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From the Forums: Lumia 920 battery usage, petition for Google apps

We trust you've all had an eventful festive holiday and that the New Year will hold many good times ahead. Here at Windows Phone Central we've been busy bees throwing up content to push us into 2013 and our community forum hasn't seen a dip in activity either with a number of threads and posts being accumulated. So what's been happening?

Many have been experiencing draining issues with some Windows Phone 8 hardware, whether it be Nokia or HTC, now Windows Phone Central reader generalsu has published his experience with extreme battery loss through what was described as 'light usage'. Fellow member  posted a potential cause:

"Not sure bout other people... but I have noticed that if I open an app that either needs to use the GPS or games, is when I get the big battery drain. If I use the phone normal email, web browsing, etc. I get excellent battery life. My suspicion is that even though the app looks closed visually something in it doesn't close properly and continues to run in the background till the memory that it is in has been cleared. To test this I used crimson dragon for a short period of time (GPS used in game), closed it the phone stays warm long after I closed the application... did a restart and phone goes back to normal temp. So something is still running in the background."

Could we be looking at WhatsApp as the cause? Generalsu did note the app had been running when using the Windows Phone. How has your battery been on your Lumia 920 or other Windows Phone? Have you noticed any sudden drops in charge when using certain apps? Do share your experiences in the "Battery went from 100% to 42% in 6 hours with light usage. Normal?" thread.

Petition for Google apps

Does Windows Phone need Google apps? Yes and no. Yes, because there are those of us who still make use of the search engine services, but then there are others who either live in a Microsoft dominated ecosystem or are switching over to make use of, SkyDrive and more. It's a difficult balance to master and it would be better overall to have such solutions available on the platform.

Should a heavily integrated Google consumer look and Windows Phone and believe it to be worthy of a test drive, he (or she) may be turned away due to not being able to fully utilise already populated services. A petition has been created on that calls on Google to support its popular services and apps on Windows Phone. 

"Because consumers exercise choice and use multitude of products from different providers. Sometimes we also pay for those services. It is discrimination against consumers if they are being forced to choose platforms based on eco-system support and not their choice. There is no denying that Windows Phone is a promising platform, but app providers like Google keeping their apps walled to Android or iOS is not helping the consumers. The rivalry between the vendors is their own and consumers shouldn't be dragged into it."

do you believe Google should support services on Microsoft's mobile platform? Do you still make use of services from the search giant? Be sure to add your thoughts in the "Sign this Petition to bring Google apps to WP!" thread and sign the petition should you wish to do so.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I had issues with my first 920 but my new one has no issues with battery life whatsoever.
  • I only see extreme drain when using Wordament.
  • This! My battery problems started after installing (and playing) Wordament.
    Funnily enough, Wordament also drains my iPhone 3Gs like mad and it gets very hot, I haven't had anything like that happen before on that phone.
  • I don't like Google. And I don't believe that the google brand is forcing Microsoft to petition google to do something they should be willing to do as a matter of good business. Microsoft NEVER restricted that jacked up Chrome broswer or its sucky search engine on its OS, so why this kind of hostility to users? The people who MADE them.
    I will NEVER sign onto any petition that solicits google into providing for my Windows phone. F 'em. If anything, I would petition Microsoft to force restrictions on Google's browser. Limiting the number of open tabs to 6 and that would limit the number of page views for ad buys for starters. It is still where the lions share of their dollars come from.
  • First of all the success of  the WP platform lies in its user base. Most users want the APPS they have on iphone and andorid and will simply not make the switch to WP is they do not have those options available to them.  While yes, you may hate google, the general public doesn't. So in the case that you want better apps, better support and better overall WP performance you should sign that petition which will bring users to the platform and help it succeed. 
  • Amennnnnn....
