Fortnite Battle Royale 3.4 patch adds missiles, removes 30 FPS mode for consoles

Epic Games continues its regular update cycle for Fortnite Battle Royale with the latest 3.4 patch that brings some goodies and a bunch of optimizations.

For Xbox One players, one of the more interesting is that 30 FPS mode is gone, because Epic says its made improvements significant enough that playing at 30 FPS no longer makes any sense.

In v3.4 we made some significant GPU optimizations which improved visual quality, including resolution in 60 FPS mode, and we now feel there is very little reason to play at 30 FPS.

On the gameplay front, 3.4 introduces the Guided Missile weapon to the mix. It does plenty of damage, uses rocket ammo and is found only in treasure chests and supply drops in both epic and legendary forms. It's like the trusty old rocket launcher to some degree, except you can control exactly where it hits.

The Boogie Bomb also makes its long-awaited return to the game following fixes to the unlimited inventory bug that presented itself when you used the weapon on yourself.

Epic also added another limited time game mode in this patch and the Sniper Shootout is back for another go. This time there's no revolver and the crossbow and hunting rifle have both been added. It's long range battle at its best.

There are also, as ever, a huge number of fixes, improvements, and optimizations, so check out the full changelog over on the Epic Games blog.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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