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Full specs for the Nokia Lumia 1020: 6 lenses, 2GB of RAM, and more

We’re less than 24 hours from finally getting the official details on Nokia’s 41 megapixel monster – the Lumia 1020. That doesn’t mean leaks aren’t still flowing in. Au contraire, we might have the full specs of the upcoming device. What to know what network bands it supports and more? Read on.

These specs from seem to be in line with what we’ve been reporting and can corroborate with our sources.  Here we go.

Nokia Lumia 1020

  • Operating system – Windows Phone 8


  • GSM: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz
  • WCDMA: 2100 MHz, 1900 MHz, 850 MHz, 900 MHz
  • LTE network bands 1, 3, 7, 20, 8
  • HSPA+ DL Cat 24, Dual Carrier 42.1 Mbps/UL Cat5.76 Mbps
  • Here Location and Mapping Service: Free global HERE Maps and HERE Drive+, free HERE transit available in the store


  • 2GB RAM, 32GB internal user memory, 7GB Skydrive cloud storage


  • 4.5 inch AMOLED WXGA (1280 x 768) 2.5D sculpted glass Gorilla Glass 3, PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack, High Brightness Mode, Sunlight readability, Super sensitive touch for nail and glove usage


  • 1.5 Ghz dual-core Snapdragon (no word on which snapdragon processor though)


  • PureView 41 MP sensor with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), Backside-illuminated image sensor, 6 lens optics, High resolution zoom 3x, Autofocus, Xenon Flash, LED for video, 1080p video at 30 fps, Includes Nokia Pro Camera mode and Nokia Smart Camera Mode.

Secondary Camera

  • HD 1.2 Megapixel wide angle


  • 130.4 x 71.4 x 10.4 mm


  • 158 grams


  • USB 2.0, BT 3.0, NFC with SIM based security, WLAN a/b/g/n, A-GPS and Glonass, 3.5 mm audio connector


  • 2000 mAh battery, Wireless Charging supported via accessory cover


  • IHF speakers, 2 microphones, HD voice compliant, 3.5mm AV connector

Key Features

  • 41 Megapixel sensor captures the sharpest images with details never though possible from a smartphone
  • Nokia Pro Camera boosts creativity through simple and easy to user controls usually reserved for the expert photographer
  • Nokia Rich Recording delivers distortion free stereo audio in the loudest environments
  • Comes with the only fully integrated and true offline Global maps experience from the HERE location suite

Nokia original accessories

Nokia Camera Grip PD-95G:

  • Confidence to take the perfect shot
  • Built-in extra battery for longer usage
  • Ergonomic grip with a two-stage camera key
  • Universal tripod-mount

Nokia Wireless Charging Cover CC-3066:

  • Effortless Wireless charging is just a snap away
  • Enable wireless charging with form fitting Qi compliant snap-on cover


  • Yellow, White, Black

Operating times

  • Maximum talk time (3G): 13.3 h
  • Standby time: 16 Days
  • Video Playback time: 6.8 hours
  • Music Playback time: 63 hours

This looks good to us. What do you guys think about the specs? Even if Nokia has data that suggests most consumers are content with 32GB of onboard storage, should they have 64GB in small batches for enthusiasts like yourself? I just really want to play with that camera grip!

Source: UnleashThePhones, Via; MyNokiaBlog

Thanks for the tip Vinayak!