  • I'm with him. NOPE! Not signing as I could care less about Google. Outside of Youtube which which I used before Google I never used any of their services. I don't "Google" anything. I know you are saying do it because majority of the people want Google services. I say don't get MS phone expecting a Google experience. Go get the nice HTC DNA or the LG Nexus. Move on already.
  • Well with that attitude don't complain when you don't get the same quality apps Andorid and iOS does. I however am more than happy to have google services available even though I only use MS ones. I just want this platform to succeed because I;ve been an MS fanboy since I first started using computers.  With your attitude and the rest of the "elitist" WP users this platform cannot evolve and grow the way it should.   
  • I really COULDN'T careless for any Google. Go SPY somewhere else, and don't want any battery hogging app from Google!
  • I don't care about certain apps for the platform but if it leads to more success for the platform then how could you not be for it? And where are you getting the battery hogging claims from? Honestly..
  • Oh don't worry I wont!  The day Windows Phone goes under and after my Lumia 920 dies and there isn't a newer phone or same replacement for it is the day I go back to a Flip Phone.
  • THIS!!
  • I'd love to say the same thing - I tried to get rid of google for the last two weeks now - but as long as the alternatives to google (for internet searching) don't even give one tenth of the search results and I can't even filter by date, I'll have to depend on google :-(
    Bing might work fine for some countries, but for my country, it just doen't. If MS wants me to use bing, it could at least put it out of beta stage in my country and add som useful features (like filter search results by age)
    ... as much as I like my WP, Microsoft frustrates me in their way of forgetting there is a world outside U.S. and the U.K. ... this is, I have to admit, Apple is doing better (at least in my area).
  • Yeah, it's in poor taste to have the user base groveling on the ground and kissing google's feet, pleading for apps. I'd rather just not have their apps. There are third party apps for google and alternative services a plenty for those who need them. I think it's healthy to get away from google actually. Maybe now that google is ignoring 1/3 of the phone ecosystem, more people will wake up and see that google is not actually their friend. If/when WP becomes more popular, then a good portion of the market will be competing with Google, and competition is good.
  • I will not sign such a petition either akthough I do believe consumers should have the choices they want.  For those advocating this petition, I think Microsoft and the OEMs are not primarily trying to sway entrenched iPhone and Android uses.  They will most certainly welcome them and should.  But they should be trying to sway the hundreds of millions of non-smartphone users who have not become entrenched yet.  Clearly, even amongst that population there will be people hooked into Google services.  If anything, the measure taken by Google would seem to indicate they worry enough about Windows Phone to try to hurt its growth.  
    I am happily enjoying all of Microsofts services and will not be affected by what Google does.  Google should also remember that at one time Microsoft held dominate, market leading positions that declined due to corporate hubris and short sightedness.  This can happen to them as well.  
    Google will be impervious to any petitions.  They will only respond to fewer Android activations.  
  • I agree that WP usage is the only thing that will lure Google, or maybe a Justice department investigation - killing competition by not providing access to competing platforms. MS has to sell their product and continue to evolve it quickly, till then it will be a money pit. They bring users, they will get Google apps. Who would have ever thought that MS would be making apps for iOS and Android?
  • The people signing this petition are so dumb. First of all Google services are already available on WP via 3rd party apps. Many of these apps are amongst the best mobile apps there are. Second of all Google wants Windows dead and they have every right to pick and choose who they want to support. Microsoft should not be forced to create apps for Mac and Linux and Chrome just because somebody chooses to use those poorly supported platforms.
    Finally this is dumb because its exactly what Google wants. They want people to give off the false impression that Google apps and services are not available on WP and people on the platform are hurting in some way ala the Apple Maps fiasco. But that is not the case on WP because not only does MSFT have equivalent services unlike Apple, but it also has great 3rd party Google apps that are sometimes better than the official apps. Do you use the official Twitter app or something better? Why does WinPhone want official if official is inferior and 3rd party app devs have less opportunity to make money off of Googles mistake. I happily gave money to metrotube and Gmaps Pro creators.
