From the Forums: Organising Live Tiles, designing and building your own smartphone

It's time for another From the Forums where we bring you the hottest threads  from the Windows Phone Central community. The boards are the number one destination for Windows Phone fans and developers to engage in relevant conversation. A growing number of registrations is present with a strong accumulation of threads and posts.

Kicking off this edition is a thread created by aubreyq, who asks a very important question in the life of a Windows Phone owner - how will one arrange Live Tiles in Apollo? While the topic itself is fairly old and was started earlier in the year, we figured we'd give it some coverage with the imminent Windows Phone 8 launch.

Forum member jimski added his thoughts on how he'll be setting up shop in Microsoft's next version of its mobile operating system:

"With about 52 now (26 rows), hoping to consolidate a bit. Non-live tiles will get shrunk down, and maybe something like messaging will grow. If I have 5 new emails and can only see the most recent (can't scroll the tile-or maybe that's a secret for 10/29), no use using a double wide. Hope to get down to about 15-16 rows. My left thumb will thank me."

With Apollo (and Windows Phone 7.8) sporting multiple sizing of Live Tiles on the home screen, owners will be able to pick and mix tiles to personal tastes, enabling to further customisation compared to Mango. How will you be arranging apps on the home screen? Be sure to head on over to the "So how will YOU organize your new Start screen?" thread to add your formations.

Smartphone Configuration

Smartphone configuration much like PC building?

Forum member ebsn has formed an interesting thread that looks at a possibility of smartphone configuration, much like what's presently available with personal computers and laptops.

"How far in the future do you think we are from building our own smartphones? Probably not until some visionary makes a claim that they see everyone with a smartphone in their hand. But, I am willing to stake that the first company to have an online smartphone building site during this time will make it big."

With this level of customisation, consumers would be able to construct a smartphone to match requirements and needs. Beefing up any part of the specifications and design can lead to exciting possibilities. Should a potential buyer need 32GB storage as well as wireless charging, this could be achieved without the restrictions of what a particular OEM has created with choice of how to create the smartphone.

Consumers have complained about specifications in Windows Phones. Some devices have lacked SD Card expansion, others have sported too much advanced elements that bump up the price beyond that what is deemed "affordable." Generally, smartphones just aren't tailored for consumers. But this could change with the possibility of customisation.

Head on over to the "Design your own smartphone, like your computer" thread to add input to the immense amount of possibilities.

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