  • Why haven't Nokia upped the battery??
  • Battery takes up space, people were complaining, so they made the phone thinner instead. You don't get something for nothing.
  • Good point. Let's also hope for some more battery effiency in software. That camera grip will be nice too for when you plan on doing a lot of shooting and don't want the battery to die so fast. 
  • Jeff, this is not an argument. Motorolla Razr Maxx HD is still thinner and packs a 3300mAh battery.
  • ... but it doesn't have a 41MP camera with a huge sensor..
  • The MAXX HD is 1.1 mm thinner, 1 gram lighter, and a bigger screen, with a smaller camera sensor and lens/flash assembly. Can't compare a phone they designed around a large battery to a phone they designed around a large camera module.
  • You could look at the camera accessory as the expanded battery? But yeah, would be nice for normal use to last a little longer
  • My Lumia device last a full day with a little bit more than normal use (of course that's subjective) but a few videos, listening to music at least 7 hours (on bluetooth), text, emails, etc).  If used without some of the aforementioned it can last a good day and a half up to two full days.  I think the battery life of my L810 is awesome.  But compared to some of my friends with their Samsungs they barely have any battery, if any at all, with my normal use.  I'm just curious how many hours do we expect smartphones to run and a daily bases?
  • Size.  They wanted to keep it relatively thin (Not counting the camera bulge).  This why they came out with the camera holster with added battery capacity for the more serious photographers.
  • Do your research.
  • I am not a poweruser, but I am pretty OCD about checking news and stocks on my phone. My 920 easily lasts all day. When I make sure no apps are running in the background by restarting it, it barely touches the battery while running.
  • Only 2000 mAh.... :( and besides the 32 gig storage, the 1020 is almost an upgrade to the 920 in every way. :)
  • Remember that they are using a AMOLED display. I am no phone nerd, but I still think the display is the component of the phone that consumes most battery. An AMOLED display gives higher brightness with less battery consumption.
  • Depends on what is on screen. Amoled screens consume THREE times the energy of LCD when displaying bright (eg white) colors. I personally make sure i mention it in app ratings whenever developers do not add option for dark colors. The wpcentral app is using black background but the disqus app stubbornly refuses to add that most important option
  • wow even 920 is heavier!
  • what do you mean "even"... it's the heaviest from the "main phones" out there so of course it's heavier. You have to name a particularly light phone to say "wow, even the [light phone here] is heavier"
  • Do you "EVEN" lift bro?
  • LOL
  • what's wrong with you. im just supriced, are YUMAD?
  • It's not even that heavy to be honest. Atleast Nokia provides us with alternatives with similar features and tries to wrap everything up into a good package. 
  • I think the additional 920 weight is from the built in wireless charging? 1020 doesn't have that built in.  I could be wrong though!
  • I think that's actually the case in the 920.
  • wireless charging, heavier LCD screen, thick dense plastic/polycarbonate, slightly older battery tech, take your pick. Still an awesome phone (love mine) but the beating that Nokia took for the weight of their device in every review (even positive reviews) is definitely something they want to avoid in the future.
  • I didn't go for 920 because of the design - big size yet screen is just 4.5 ; very heavy ; display is not AMOLET ; poor battery ; not expandable memory. Pretty fundamental components. ATIV S ticked most of boxes. Glad that Nokia are moving in the right direction with 925 and 1020.
  • Worse, they had to remove wireless charging coils for the upgrade camera. Everything else is the same.
  • I'm glad they did... The trade-off is definitely worth it
  • Not like the charging would work very well with the camera buldge...
  • The camera bulge would have no effect in charging. The phone does not need to be in contact with the base to charge. You can hold it above the base and it will charge just as well as if it was laying on the base. That is why there is no issue with charging and being in a case.
  • It wouldn't sit flat on a flat surface though, that's what I'm getting at.
  • There will almost certainly be a snap on cover for wireless charging like the 620/720 have. While it's a step down from the 920, this is how every phone on the market (except the Nexus 4) at this point works - a cover or replacement back to enable it. I am OK with that, it keeps the cost down for those who don's use the feature.
  • There is a snap on for wirelessly charging... Did you even read a single post regarding the 1020 (909) which has covered this fact to a great extent... Hell did you even read this article which mentions it as well?
