First Impressions - AT&T HTC TITAN 4G [Video]

The TITAN has finally landed on AT&T! Possibly one of the most talked about and anticipated second-generation Windows Phones, the HTC Titan (we're not capitalizing it every time, sorry) lives up to its name. It's also hard to find in stores.  But the massive 4.7" inch device with a 1.5GHz CPU, 8MP rear camera (arguably the best of the lot), a 1.3MP front camera and 16GB of storage (12.5GB available) is certainly worthy of your time to hunt down.

We managed to get our grubby hands on it and we go over it in the video after the break, comparing it to the int'l version.

Thankfully, AT&T has changed very little with their version versus the international one released at the beginning of October (see our hands on video here). Here are the notable changes:

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AT&T International version
Firmware = 11004.502Firmware = 10902.401
"4G" 1900 (HSPA+) for AT&T"4G" HSPA+ but non-US data band
SIM-Locked to AT&TSIM-Unlocked
Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)non-HAC
Standard WP7 accent colorsHTC Green Accent colour + Standard
Body: Gun Metal GreyBody: Black

There may other differences but those are the most notable ones we've seen so far. With the addition of the 1900 WCDMA band, the HTC Titan can finally reach AT&T's "4G" HSPA+ network, giving a nice boost to your upload and download speeds. Generation one devices were HSPA, meaning 7.2Mbps while second-generation Windows Phones on AT&T feature HSPA+ aka "4G", which is theoretically possible of 21Mbps (but on AT&T, it's rare). Forgetting nomenclature, does it make a difference? You betcha.