  • Very well stated. Google has every right to not make their apps on this platform. It irks the hell out of me when people complain of missing apps when 3rd party stuff is usually better than the outright crappy 1st party stuff they dump on iOS users (I've seen their iOS "apps"). Gchat+ is great. MetroTalk is great. gMaps is... decent, if unnecessary with Bing/Nokia maps. Nextgen Reader is awesome. I'm heavily integrated into the google ecosystem (I don't even have texting - I use google voice) and I have no trouble on a day-to-day basis using their stuff on my Windows phone.
  • I don't understand why people who switch to WP won't use MS's ecosystem. Its simple and works flawlessly. No need for Google services, whatever it is. I ask, what is MS missing that Google have? And it is that important good ahead and sign and bring on those google apps and services.
  • Hey lubbalots - there are some instances where you're correct, but I have and need google voice, and Gmail has some very nice features that Outlook is still missing (though is pretty danged nice). Google voice saves me $20/month on text messaging. I also prefer the labels utilized by Google's strange IMAP implementation in Gmail, and the significantly better (in my opinion) use of labeling contact phone numbers, etc. It's very handy to be able to add a custom title to a phone number. If I have 4 phone numbers saved for CenturyLink, I want to be able to label them uniquely, rather than "Work 1", "Work 2", etc.
    That said, I've been on WP for 2 years with no real trouble using Google's stuff on my phone. The fact that Google is dropping EAS support for new users is a bit obnoxious, but hopefully MS can come up with a fix and add support for Google's odd IMAP settings so we can sync Calendars and Contacts properly. It would be a kind thing to do for their users.
  • It's all about choice. I would like the option to choose my own search provider from the search button, simply because Bing gives me rubbish results 80% of the time. I like Bing Maps for general use, but only Google Maps will give me transit overlays, bike paths, walking directions etc.
  • I swear there are alternatives to all those google stuff.
  • Yeah, but none of it works anywhere near as good. Google is #1 in search because they consistently give better results. Nokia maps are supposed to be very good but I haven't used them so I can't comment. I would even like the choice of browser on my phone - IE is quite good, but I'd like to see Chrome on there. Perhaps Firefox too but I don't like the direction they've taken in the past year or so.
  • The game Where's My Water drains my better real fast, and that is with the phone connected to a wall charger. Without a charger it sucks it dry very fast.
  • I find AlphaJax is a battery sucker. I have no other issues with anything else. I think the screen is my biggest battery drainer. If I'm sat at work I can go 15-30mins browsing or playing games. I have to charge in the middle of the day I do work 12 hour days though.
  • Definitely have the same experience  with Alphajax. I've noticed this plenty and I try to only use it when I have enough battery for the day or when I'm home.  It might be the fact that it tries to connect to Xbox services. Maybe an update should be issued to fix it. 
  • As long as WP is updated to support DAV, all I really want is a Google Voice app with deep integration(just as message hub thread integration).
  • What's google voice?
  • A skype like service
  • Google Voice is NOT a Skype like service, not even close to VoIP. You pick an available phone number and people who call that number get their calls forwarded to whatever number you've designated. You also get text messages, voicemail, and a few other things such as low cost international calls (lower than the cost of Skype out calls in my experience)
  • So is google that useful and important?
  • There's a pretty decent google music app out there. CloudMuzik. So far it works really well. Plus metrotube (mentioned on abundance on this site). Everything else I feel windows has. Good voice apps, good maps.
  • We need instagram asap. Where is instagram. That's holding up 1000s of people on switching to wp8
  • Since wp8 launch, MS seems to have went into hibernation. They promised Skype integration and you're asking for instagram.
  • No one wants Instagram, especially now that they are owned by Facebook and will be making shady policy changes.
