From the Forums: Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Reader and potential BECUapp

Samsung has lifted the curtain on its latest Android flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. We'll not go into too much detail here and repeat what's already been published, but it's only right we tackle the newly announced competing hardware and what this means for the Windows Phone community. As well as this, there are also a number of threads from our Windows Phone forum that are worth checking out. Shall we dive in?

First up (as mentioned above) is the Samsung Galaxy S4. Forum user MattLFC created a thread for consumers to discuss their initial thoughts of both the smartphone and overall presentation. Just how bad was Samsung? Our thoughts - it was awful and painful to watch. Matt also goes into some detail about the HTC One being a better device:

"The HTC One - out right now, OIS, much better GUI, the lifestream is an amazing merge between Android and Windows Phone, the handset is possibly the best looking and built handset on the market ever (despite me still wanting a GREEN Lumia 620 - NOKIA fooking release it will you!!!). Why would anyone touch another SIII imitation, when you could have the HTC One? Whay bother waiting, and then pay way over the odds when it's released, when you can have the HTC One for amazing prices (cheaper than a 920 atm) right now?!!!"

Samsung has Android in the bag for the time being. HTC desperately needs to turn that around for the company to be saved. Unfortunately, HTC just doesn't have the funding to splash out on marketing both its Windows Phone and Android hardware, but what do you make of the Galaxy S4 itself? Like the specifications? Feel Samsung should pour as much money and effort into Microsoft's mobile platform, or do you believe we're not missing out?

Head on over to the "Samsung Galaxy S4" thread and add your thoughts.

Google shutting down its Reader service

You should be aware that Google has announced plans to close Google Reader, the popular RSS feed service. Unfortunately, with advances in social media among other reasons, RSS feeds just aren't viewed as the main source of news and information anymore (though we prefer it over the likes of Twitter). 

A number of developers have announced that their RSS apps will continue to function and they are actively looking at alternatives to work around the closure to keep the apps running. Are you glad to see the back of Google Reader or do you believe RSS is here to stay and the search giant should reconsider? Will you continue to use such apps on Windows Phone? Join in the discussion over in the "So Google said they are shutting down Google Reader" thread.

BECU app potentially on the way

BECU (Boeing Employee's Credit Union) is a not-for-profit, member-owned credit union for all residents of Washington State. Already sporting Android and iOS apps, they have displayed signs of interest to move over to cover Windows Phone too. A mobile version of the website already exists, which works well, but there's nothing that matches a native client, right?

Forum member larspassic has got in touch with the BECU and now urges everyone who would also like to see an official app to tweet out to BECU on the social network. Should enough interest be shown from the community, an app may well be pushed up the priority ladder.

Read up more information over in the "BECU wants to make a WP app! Show your support!" thread on how you can help out.

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