  • I am going to assume that you meant to reply to the OP here ;)
  • Be polite, please.
  • Nothing is the same on this phone as the 920 other than the 32GB of internal storage. It has 2GB of Ram, it has a newer screen, it has a way way way way better camera and i would imagine it has a better snapdragon cpu also, is a very good upgrade to the 920 if you are looking right now.
  • Uh, hellOOOoo. Has anyone NOT noticed that there is no sd card slot??? I am so, totally, massively, confused. I am totally freaking out. Totally. Oh, and confused, too.
  • About what I'd expect, though, those with a 920 really should just wait for a true successor. This isn't it (it's just a higher end version of the current model).
  • I don't understand why anyone with a 920 would be considering another phone right now. It is a great phone, no reason to update.
  • Because the camera is awful?
  • Erm...que?
  • Er, right-e-o
  • Because I cracked my Lumia 920 screen...
  • Agreed, plus I want to use that camera. Its so awesome looking!
  • Because it has a tiny screen... And so does this. 
  • Speak for yourself im on my fourth 920 and it still freezes up on bluetooth timew to theres a great reason to upgrade. Plus the camera.
  • Exactly. On my 4th 920 in 7 months. Not impressive at all.
  • BT freezes are not uncommon. Any word on what the cause is?
  • C'mon! This is the mother of all phones:)
  • I bought my 920 off contract precisely for this reason. The trade in price for the 920 will be higher now than next year. By then, if and when the true successor comes, I'll trade in my 1020 for a good price too! The first outright price for the 920 was a killer...from now on, I can have a new phone every year for around £250 cash straight out of my pocket! And I've got a great sim only deal from Virgin. Still better than getting locked in for 2 years.
  • Um, yeah. Doesn't the 920 have an Sd card slot? Like every other phone on the market? Except the 1020. It's really confusing me.
  • No, only low-end and mid-range Nokia phones have microSD. The high-end / flagship phones are limited... because screw logic that the high-end phones should have the most storage!
  • "Every other phone on the market"? Are you high? Where is the SD card slot on the iPhone? The HTC One? Nexus?
  • Like the super popular iPhone? ohh wait.
    Not every phone on the market has an SD card slot. Not even all Android phones have an SD card slot.
  • I don't understand that this beast don't has wireless charging, is it 10.4 mm with the bulk or without? I'm so gonna buy this phone but the only dissapointment is the lack of build in wireless charging, can't wait for tomorrow! How are you guys feeling about this Phone???!
    Best regards!
  • Valid complaint. But I think Nokia is doing something else too.  They wanted a thinner phone, had to omit something. Wireless charging gets left out, but you can add a cover that makes your phone a little thicker while adding the ability to charge wirelessly.  The Qi standard that all Windows Phone devices currently use to charge wirelessly isn't the king of the hill yet. There is no universal standard yet. Qi and PMA are going to be fighting it out. Eventuallly I think one will emerge as the victor. Basically whichever Apple uses will be the winner. So instead of giving you a phone with a wireless charger that won't work at Starbucks or wherever, you can simply swap out the back to have a compatible device :) I think that makes sense. Lemme know what you guys think. 
  • Valid reply:) Apple will choose opposite of android, so its Googles call:)
  • I think if Nokia included wireless charging, then the camera accessory plate would negate it. Just another reason I'm thinking wireless charging isn't included.
  • Can someone please explain why wireless charging significantly adds to the thickness of a phone?  If you open up the Lumia 920 you will see that the wireless charging coils are about the same thickness as a piece of paper.  CNET even has a video of adding wireless charging to a GS3 by using parts from a Palm.  No bulk added to the phone at all.  This fallacy that wireless charging adds a lot of bulk keeps getting repeated.
  • expect apple to go proprietary, whether they have a good reason or not, who knows... but i would lean towards proprietary. meaning... this whole game of standards is far from over. I see it playing out over the next couple years... perhaps Qi will win out, perhaps not... i wouldn't lose sleep over it, if another standard wins out then Nokia will switch just like the rest. obviously some will complain because of the investment in Qi accessories, but such is life... 
  • Like the lightning connector, Apple will go with what isn't standard across the board, which in the end, makes Apple look like morons.
  • Indeed a good point.
  • Going to upgrade just for the camera.  Having kids means getting the dslr ready all the time is tough.  I'm also looking forward to battery life compared to my 920.  Here's to hoping that Amber/GDR2 have improved that a bit.