  • I want Instagram. Are you old and probably over 30? Well most people your age don't want services like this and don't understand the NEED for these apps. The MAIN demographic that needs to be targeted for anything to succeed is the people who are in their early 20s which are usually known to be the Innovators and Early adopters. They are the ones that decide whether something is worth having or not. How do you think iPhone got so popular? Because these were the people that were targeted and those are the people that said it was "cool" to use it. So get with the program and understand your views on instagram and other social media are not representative of the majority of the public.
  • Well I'm 21 and don't use instagram. I do however accept it can be a make or break application. So get it here I say.
  • Actually the 25-34 and 36-55 age range dominate both smartphone and tablet demographics. I agree however that even useless apps such as Instagram and Pandora ate still needed to push the platform. The younger generation knows how to find substitute apps for what they need, its actually the older groups who need apps with name recognition. I'm 37 but I have owned and nodded several Winmo devices but I doubt users in my age range can figure these things out.
  • This. Instagram is, in my opinion, extraneous as it largely replicates the functionality of integrated camera/facebook posting features. Filters... ugh. That said, many users see these kinds of apps as a necessity, so we need them on the platform for it to succeed.
  • is that why most kids that age can't even afford an iphone?  what makes something cool is sheep... all we need is more sheep
  • Ummm no. Please don't speak for everyone. I NEED Instagram on Windows Phone. 
  • You WANT instagram. I'm in the "old geezers" age group and have been using smartphones before the younger crowd could use a landline. I constantly chide my niece about instagram and when pressed, you really discover that there really is no NEED for it, hit for what she uses it for it makes her feel good. One thing I keep.hearing that bugs me is the statement"when WP gets more apps". PEOPLE the OS doesn't have apps...the VENDORS have them. Your beef isn't with WP (it shouldn't be) it lies with the vendors like Paypal, SuperShuttle, Wells Fargo, etc. THEY are the ones who need to get you the apps toy "need". Take your complaint to *them*.
  • I have a sincere question for you (not trying to flame - just curious, since I don't use instagram at all, but post a fair amount of mobile photos to Facebook). What is it that you use Instagram for, separate from posting pictures to Facebook? It seems like its functionality is achievable through a lenses app (which can add filters) then posting the photo to Facebook.
  • Yes someone answer this question! I've been wondering the same thing!
  • People are sick of Facebook, Instagram is like twitter for pictures. It's actually fun, you add hash tags to your images and you can see other pictures that are using the same hash tags. Say you're really into golden retrievers and you add the hash tag #goldenretrievers, when you click on that it brings up hundreds of other pictures of them. It's not just about filters and duck faces. Hell, I don't even use filters on most of my pics (that I have to grab from my sky drive and upload via my ipad :/ )
  • "Actually fun"?
    Even after what you've said, I still don't see the novelty in Instagram, but then again, there seems to be plenty of idiots in this world..
  • Thanks for the response, joshs1025. Doesn't seem like something I'm all that interested in, and most people tend to use it for vintage filtered photos of mundane stuff, but I can see how being able to browse a database of hash-tagged photos would be handy/fun.
  • We need those duckbill faces.
  • Manay? Speel chek mouch?
  • Whatsapp surely drains battery pretty quickly, i go from full to less than 50% is less than 2 hours of heavy texting. On the other hand i open the WPCentral app probably more than 100 times a day and it still doesn't affect my battery much...just saying...
  • My Samsung Focus shoots to high brightness from low brightness after I get a phone call, hence the source of my battery drain. Set back to low, stays there until the next call.
  • You realize the Samsung Focus is a first generation phone, right?
  • A pox on Google's house. I'd sign the petition to deport Piers Morgan before I'd sign this Google petition.
  • Ouch, that's rough!
  • Please don't send him back to us! :P
  • Lol well now look someone has to have him, maybe we should send him to Australia.
  • You know, before we start petitioning Google to build apps for Windows phone 8, how about we petition Windows to build solid apps that support their own ecosystem. An enterprise ready Outlook app that is fully integrated and a fully featured PDF reader would be a great start.