So far the phone feels great and since it is so identical to the international version, we have nothing but good things to say about it. Look for more hands on and a full review this week, in addition to comparisons to other second-gen phones, like the Focus S for starters. Have questions? Ask away in comments. Also tune into our podcast tomorrow evening for further discussion.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • One other thing is that ATT won't unlock the sim either. I tried. So instead of keeping my HD7 looks like I'm switching to ATT just to use this phone. 
  • I thought about doing the same thing but then I looked into ATT individual plans and found that they don't have a (talk and text) plan and then a (web) plan. Basically you have to pay for everything as a separate unit as well as the cost of web-how bad does that suck. I think I'll stick with T-Mobile and write them letters to see if they will bring the Titan to But good coverage with ATT though. Just pricey.
  • Totally awesome! Will we be able to buy the international unibody back cover for those of us that prefer black? I'm definitely getting the Titan this weekend. Can't wait!
  • Good question. They are certainly interchangable so hopefully HTC will make them available soon.
  • So it is 4G? I have a titan that Microsoft gave me at a windows phone event, it is an unbranded unlocked phone. Will it have 4g on att? Anyone know?
  • you're lucky you got an unlocked one. I got an AT&T one at the WP event I went to.
  • @Jdnely As we mentioned in the video, no you won't have "4G" on that phone. You will get AT&T 3G (HSPA) which is what the original Focus, HD7S, Quantum, etc. had--that's not slow per se, but HSPA+ does offer a nice boost. Only a branded-AT&T version as seen above will have the 1900 WCDMA band for HSPA+. Sorry.
  • I'm a sad sad T-Mobile user.
  • I too am a sad, sad T-Mobile user...
  • I didn't even notice the gray when I checked out a Titan earlier today.  I do prefer the black but it's not like I'm going to skip the phone because of it.
    How is the call quality both on the ear piece and speakerphone?  Does it pop when changing tracks?  Does it have the fix for the sound issue when in the Zune Marketplace on the phone?
  • Call quaility is top notch, as far as I can tell. No complaints. Audio is loud from the speaker, but it is a bit tinny (not enough bass). Re: pop when changing tracks/Zune Marketplace, will have to follow up.
  • Does it come with headphone?, Ok so I went to check Titan here in the ATT store( Milpitas, CA) here. its really awesome. Will buy it next saturday.  I also checked whether it comes with headphone, and the CSR said it NO. while playing with Zune, when I pressed radio station, the phone asked me to put headphone because it would act as antenna for the phone. so i am wondering how it will work, whether any headphones will work?  Dan or any Titan owners,  could you please check if the FM radio works with any headphone?  thanks
  • Yes, any headset will work. I don't own a Titan (yet) but I use a pair of skullcandys and they work with my HD7s no problem!
  • thanks
  • Got mine on order at a local store. Hopefully they will get their shipment in tomorrow from UPS and give me a call. I played with this phone at the #WPCHI Night Market and everyone was going crazy over it. Thanks for the "hands on".
  • I don't know about the 4G stuff, but in Europe the max data speeds we get with 3G on the HTC Titan is 14,4 mb/sec. At least in the Netherlands it is the maximum available and is called HSDPA. 
  • too bad T-mobile's network is still faster.
  • Ugh, why gray? The black looked great. :(
  • I don't care what color the back is, I'll be looking at the front. ☺
  • I think its about time for all the OEM to stand up to the cariers and just make a single set of radios for all their phones, and none of this US and EU bands, or ATT and T-MO Bands, crap. So that all phones have all frequencies, and "world phones" actually become "world phones". (this does not infer CDMA and GSM just HZ's in one or the other)
    Really Anoying. 
  • Well it isn't really up to the OEM to do anything about it.
    You'd need to talk to the FCC  about that.
  • Jesus! Why cant sprint get a phone like this?! We need phones for cdma networks already! C'mon Ms the arrive is a great phone I better have some amazing hardware to replace this bad boy at least something for windows phone Apollo!
  • sprint can get it if they want it bad enough  They have to pony up the we wantdough to convince HTC they can make money in sales to Sprint to make it worth their while.  If not  no titan for Sprint.  Obviously Sprint made a significant financial commitment for the iphone  so maybe they dont have the resources to do that with Titan at the same time. 
  • Has anyone noticed the reviewers me tile looks more vibrant on ATT titan's screen than the international titan's sreen?
  • They look the same to me. The AT&T one pops a little more because the theme isn't the same colour though.
  • I've heard mixed reviews about some bass-lacking, flat sound issues  on the Samsung Focus S. How is the audio quality (headphones AND speakers separately) on the Titan? I'm still trying to decide between those two.
  • I am with @rtotheich- I have to decide between the two.  Hoping to get my hands on one prior to the penny sale on Saturday the 26th.  Everyone has their own list as to what will bump them to the Titan or the "S".  Call quality and reception, screen pixilation, HTC vs. Samsung Hubs and any little extra's that they come with all will help me decide.  I also need a rugged case, so I am a little worried that the Titan when coupled with such a case will be uncomfortable and just too, I don't know-  "Titan-ish".  Boy, I sure love the build quality of HTC though, so the "S" is already at a little disadvantage.
  • the titan doesn't come with beat headphones does it?
    i'm guessing no, but one can dream can't they? :)
  • Nope, no headphones at all, darn it.
  • wow, i didn't expect that at all, so far all wp7 handsets seem to have come with headphones (well, at least my focus and focus s have, and my friend's vzw trophy has)
    for shame HTC.
  • I heard something recently about the resuolution not matching WP quite right, and that it can be annoying.  Is this true??  I honestly can't tell from all the videos it looks fine to me.  But I am picky about details so if there any problems with the resolution I would like to know.  Thanks!!
  • If the ATT titan's screen is the same as my intl titan's screen, then no, it's the same standard WP7 resolution as all the other phones. You may've been reading about how the resolution (as in pixel density) is too low compared to other phones -- it has the same pixel dimensions, but in a larger surface area, so pixels are larger and more visible. for my titan? hasn't been a problem at all.
  • I got the ATT & T phone yesterday and have  the following problems:
    1. People at the other end have complained that I sound muffled. I can hear them reasonably well.
    2.  The phone consistently drops WiFi connectivity. This in and of itself is a showstopper and I will be returning the phone if the issue is not resolved. I hear that this is a known issue fixable with a firmware update. ATT&T and HTC better get  on the ball and send that update out soon!
  • Finally got my Titan. Had to go to the Microsoft Store to get it. I'm one happy camper now.
  • If anyone is interested in buying a one day old Titan, i'd like to make a deal.  I found that its just a little too big for me.  Unfortunately I traded in the Focus S to get the Titan so AT&T won't let me trade this one in.
    I've got it on ebay right now but feel free to reply here directly.