FIFA Mobile for Windows phones is no longer supported as of November 7

FIFA Mobile is actually pretty good. Ignoring the obvious money grab of the free-to-play mechanism, as a mobile game it's really not bad. It's also admirable that EA has supported Windows phones with apps like this and its FIFA companion for as long as it has.

But all good things eventually come to an end. Or that's how it seems if you use a Windows phone, and EA is killing support from November 7 this year.

The in-game message dashing mobile FIFA lovers' dreams. Thanks to Rudolf for the screengrab.

The in-game message dashing mobile FIFA lovers' dreams. Thanks to Rudolf for the screengrab.

The message seen in the image above is being shown to folks firing up the game this morning (h/t to everyone who sent in the tip), but curiously hasn't shown itself to us when we looked at FIFA Mobile on a Windows 10 tablet. It's not immediately clear if both versions are going away, but the wording suggests that it's targeted at phones.

It's a bit of a blow, again, to see another big name drop out of Windows phone support, but at least there's a few months notice. Play it while you can.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Does it have achievements?
  • In game but not XBL
  • Microsoft really should use some of its influence/money to pressure big name companies like this in to remaining.
  • Why? If not enough people play the game EA is supporting it for nothing. Microsoft paying EA to keep it around isn't going to make people suddenly start playing it when the number of active Windows phone users drops by the day.
  • PR, plain and simple. You pressure companies to act as if they support your platform, because having companies leave it will only make it sink faster. It's pretty normal in many industries to prop up poorly performing product with threats or inducements. Like record companies putting clause into their agreements with radio station to keep playing old or unpopular music, in exchange for being allowed to play the good stuff. Or theatres being told that they can only show Avatar in 3D if they also show abysmal romcoms as well.
  • No, they should let them cancel for now... Hopefully, developers like EA have the inside scoop on MS's next mobile efforts, and are already working on support for the next pocketable mobile experience. Looking forward is our best bet from here on out.
  • No dev is looking forward to anything MS related! Stop dreaming. MS failed miserabily with mobile, simply pathetic, and no dev is stupid enough to trust them anymore. How many years since uwp on win 10?? 2?  And I can see how much enthusiasm it has created among developers...the store is still a ghost town, with some new apps that are nothing more than web wrappers: Linkedin, Amazon or mediocre ports, not updated in ages: facebook, messenger etc, oorrr old wp8.1 apps: whatsapp The only one looking forward are delusional fans
  • UWP has been a failure.
  • Not really. Windows on phones has been a failure. UWP is a terrific platform but if there aren't devices/users worth catering for on mobile then the biggest companies won't see any need to invest.
  • I never felt comfortable with the ways of MVVM of UWP. I just did one single app in times of WP7, but after changes in the API and watching the buginess of UWP, I did never look back to it. I don't like it. Any other thing but UWP.
  • No Richard...Actually, Windows Phone failed because of UWP failure!  Even on the desktop pc side of UWP.... it doesn't look promising for developers.  I use Windows 10 like I did Windows 7.
  • uwp runs on xboxes, win10, win10.arm, win10.iot... how is it a failure?
  • Where are the developers??? Noone of relevance is developing in UWP.
  • None? Facebook, Whatsapp, iTune, Xbox app, Windows Central, Office, Spotify, MyTube, Xbox games (+XPA), Hololens application, iot application, etc? (Line is an important one in Japan and Taiwan)
    These thing don't happen overnight.
    Ask youself, from now on, when someone wants to write software for PCs (especially win10s, win10.arm, xbox, hololens, and iot), why would he/she even bother with win32?
    Will they need to create their mechanism (backend / server program) to sell, update, crack-proof, advertisement?
    Clearly MS won't turn away from uwp and there's no reason for MS to.
  • This is a real shame as I'm quite into this game. Don't really want to switch platform(never have and never intent to switch for an app/game) so hoping that it continues on tablet/pc.
  • Microsoft should seriously support and care for their Windows Store. Many times theoretically they say "One OS - One Store" etc. but from a practical point of view, it's all about seperating xbox apps, pc apps, mobile apps, win32 apps... Core users even don't understand what's going on, how can we expect big firms and developers understand this strange situation and update their apps? They should handle this situation and make clear public statements but i don't have much hope.
  • EA knows who is using this app on what devices. That's why it's being canned on phones.
  • And, it's not like EA is deleting all their mobile files.. Lol. If MS comes with something awesome in mobile and EA sees an uptick in users for that Windows device (and others) they might throw it back to the store.. We just need to have patience.
  • 1 OS, 1 Store, which is why win10.phoe should step aside. win10.portable should just run what win10 pc (or xbox) runs.
  • I really don't even care anymore, I'll be an Android user soon. As much as I don't want to be, but I can no longer sell myself short with Windows 10 Mobile. I'll keep my phone still because I still think it's the best OS out there.
  • Looking forwards to win10.arm! hope it runs pc's uwp so that I can dock it on my gamepad for XPA gaming!
    I'll def throw away my Nexus when this happens.
  • :)))) lol another big one bites the dust. Fanboys can dream on however...Pathetic!
  • ya would be nice to see a report from ea how many wp logins ect...just to get an ideal of whos still using the platform.
  • No, they probably only have a report about who's using thier app, because that's all that really matters.
  • another one leaving..i really liked it
  • Worst things are coming, the bible says....
  • Are they pulling it for Windows 10 Mobile only or for all Windows? I'm playing it on my Windows tablet running a desktop version of Win 10...
  • I found the answer. It's all Windows devices, unfortunately. This is directly from EA website: "As of November 7, 2017, we are sunsetting FIFA Mobile on Windows devices. We will no longer support or update online services for this game." Only iOS and Android will be supported going forward...
  • Play it on my surface pro 4. Hate it on my 950xl. Not because of the Lumia, but because of the small screen. Don't need or want another tablet. So have to give up all of my progress. That's bad :(
  • It appears windows phone 8.1 was better off in terms of retaining developers. Since windows 10, there has been an exodus!
  • when Gameloft leaves its over
  • Gameloft has a contract with Microsoft, that's the only reason they haven't left yet. If Microsoft didn't pay them they'd leave.