From the Forums: Preparing for the big day and Samsung's ATIV of 'Death'

Today's the day we've been anticipating for the past few weeks where Nokia and Microsoft are preparing for a Windows Phone event where we expect a handful of devices to be announced. Windows Phone Central will be there amidst the confusion to bring you guys the latest and greatest news and hands-on action from the floor.

If you're like a few of us here at HQ and find yourself not being able to travel to New York to attend the party, fear not. Nokia will be live streaming the action, and we'll be live blogging the event. Be sure to have both open to make use of all available media. While we're pumping out content on the main page, be sure to engage in discussions on our forums too.

We've created a dedicated 9/5 forum for today that will house all threads surrounding the new Nokia Lumia devices. A few posts are already accumulating in this brand new section, so don't miss out today once everything kicks off.

Samsung ATIV S - worst name?

Windows Phone Central forum member Mitlov has created a thread dedicated to the naming of Samsung's latest Windows Phone - the ATIV S.

"1. You don't know how to pronounce it just by looking at it.2. It's not evocative. "Galaxy" is evocative. "Ford Mustang" is evocative. Ativ, not so much.3. For a company recently under fire for allegedly taking other company's intellectual property...they take another company's mobile device (Vita) and spell it backward? Were there no other words on planet earth to choose from?"

On a personal level, I actually like the 'ATIV' branding. It's certainly unique, and while I understand where the "VITA backwards" argument originates from, it's a leap from mobile handheld gaming device to smartphone, no? Either way, the design and Windows Phone 8 itself will decide if this device will take off or not.

It's humorous for 'VITA' to mean life. Mitlov notes that as an opposite 'ATIV' will therefore mean death. Samsung Death anyone? Let us know your thoughts and be sure to add your $0.02 in the "Worst name ever?" thread.

Miscellaneous: The end of Windows Phone simplicity?

XENOPHOS has kick-started a discussion surrounding the simplicity of the operating system. With Windows Phone 7.8 / 8 sporting more tiles on the home screen through the use of multiple types being made available, one can almost see it beginning to resemble iOS or Android (should one have a grid of small tiles).

"Does it strike anyone else that the simple and clean look is now slowly on its way out. And sorry to say, but is it slowly going the Android way. Does anyone else feel that the WP8 screen looks cluttered."

While we're nowhere near the look of both iOS and Android (as well as any mobile OS that makes use of an icon grid), the home screen has certainly become more busy in Apollo (and Windows Phone 7.8).

What are your thoughts on where Windows Phone is heading? Do you see it cluttering further in the future? Head on over to the "End of simplicity?" thread to voice your opinion.

