Fired Microsoft Windows Phone Manager arrives at Google

You may not be aware of Joe Marini and why this article is being published here when the news is he's at Google, but there's a small story behind it all. Marini used to be at Microsoft as Windows Phone principle manager and was fired for tweeting somewhat negatively about the Nokia Lumia 800. According to a tweet from Marini (yeah we thought the same thing) posted yesterday, the ex-Microsoft employee is now starting a role at Google. 

According to his Twitter profile; "Google Dev Advocate. Mobile Apps & Web, Product Management and Strategy, API platforms, Developer Relations, Community Engagement." Sounds interesting, and he's apparently setting up a blog to explain what exactly happened at the software giant.

Source: Twitter, via: Engadget, LiveSide, thanks Darren for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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