  • +1 on PDF
  • Agreed, love my phone, but am constantly annoyed that they are seemingly silent now on features they were touting.
  • I'm not as stubborn about Google as some of you. I'm not switching platforms for them, but I would love to see Chrome and Youtube apps at least. Sorry IE but without webkit many sites just don't render as nice
  • Funny how people seem to support googles breaking of web standards.
  • Without Microsoft IE then Mozilla Firefox and Opera will cease to exist. Microsoft should instead throw them a bone by allowing their engines on WP.
  • Screw google. I hate them with a passion.
  • Now that's a great line " I hate them with a passion " .. :-D
  • Google is going to do what they want regardless of a petition! Like apple they are exercising their power in the smartphone world! I find it interesting that in China they sell out of Nokia Lumia 920 in a matter of minutes, once Nokia can figure out it's supply chain issues, either Google will take notice or it will be up to Microsoft to give us Google like apps that the consumers want! I would like to see Google Earth on Windows, but I get along without. We as consumers are ultimately in control, I switched from iPhone because of the lack of change and now half my friends have done the same! The more people we convince to jump Android and iOS ecosystems the more powerful our WP8 Ecosystem will become
  • Google can go fly a kite as far as I am concerned, because recently I have been using Bing and it is perfectly fine, only thing I like is you tube, but it works in browsers so that is ok, I don't need there emails, docs, search or maps, I am using Garmin for maps on HTC 8x
  • Agreed
  • There are great you tube apps out there! Try Metrotube.
  • Absolutely correct I personally would recommend supertube but metrotube is awesome as well. That said I have yet to use an actual YouTube app that was better.
  • there's no way to upload your videos to YouTube, this is important. The other mobile OSes make this very easy to do!
  • I think whatsapp, the bing search and wordament are my main battery hogs. If you have local scout on in bing search you will see the GPS icon come on, so I tweek all apps and have been getting 20hrs of battery life on a normal use.
  • No, we don't need google. We've got everything we need plus more. Google is nothing but a trend like apple. People who are windows fans need to stop giving google credibility if you want MSFT to boom entirely. So these are my 2 cents...fuck google and MSFT is the Boss :)
  • Thankfully...i have not experienced any problems with my battery...i am loving everything about the L920...
    And fu*k google...haven't used it for 2 years now...
  • One whatsapp won't authorize...did anyone else have a problem authenticating it???
  • Won't sign a petition; everything I need is right here.
    I've been a big fan of google for years but since I got the 920, started using Bing and ie-10 I just don't need it. I've also replaced Gmail with Hotmail, downloaded Windows8 and Metrotube is back (yay!)
  • +1
  • I don't need google apps.. All I need from Microsoft is some support for their OS. I need simple things like screenshot (which is not yet there on the 7x OS), I don't know what this is called but I think its VPN support in the call tab, also when we go to the multitask menu provide us with a button that can close the task directly in multitask menu without opening it. Also some upgrades to IE (I am a wow player and I vote for my character id, i cant do it from a windows phone which is a bummer) otherwise I like windows OS. I love the full experience. Also give us the lockscreen notifications. Btw I have a HTC Radar. And I don't see many wth a HTC Radar on WPC.. Just saying :)
  • +1
  • I have HTC Radar and waiting for an upgrade also.
  • I've been on whatsapp since day one of my 920, and it's the only thing I can say is causing my battery drain. After several minutes of heavy texting, the phone heats up like crazy. Wordament does the same too. I'm getting no better than 7-8 hours of battery life. I have a feeling whatsapp is not as efficient as it could be.
  • I think Whatsapp is the culpit as well because, when I uninstalled Whatsapp, my battery life has been just a little over 24 hours whereas before, it was only doing 10 hrs max. I have GPS, NFC, Bluetooth off; Wi-Fi, 4G on. Battery saver mode is disabled.
  • Signed. Let's make this happen people!