  • I recently brought a 925 with GDR2 and I can say the battery life beats my partners 920 hands down! Even with the thrashing I'm giving my new toy atm ;)
  • That is good to hear. Perhaps Amber will fix the 920's battery issues finally.
  • Sounds like my world... That's why this is my next phone:) still got my Stormtrooper
  • Moron
  • You misspelled... The correct spelling is "WIN"
  • Ok. have fun with screen burn-ins, unnatural high saturated colors, short lifespan and green tints. WIN
  • I remember seeing the mall demo phones for the 900, they had the home menu image burned into the screen.
  • My L900 is still working with no burn in, same for my Dell Venue Pro. Plus Nokia has a colour profile option in their display + touch settings app so you can adjust the colours to suit you. Try and keep the FUD to a minimum, hmm?
  • AMOLED screens take around 8 years (running 8hr/day on average) to die, use less power, are considerably brighter and blacks are black. My Zune HD has no burn in, nor is it really an issue unless you leave your phone with the same image on it for very prolonged periods of time... As for color accuracy, my 928 has one of the most color-accurate screens I've ever seen on a phone.
  • +works better in bright locations (car/outside)
    +better power usage
    +calibrated screens are not green, and these will have some color adjustment options
    +better contrast, clarity, readability, more natural pictures
    +burn in only happens if you leave a static screen for several hours which is not realistic on a phone
    +phones are only used for 2-4 years, which means that you will likely replace this device long before the expected 8 year life of the display
  • HM02 is right. Every phone I have had with AMOLED has experienced burn in in less than a year of use. I am a heavy text user and found that the text bubbles were burning in on every device. Unless Nokia is using some tech that is better than what is used by Samsung then I expect the same issues with this device. For those of you with AMOLED phones claiming no burn-in, open up your web browser and go to a blank page showing all white and tell me you see no burn in. If you don't then you must not use the device that much. Sure you get more battery life and deeper blacks from AMOLED but I am much happier with the LCD on the 920.
  • I use my launch day 900 a lot, and I have no burn in whatsoever. Of course I dont leave static images on the screen for extended lengths of time either. I vastly prefer amoled to LCD, so I'm glad that's what is in the 1020.
  • Burn-in on AMOLED is real.  I have just a tiny bit on my Focus S after almost 2 years, which I think came from some long gaming sessions a while back.  It's hardly ever noticeable in my case though, really just when scrolling against a white background I see the slightest shadow that isn't moving along with the contents that are scrolling.
    Little-known fact by the way - even LCDs can suffer burn-in.  Not sure if it happens much on phones, but I've seen it on LCD monitors before like the Dell 2001FP.
  • Damn 32G
  • Also Sam, you ever get any response from Oggl or Molome?  I'm Capn_Murphy on twitter.
  • Hell I want to know also about Oggl and Molome, I forgot that they were coming to win8
  • Nope. Emailed the CEO of Molome but nothing yet. Same for Oggle. 
  • Very happy with my red 920 I'll wait for bigger Lumia...
  • I am happy with my 920 also.  I think the 1020 is for those who have/had the 900.  Me... I am waiting for the Nokia phablet, 5" plus screen. I want Galaxy Note owners to drool at my precious.  I guess 5 more months??
  • Agreed. Love my 920 and (other than the obvious exception of the camera) this really does not feel like much of an upgrade. Once we see a similar phone with a 1080p 4.7-5" display with the GPU/CPU to support it then I will consider an upgrade. Toss in 64GB of storage, wireless 11ac, and USB3 and I will pretty much be sold.
  • I think this has the newer processor.. It's no iPhone 4 to iPhone S4, it's still more like S2 to S3.
  • Yay my next phone. I can see it running Wordament now....
  • Was really hoping this would be a 1080p screen =/.  Tempted to buy it but also tempted to wait until bigger phones are announced.
  • There was never going to be a 1080 screen.
    I'm tempted to sell my 920 and get this. I need that camera. Although I had a good look at a 925 today and damn that is one sexy ass phone.
  • I suppose selling the 920 is a good idea.  I have an ATT upgrade available, and I'm not sure if I wanna use it on this or not, since I bought the rather cheap 920 off contract.  The camera sure does look awesome though and would account for some good bragging rights.
  • I just wonder how long it will be before this drops in price as the 920 has come down fairly quickly. Bragging rights are definitely worth good money though ;-)
  • I can't say a bad thing about my 925... I think you're safe with either purchase lol ;)
