Full GPS Chip on a SIM Card

Dang, the headline say sit all. Somehow a company called Blue Sky Positioning has managed to fit a GPS receiver onto the little SIM cards that are normally just used to store your phone number and a few contacts. The most surprising part, to me, is they've managed to do it without breaking one of the GSM standard for SIM cards: that they never draw more than 6 milliamps of power.

The secret sauce seems to be that the card uses the body of the phone (i.e. the metal, battery, etc that surrounds it) as the antenna - which neatly solves what would otherwise be a huge interference problem.

I doubt this SIM solution will really take off, but it at least serves as evidence that GPS receivers are coming down in size and power requirement in a radical way. That bodes well for the inclusion of GPS in nearly all future handsets.

At the SIMposium in Berlin, Blue Sky Positioning announced it has developed a complete GPS system, including the antenna, which physically fits in, and works from within, a mobile phone SIM slot.

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WC Staff