  • Although I agree that many google services can be replicated in the MS ecosystem. The WP platform needs to include all the options available and for good or bad google is a major player and the lack of google apps or any apps for that mather speaks of immaturity of a platform. That's the strategy that google is playing IMO and it does hurt the growth of WP. 
    I enjoy my WP as it is, but I'm sure I would enjoy it more without silly restrictions like this one. I would like for instance to see google+ in WP
  • I have used and advocated Google for years. I also switched to the Lumia 920 recently from the Galaxy SIII. I don't feel any need for Google at all. MeroTube is a far better YouTube client then I have ever had on either Android or iOS. Bing Maps could be better, but it's good enough. I like Outlookcom over GMail by far. Not even close. is much better. I'd much rather use Office365 than GoogleDocs as well. Skype or GoogleVoice? I'll take Skype every time. Personally, I think Google is being stupid here. Microsoft couldn't hope or better news. Microsoft will sell at least 400 million licenses of Win8, and the Surface and WinPhone 8 all use a common core. This is the new foundation that will take off no matter how many moronic pretend journalist bad-mouth it. It just won't matter.
    As thee licenses are sold, people start to use the tiles and pretty soon it's all familiar. That's what happened to me. I saw Windows phones in the stores along side Android and never thought to try it. NEVER. I have had many Android tablets, still on two of them, and I still own an iPad 3. But when the Surface RT hit, I went to check it out. Full Office 2013 rocks on Surface RT. And then I got exposed to the live tiles. Now I love them. So I upgraded my ultrabook to Win8. And you know what, next thing I know I'm pining away for a Lumia 920. Why? Cause I have SkyDrive on everything. I can open a word or excel file from my laptop, Surface RT or my phone. It's easy, fast and good looking. The camera is amazing. I have about 17 games on the Lumia and they are all good. XBOX music subscription. And since I own an XBOX I am liking the fact that my achievements are everywhere. I think this new Win8 core is the launch of a great platform. And if Google is stupid enough to shut themselves out, all I can do is laugh my butt off andd the so-called genuis who thought that one up. Google will come crawling back. Just watch and see. Microsoft has the numbers on this. It's simple math. Everyone suddenly forgot how to do simple math.
    Microsoft will sell 400 million win8 licenses. Honestly, there is going to be bleed over. There is going to be a halo affect that pulls in large sales of tablets and phones with the common core. And for developers, this is a no-brainer. Just wait and see for yourselves. The tech journalists are all going to have so much egg on their faces. It doesn't matter how much they badmouth this. It will happen anyway.
  • Brilliantly said.
  • Very true ... People tend to forget , almost every house / office / institution in the world has windows . I don't see so many apple trees around .... :-D
  • I've stopped using google search it gives me bad results 75% of the time I really only use YouTube have since before google bought it
  • +1
  • Well, as much as i love MS, search is just not as accurate as google...i have tried bing for a long time (1year+) but found that google's results matched bing doesn't have any handy features such as calculator, currency conversion or even weather and flight search...if bing could improve on those fields...than it would be a good alternative to google...:-/
    Still love bing's image search though :)
  • O_o. I know bing has calculator and weather, and bing's travel services have been heralded as the best in the industry. I know google has been buying travel companies left and right just to try and be competitive with bing. I just don't understand your post.
  • Sorry, but I see neither a calculator nor travel services here.
    These features might exist in your country, but certainly not where you live.
  • I live in the US and Bing doesn't have those features on WP8.
  • The short-sightedness of some of you is alarming to say the least. I advise everyone here to sign that petition. Hopefully Google takes it seriously and develops solid apps for WP8.
    I want people to think about this very carefully before they make up their minds.
    Ask yourselves this question, how will it affect me if Google develops apps for WP8?
    Guess what? Unless you use google apps, it won't affect you directly. If you do not want to use google apps, don't download and instally them; simple.
