. after u said loading is slow, i just comapared the fb posts in firefox pc and in my mobile app, there is no issue. i was able to watch videos too without an issue in my mobile.
  • check new posts is different from what I said! just to check the news feed it's good enough! but still, it shows me some stuff I already have seen..
  • in menu i use to select Most recent everytime i open the app then i don't face any issue, previously i was unable to follow the posts bcz by default app take Top stories..... it is a problem for me.....
  • It loads smoothly but never refreshes new content for me. I just use the web Facebook now since it actually shows what my friends are saying today, not last week.
  • For the last 3 days it takes 10 minutes to sync the news feed and when i go to my wall, it doesn't load any of it except for grey boxes and my profile picture. Not exactly smooth. Before the last 3 days I'd have agreed with you, but all of us are just hoping that once the app is released by FB as a UWP, that it'll be more smoother and fluent and will keep up to date with new features etc. Honestly, MS don't have a chance making a fb app compared to fb making a fb app. FB have full rights to use any of their API's, MS first has to get permission for them and even then complications seem to arise features are missed, and performance is dwindled. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • It's plenty fast for me too. It's just missing a lot of features available in Android and iOS. UWP means reduced development effort (as they currently are maintaining several different versions of the app) which should hopefully free up their developer's time to produce more regular updates :)
  • Not this time- News feed improvements, contact syncing improvements, notification improvements, stability improvements, improvements to sharing experience and bug fixes
  • Ay updated it the moment it came
  • Trash app. Remove it from Store now Microsoft. Use your time to make something meanful.
  • I fear then... All of us will say that there is no more fb app in wp8.1 .. Then there will be another bad reason for android fans not to upgrade to wp (this one will be huge) Posted from Nokia 3310
  • I struggle to see why anyone would switch to WM. But Microsoft can't afford to haemorrhage anymore of their user base.
    Then again, what incentive is there for WP8.1 users to stick with this platform?
  • Some like it more than 8.1 .. And its current stable os.. Posted from Nokia 3310
  • Why anyone will upgrade to wp? It is called downgrading
  • Now that i suppose be an android fanboy comment... Besides win10 has great potential than any other os ... It only needs time..
  • People, please stop whining about universal updates. You write same thing over n over on every article about app update
  • Agree, so boring. Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • A million thumbs up for you and a billion thumbs down for me from the WC fanbois.
  • I noticed that the version number of this application has been changed!!!  
  • LOL Greetings from my orange Lumia 930 W10M .218 non-insider in The Netherlands.
  • How you got . 218 on you l930? I reset mine and it only gives option for fast or slow ring update!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The beta version of the app was updated at the end of last week then again on Tuesday versions 8.3..8.1 and I was surprised this wasnt picked up earlier. Also they usually let the beta version bake a couple of weeks before they update the release build. Two thing that was stated was "improvements to the share expierence" and "Notification Imrprovements" I dont use share I dont really knkow what that means but maybe someone who does use that will know.
  • Soon FACEBOOK bring calling in WP same like Line
  • **** facebook. They update their app every alternate week and l there never is a new feature
  • I feel sorry for people who use Facebook app on Windows phone, and I feel more sorry for those who using that crap app on wp8.1 Posted with my busted 535
  • It is indeed a crap app, but less crappier than on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • You sure about that? The fb app is being a bit slower like I said above ^ however it still has more features than 8.1 and is still faster. Unless you're one of the people who are still upset they couldn't upgrade so now slate any app that comes to win10. Maybe you aren't but either way, u might want to try both apps and re-compare. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • No use of updating windows apps.. Just to change the version no its better we stick onto the same app without updating y to waste our mb.. Providing a big updates of more than 1gb cant be fulfilled with this Lumia 535 says WiFi prob.. **** man..
  • MS is not wasting their time and money on windows phone. Because they know it can't be popular in mobile handset and own apps.
    So, they are concentrating on ios & android apps.
  • They are concentrating on thier universal OS. Thier priority is the stable OS which meets evry device wether tablets,phones,PCs etc. Then they will go for apps. They updating every app and those qho r on RS builds are continuosly receiving app and OS updates every week. Also if u havw gone through proper news they will hit the hardware market next year after the launch of latest processors. So just wait n watch... Also MS is like a teenager who is new into this buiness and android plus IOS are matured plz stop comparing.
  • I just uninstalled just now.. I use browser..
  • A million thumbs up. I bet I'll get a billion thumbs down.
  • Hope official make it continuum uwp
  • It doesn't matter where it makes it. If the app is not on par with the other platforms, it's just BS!
  • Give it a rest... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • The W10 app runs on continuum
  • Finally I see sense in some of these posts. Anyway just a reminder, MS is the one developing the official FB. Not mark Zuckerberg. So y'all know where this is going. My assumption is, it has to do something with the live tiles. This app has been developed by MS for 5 years and they still can't get it right! On one note, some features on the WP version is cool but still not on par with the other platforms. For example, videos don't play when you scroll to it, unless you tap the video. Another is, when you tap on likes or reply's, it doesn't take you to your post! I'd like to go on and on but you guys get the drift.
  • I absolutely HATE when a video starts playing just becasue you pause over it. I much rather choose what videos I want to see, if it looks interesting I just tap on it. To each his own though.
  • Go to settings and change the autoplay option. It is as simple as that
  • The only change I see is now the news feed is broken. Entry time you pull down to refresh, it deletes the top most news item. Way to go guys.
  • Complaints when there is no update...complaints when there is an update....complaints no matter what...good news or bad....going to stop reading comments and just stick to the articles. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • HTC windows phone 8x updated 1
  • Can you se what other people like ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Go for recent news feed in the option menu next to notification icon. U can see latest news thre
  • Seriously, why we don't have reactions yet? Every update on the app is just "bug fixes" how many bugs this piece of sh@t have? after weeks and weeks of bug fixes the app still feels awful. Serously, why????​
  • It really have bug fixes! But,we don't have reactions yet?
  • There is a bit improvement in speed, like, when you hit like button, post comments, open post, refresh news feed all are speedup from last version. Opening your own profile, group etc. I guess live tile notification is also improved in term of being updated.
  • MS updating this app reminds me of a Triumph The Insult Comic Dog's joke "Its like poop, pooping on poop."
  • What about fb messanger