Rich Edmonds
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  • Are there two events? Helsinki and New York?
  • The NY event and Nokia Mobile World I'm told...
  • Hmmm, the 808's massive 41mp camera only 5mp default? I wonder if the new one is 8mp by default, and can shoot up to 21mp through pureview software. Being it is slimmer, I do wonder if will be better. I've seen quality 3mp cameras take better pics than 12mp cameras....
    I still can't get over how much the ATIV looks like another i-clone. Throw another lawsuit on the way. Those ms patent protections do nothing for hardware look and design, and that rectangle with rounded corners button is in apples sights, just like the focus line.
  • Hey, what is the address of nokias live stream?
  • +1 ?
  • will redirect you to the live stream.
  • I'm such a geek, btw. I had a dream about the damn conference. LOL!
  • Any other link? It uses Silverlight and i an on android tablet pc?
  • "resemble IOS or Android" ??? I TOTALLY disagree, tiles are live, squared and typographical styled. A little smaller due to larger screens, that's it.
    Nothing to do with those older OS ;)
  • +10000000000000
  • Exactly!
  • I completely agree, besides, we have a choice to make it as busy or simple as possible. Double-wide all the tiles!!!!
  • And who said you must use small tiles?
    If you want to keep the 'Clean' look just don't use the small tiles.
    They were giving you freedom to choose, so enjoy!!!
  • WP8 will give us a choice that the others do not have, yet. Small, medium, and large tiles to suit your needs, tastes, and style. To me it means more customization.
  • Agreed. I don't see a resemblance at all. I love the simplicity of WP7, but I also love how you can customize WP8 with the different-sized tiles. One thing to keep in mind is that it only has a grid of small tiles if you make it that way (and even then, it's not quite the same). For me, a mix of both big and small tiles is where it's at. I love the asymmetry.
  • I hope the zune will go a way while active-syc raises again.
  • You can't compare the wp8 screen to android, c'mon.... If you don't want the screen "cluttered" then unclutter it. You can keep it like the WP7 screen if you want. That's the beauty of it.
  • Exactly
  • Except all of the tiles are now much larger. On a 4.3" screen they are going to be massive. I wish we could turn the gutter on/off for that reason.
  • Yeah, I actually do kinda like the gutter too. But I've spent enough time messing around with WP8 simulators that I've come up with a tile configuration that will make me happy.
  • I like the look of the new home screen, it looks ALIVE. Much more dynamic.
  • I hope there will be no Windows Phone 8 brand on the back side of the phone like the ATIV S.
  • I hope there will be no more comments from alrutani in the comments section like EVER. =P
  • I absolutely disagree! I hope they will all use the WP8 branding everywhere! W8/WP8 is groundbreaking and those who love the OS need to display, nay flaunt it!
  • it is no way going out of the simplicity of wp. you just have to arrange your tile the way the wp7.5 works. hell no to android and ios...
  • Nash, doesn't look cluttered. Or at least it could be if you wanted it, or not. If you have 2 huge tiles its a phone again! Text, calls, phone book!
  • Am I wrong for pronouncing iOS "eeos"? =P
  • I pronounce iOS as "terrible"
  • Not if you're a kiwi :P
  • With windows phone your screen is as cluttered or simple as you want it to be. If you want it neat, don't add any tiles. Or keep them the same size. They're just making it more flexible for people
  • You could always make the tiles look like wp7 if it resembles android... Pretty sure they're adjustable . :P
  • Please help me guys, my pc got crashed today and it seems it cant be corrected soon. I want to watch live telecast. Any other link is available so i can watch it on my nokia lumia or android tablet pc. Please reply fast.
  • Why wouldnt it work on an android tablet? Are they using Silverlight for streaming or something?
  • Oh, they indeed are..
  • If you think the new start screen is cluttered, then don't use the small tiles!!!
  • I haven't tried the new w8 interface yet but I am definitely considering it for my next phone. Hoping things keep improving for microsoft OS, have to say I am really not happy with Win7 on my PC, but IOS is gross/inhibiting and lagdroid bites. BTW my android screen doesn't look anything like the shot. I do use tiles when I want many selections on a screen, but also use the larger blocks for calendar, social media, photos, music, contacts, and more. IOS tiles, android only so if you lack creativity. Good luck ms fans, I fell off the wagon but might be back if it gets better, keep up those posts so we know how it is-thanks.
  • Nope
  • They should of just named it Galaxy windows or something like that.
  • Wish there was a way to view the event on our phones like we were able to with the Microsoft event. Looks like I'll be tethering my laptop with my HTC Fuze! :-)
  • The start screen doesn't have to have more on it. You can still leave it the same as you have now, except you have the option to change it in more ways if you wish to. 
    Looks nothing like Android or iOS.
  • If you see the WP8 start screen looking like iOS and Android then it's time to have your eyes checked!
  • I don't understand how people can still argue that the new start screen is cluttered. Its the way YOU want it to look and not just the same format for every phone as it is now. If you don't want you start screen to look "cluttered" just use the same two by two format. I'll be enjoying the changes the new start screen brings to 7.8 til I can get a Windows 8 phone.
  • I agree, the name is hard to say but I think the branding is what is important. I wrote an article about that yesterday. or, its really a decent article about Samsungs branding.
  • Absolutely. Also, with colored tile apps like Tile Label you could create divisions and sections. I find I scroll too much now and go to the all apps secton more than I will have to with WP8. I counted a couple of screens I tried with W8 app, and like above, I went from 7-8 tiles on the first screen to 14! My mail, phone and messaging don't need to be double sized, so a row of smaller tiles for my mail, larger pictures and people will really allow me to set things off. And my social apps won't wind up buried three or 4 screen lower.
  • I welcome the change!