    So, no complaints there. I really want you gues to see the big picture here. Some of you may not use Google apps, but guess what? Millions of other people do. And many of those millions may use that as a deciding factor to. Make a new purchase for a phone. If WP8 does not have support from Google, guess which phone they're not going to buy? That's right, a WP8 phone. Now, this may not affect you directly, but consider this for a moment. For a phone/OS to be successful, it needs mass adoption and marketshare. What do you think will happen to your WP without adoption and reasonable market share? It will go the route of. Symbian and Windows Mobile. And THAT will affect you. Try to see the large picture. Could you imagine what would happen if Google supports BB10? That will give RIM a huge advantage of Microsoft, and give new smartphone buyers another reason to choose another OS over WP8. That is bad news for us. This is a war, and I personally thnik WP8 is hands down the most intuitive, functional mobile OS, but it can't win without the tools, and we have a chance here to add another tool to the WP8 arsenal, and some of you are ignoring this. Why? Do you think Microsoft can win this battle alone? It can't! It needs us, the userbase, to make it a success. And it needs to increase that userbase to grow to that success, and having Google apps gives it another means to increase that userbase. So, you stay there, with your elitist, narrow-minded, short-sighted attitude and see how far WP8 is going to go. Having google apps on WP8 phone will NOT affect you; just don't download or use the apps. But not having google support WILL affect you, whether you want it to or not. It can potentially kill the future of this beautiful OS. So, please, sign the petition and help WP8 increase its userbase, and chances of success. Please, sign the peition.
  • I'm neither elitist, short sighted nor narrow minded. You want Google apps, you sign the petition...or buy an Android.
  • So you resort to name-calling and addressing other supporters of WP in a condescending tone for expressing their moral opinion in order to sway their choice? Brilliant!
  • Moral opinion?! WTF do morals have to do with it?! Quit trying to sound smart.
  • It is Google being stupid. I've been their customer since GMail was invite only. I even bought my invitation on ebay and got my friends into it. Been there since the start. But I have absolutely no  inention of signing any petition for Google services. Why would I want to be the roduct for sale to Google? Part of my leaving Google is to get away from all that.
    I like Office. Truth is even when I used GoogleDocs it was always in addition to Office. Why not just use Office? I buy it anway as I need it for professional resons. Here in the United States, I have no need of Google services. Microsoft has pretty much all the same sevices, typically better in my opinion but not always, to match anything Google has.
    Google will back anyway. You just watch and see. Google is the bad guy here. They've pissed off Apple and now they want to walk away from Microsoft. Good luck Google. You guys ae making all the wrong moves lately. Them leaving is a funny gift if you ask me. I don't regret it, but Google will. I can't believe how stupid they are being right now. Boggles my mind.
  • Actually, you can close WP8 apps on exit by double tapping the back button.   I do this for apps that access GPS hardware and would otherwise keep it running in background.
  • holy smoke, i seriously didn't know that hitting back twice closes out apps
  • Awesome! Great tip! That is why I love these forums.
  • Problem is, Bing might be a good search engine in the US or UK, but anywhere else, ir is just lacking many great features that i need and google has...e.g. Flight search, or weather search, currency conversion etc...only google offers those in Switzerland and not bing :/
  • That is same here in Czech Republic. I'm lucky that I learned to live without Google very fastly. (Except YouTUbe ofcourse.)
  • Same here .. During the last 2 weeks or so, I tried alternatives, but none is works half as good as google for me. Google ALWAYS delivers more search results, and I really miss the "filter by age" feature in the google alternative.
    So, as long as MS doesn't take their finger out and realize there is a world outside of U.S. and U.K., I'll have to depened on google to search the internet :-( 
  • exactly! would be great to have those outside those countries...i really am surprised they haven't realised that or changed that yet :/
  • You can go to and have all services. Or
    When bing reroute ou to your main country you can choose different country.
    I do this before we have full Service here in Germnay
  • Thanks for the advise! Works for me with, but not with (I still cannot see that infamous calculator, though, but maybe I'm too tired).
