Facebook working on bringing its "Home" dream to Windows Phone?

Facebook is reportedly talking with both Microsoft and Apple about creating a version of its new software (that's already available on Android) for the iPhone and Windows Phone. The software is titled "Home" and offers further integration with mobile platforms for consumers to access social features more conveniently (or intrusively).

Adam Mosseri, director of product at Menlo Park said in an interview with Bloomberg that Facebook is looking to expand its dream to systems owned by Apple and Microsoft. Talks are currently ongoing, but nothing has been finalised. With more and more traffic going through Facebook from mobile devices, the social network will look at ways to capitalise on time not spent within a Facebook app.

This move will also help open up more revenue channels for the network. It's said that Facebook (and CEO Mark Zuckerberg) and Apple have a great relationship. What would this "Home" software bring to both the iPhone and our dearest Windows Phone? The former would sport an experience that's tailored for Apple consumers, but how could Facebook improve Facebook for Windows Phone when Microsoft is behind the official app?

Unfortunately, details were absent in the Bloomberg article on what plans the company has for Microsoft's mobile platform. Would Windows Phone consumers welcome the move by Facebook? Probably not. With Microsoft focusing on such an elegant and clean user experience, we can't imagine Redmond would allow Facebook to add clutter and advertising opportunities to further through social features in the faces of smartphone owners.

In addition, today at D: Dive into Mobile, Microsoft's head of Windows Phone, Terry Myerson, seemed open to the idea of working with Facebook for their 'Chatheads' feature and bringing other ways for social network to differentiate themselves on Windows Phone.

Of course Facebook already sports a strong degree of integration on Windows Phone, not to mention a rather good client from Microsoft, which is available on the Windows Phone Store. Is there room for "Home"? That remains to be seen, but it'll be interesting to see just what Facebook has planned.

Source: Bloomberg

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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