Flight Factory updated with increased customisation and design improvements

Flight Factory is an interesting and invaluable app for Windows Phone. It enables consumers to check the status of flights while on the move. Utilising data obtained from FlightStats, the app will help make trips a little bit more convenient with up-to-date information for individual flights. Flight Factory has been bumped to version 1.3, which includes numerous improvements.

So what's new in the latest release? We're looking at the following:

  • Add a flight to your lock screen
  • New live tile design
  • Option to show next flight on app's main live tile
  • Increased customization (check out the settings)

It's quite the update and the features listed above are fairly major indeed. As well as the usual bug fixes and stability improvements, users of Flight Factory can now add flights to the lock screen to display data (take off time, estimated time of arrival, airport terminal, etc.) and take full advantage of the Live Tile improvements.

Flight Factory App

Other features already sported by the app include the ability to search through flights and view detailed information about airports, including how to get there promptly. A satellite view is available to check out the progress of a flight and to see how long it will be for the plane to touch down, accompanied by a drawn flight path. Calendar support is also included, enabling users to add flights to Windows Phone calendars.

If you're into planes, or use said transport regularly, Flight Factory is a must-have app for you. Should you also be the social type, one can also share flights with others on social networks. Handy if you're planning on travelling and wish to keep everyone updated with your progress.

You can download Flight Factory from the Windows Phone Store for $4.99. Unfortunately, the app is only listed for Windows Phone 8 and does not come with a free trial. Thanks, Eric and Alex, for the heas up!

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Looks nice. Might be over-priced a bit, but maybe there's value there for frequent travelers.
  • This looks like an excellent update...but $4.99 and no free trial, as a light traveller, I just can't get on board.  If I was a heavy business traveler, though, this would be a must-buy!
  • The price puts me off big time. I have a potential flight coming but I'm not that frequent of a traveler. Shame.
  • Same here!
  • Frankly I feel that the free site where this app picks the information from is quite enough for not tryhard flyers. And you know, on WP you can pin your flight schedule taken from your IE10 right on the start button.
    Ok, there's not Live tile, there.
    But come on, the price of this free data aggregator feels a bit.. steep, IMO.
    0,99 - 1,99 and it can have success, tho.
  • Hey Macco26 -- the flight data is not unfortunately not free for me (check out my other comment)!
  • Hmm, I may have to get this the next time I travel. $5 may be higer priced for an "app" but it seems pretty handy if you're in a hurry.
  • This would have been valuable this past weekend for my trip cross country if it works as advertised. Live tiles are too wonky on my L920 and I'd worry I wouldn't get correct information on time. Looks good though.
  • Hey everyone, this is Eric, the developer. I am using FlightStats for the flight data and the data is not cheap (but it's the best in the business and you'll have accurate and up-to-date flight information)! Bing actually uses FlightStats as their flight data provider for flight searches. The price you pay directly covers my flight data costs, and that's it!
  • $5 might seem high until you are trying to make a connecting flight or picking someone up at the airport!
  • Very fair point! I hope you'll give it a chance when you do have a connecting flight or are picking someone up! That's actually when I find it the most useful.
  • Could you please release this app to Indonesia :)
  • I am kind of disappointed there is no free trial. I would have tried it, I have a brought it if it was useful. I have MyTrips brought as it was better that Tripit.
  • I am looking into a trial version for a future update.
  • Thanks Eric, it's awesome having devoted developers who are willing to discuss their apps so openly with users.  I'll definitely give a trial a spin if you can offer one.  I was not aware the costs for Flightstats was so high, but obviously you want the best data to go with what appears to be a great app.
  • Don't forget to release it to Indonesia!
  • Looks really nice - but for this price it should be able to automatically pull flight itineraries from TripIt.