    So, is it maybe Microsoft Switzerland which is in hybernation state with still in beta ???  Maybe I should write them a mail.
  • I generally feel MS is somewhat favouring all our neighbouring countries (e.g. France and Germany) with their WP campaigns and selling the Surface Tablet there. being in beta for the past 1'000'000 years...I even realise while talking to friends not many of them have heard of Windows you never see ads or anything...
    even though Switzerland apparently is the country with the highest purchasing power world wide and our economy not being in a recession during the financial crisis.
    even Apple realised that and has several Apple stores in prime locations in Zurich and Geneva and releasing their iPhones here in the first wave and having huge campaigns everywhere.
  • 2 words - screw Google!
  • The term elitist is thrown around too much in this thread and incorrectly most of the time. Plus those using are exhbiting that behavior themselves. Bascially calling those don't want it names but yet telling them to sign, you don't have to use it, and all under the guise of it's better for the ecosystem. Though one poster had a well thought out arguement and said please sign.
    I can see the thread getting locked eventually due to name calling and going downhill. The best thing would be if you want to sign the petition, post signed and move on. If you don't want to sign it, don't, and no need to post that you didn't.
  • People can argue and bicker about the name calling of "elitist" or what have you, that is a petty argument. The main point remains the same, and it is a most logical one. And that point is, not signing the petition does more harm than good, whether you use Google apps or not. People are treating like this is their personal vendetta against Google, it is not. It is an attempt to make WP8 more competitive, and thus, more marketable, and thus, more successful. Doing so is a huge benefit to ALL WP8 users. Put the pettiness aside and sign the petition, for everyone's sake. If the petition signatures grow to large numbers and Google decides to develop apps for WP8, we win. If you don't use Google apps, you still win, as the option is there to not install and use them. The plus side for every one, whether they use Google apps or not, is that WP8 has a better, fighting chance in this competitive market. That's all this is about; giving them wonderful OS a better chance of success. Please, sign the petition.
  • I agree with you. Though I don't think calling people names to get them to sign something is a petty point. It's not going to help your cause. I personally don't use google services and don't intend to. But I believe that the more apps the better no matter who they come from. I think both sides could go about it better as I said before. You catch more flies with sugar than vinegar.
  • I don't understand what people are complaining about. If you constantly use a power intensive app while having GPS, 4G, Bluetooth, tap to send, background downloading, loads of live tiles, navigation, wifi etc etc then OF COURSE your battery will drain. It will do on any phone. Ive had my Lumia 920 for two weeks now and can honestly say i have never ran out of battery during the day, and that includes 4g on for most of day, 1hr of Nokia drive, a couple of hours combined texting, calls, whatsapping and browsing, about an hour of viewing office documents and also about 40mins of downloading and watching high def video. My phone comes off the charger at 6am and the least it has had left was 25% at 1am when i plugged it in again. It has lasted me over a three day weekend while turning off all additional connectivity unless needed and with minimal usage. Its the best battery on a standard smartphone ive ever had, and easily meets the 'all day battery' claims by Nokia for the vast majority of users. Put simply, im never worried it will run out of battery in 24hours even with 4g left on. If u want to do intensive gaming for hours then duh the battery will run out. And if it does use the excellent DC 16 portable charger to recharge on the go. Sometimes i feel there is no pleasing people no matter how good a product is. Don't forget, most people don't use their phones as much as your average WP Central user.
  • Lol people think they know what it takes to make a platform succeed. Umm, if I remember correctly if you didn't have the apps your not going to get people to switch platforms. If my friends can do certain things and such for example with their iPhones & Androids that I can't with WP, what would compel me to buy the lacking product? Didnt the playbook and the early Google Tablets fail because of this very reason?
  • If you want google... Buy sn Android device :P
  • I just want google navigation, that's all.
  • I'm sorry, but WP needs google apps. I've been an Android user since the G1, have owned every nexus phone and I use every google service, including G+. While your opinion might be th