Windows Phone Manager, Joe Marini, no longer at Microsoft

Joe Marini, Windows Phone principle manager at Microsoft, was in the social media spotlight with three tweets that caught the eye of not only his followers, but news sites and readers all around. Geekwire reports that a Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed the news this morning that Marini had left the company he'd joined in 2003, but failed to elaborate on the reasons why.

The first tweet (opens in new tab) of three in question Joe published was detailing that he was was using a Nokia Windows Phone handset. A fellow Twitter user asked him what he'd rate the device out of 10 and Joe answered with the second tweet (opens in new tab), scoring the mysterious handset an 8 and praising the solid feel, good camera, responsive UI, and nice little touches on the body construction. The last tweet (opens in new tab) posted by Joe was stating what he'd like to see improved, namely the screen size. 

Microsoft calls on its employees, according to its social media and blogging policy (PDF (opens in new tab)), to "be smart" and not to share any details that would otherwise be disclosed as confidential. Hopefully more information will be made available soon as to what the actual reasons for his departure were.

Source: Geekwire (opens in new tab), via: TNW (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I wouldn't really call that confidential. It was obvious there would be nokia phones and it seems he didn't even specify any details about the phone. He's just giving his opinion nothing he told wasn't already known to the public if that's why they fired him then Microsoft really needs help.
  • If he really publicly rated the phone an "8" and if I were Nokia, I would have complained to Microsoft about it. That alone would seem to be grounds for firing. Realistically though, it's never just one transgression that gets one fired; it's typically multiple things.
  • He got canned. Not exactly leaving an Iphone in a bar but this is what happens when you violate company non-disclosure agreements. Good luck in his future.
  • Sad to see him go but yeah, never undersell your own device, fool.And what does a "principle manager" do anyway?
  • why does this sound like HP and webOS all over again?!
  • why does this sound like a troll?... oh wait
  • apparently he violated Microsoft priunciples and therfore he is no longer the "principal" Windows Phone manager anymore!
  • What a dumbass. Good judgment isn't that hard to come by.
  • Why so harsh? Have you never made a mistake in your life? Getting fired for something like this makes me happy I live and work in the Netherlands.
  • Kin-2 :(
  • When did an 8-10 become a bad thing.  In my mind an 8 out of 10 is a great score.  It just tells me that there is  room for improvement which there is room for in every phone really.  From what I seen he praised the phone and didn't speak negatively at all, he just wanted a little bit bigger screen, I guess that's considered negative.