FIFA Mobile is actually pretty good. Ignoring the obvious money grab of the free-to-play mechanism, as a mobile game it's really not bad. It's also admirable that EA has supported Windows phones with apps like this and its FIFA companion for as long as it has.

But all good things eventually come to an end. Or that's how it seems if you use a Windows phone, and EA is killing support from November 7 this year.

The in-game message dashing mobile FIFA lovers' dreams. Thanks to Rudolf for the screengrab.

The message seen in the image above is being shown to folks firing up the game this morning (h/t to everyone who sent in the tip), but curiously hasn't shown itself to us when we looked at FIFA Mobile on a Windows 10 tablet. It's not immediately clear if both versions are going away, but the wording suggests that it's targeted at phones.

It's a bit of a blow, again, to see another big name drop out of Windows phone support, but at least there's a few months notice. Play it while you can.