  • A 1080p screen would drain that 2000mAh battery so fast you would cry.
  • How does the battery grip/extra battery work?  Does it use the battery in the grip first then use the device battery?
    If so, this is great; I would love to be able to have the grip around for when pics / videos will be taken and then take it off when I am done. 
    However, if it waits until the device is drained to switch to the grip battery then I don't really see the value for most people.
  • If it works like the battery case for the Lumia 920, you'll be able to charge the phone's battery with the press of a button.
  • Shut up & take my money
  • +1
  • shut up and go give them your money.
  • I am skeptical about the 32Gb only. I believe I would need 64Gb. I like the camera grip. I strongly suggest Nokia to also release a 64Gb version. Rest all seems fine to me. I would immediately buy a 64Gb version in Black with a Black camera grip.
  • How about additional storage in the cameragrip?
  • Extra storage in the grip (ideally a full SDcard slot) seems the most sensible way to be, effectively putting it into full digital camera mode!
  • built in SD slot in the grip would be pretty legit.  Though I would prefer built in SD slot.
  • That's asking a lot out of two copper contacts, although maybe it connects to the USB port also?
  • The grip connects via the microUSB port on the phone, not the copper contacts. Check the photos in previous articles...
  • copper contacts are specifically for wireless charging, not data or regular charging. The wireless charging kit will hook up to the contacts, while the big grip kit will plug via USB
  • Can't wait for tomorrow!  I hope that this is coming to Canada on Bell / Telus / Rogers without any exclusivity.  Time for WP8 and Nokia to get some serious attention in Canada.
  • Not going to happen. Best case is 2 colors on Rogers imho. I wish it would come to Telus however.
  • I would love for telus to get it, but I highly doubt is where it will be.
  • yeah I cant switch to rogers so I really hope others get it. the state of windows phone 8 in Canada is pathetic and I heard its cause bell has some crap going on with nokia. whatever the case it needs to change fast or I will be stuck getting an android phone which I really don't want
  • I am also hoping this gets announced for Canada too tomorrow, but yes I think it will be a Rogers exclusive if it does indeed come here.
  • It's funny as soon as (seemingly concrete) specs emerge, the moaning starts. Yet, with speculation and unfounded rumours, people have more fun. cold light of day huh! 
  • My precious. Come here by precious.
  • Lol it is coming, you betcha :)
  • +1
  • The 6 lenses and OIS along with the large sensor and software upgrades, amazing...I hope when they release the larger phone that they can up the storage and battery as well. That phone will rock! I like this phone, just wish they incorporated wireless charging with the camera grip or phone. I am impressed it supports all the bands, which gives me hope it is a world phone, and also coming to more carriers really really soon.
  • What exactly does 6 lens optics mean? Are there actually 6 physically different lenses to swap between inside the phone?
  • Probably Double-Gauss design, famous one being Carl-Zeiss Planar. Planar had 6 lenses in 4 groups (two pairs are cemented together), the usual Tessar have 4 lenses in 3 groups (one pair are cemented together).
    More complex optics like camera lens, binocular, telescope, are made consisted of multiple glasses that work as one composite lens.
    But I'm curious why they don't mention the label, because they usually write Carl-Zeiss Tessar when using it.
  • Just add SD card support.
  • if there would be a metallic (silver grey) color option, i would buy.. i'm already happy with my 920..
  • My 12MP point and shoot and I got along just fine in the days of the 512 megabyte sony stick. I got quite a lot of photos to fit on the 2GB SD cards. How is 32 GB of internal not enough?
  • Most folks will still want space for music/videos/games/apps. And for the majority of people 32GB is fine. But for people who read sites like ours... more is always nice :)
  • Amen to that:)
  • Indeed more is nice, I think no SD slot is a huge mistake Nokia is making with its flagship devices.
    Microsoft should have made a microSD slot as a requirement from OEMs for WP.
  • I am pretty sure that it is MS who is pressuring OEMs to not include SD cards in order to encourage cloud storage subscriptions. More important than storage space, though it is important, would be storage performance. Modern SD cards run faster than internal flash memory, and that is just sad.
  • Sam, I mean no disrespect but is there any evidence to support that claim? People are often saying "most people / the majority of people are happy with X" without anything to back it up. I could say "the majority of people are deeply unhappy with 32 GB" which has as much credibility as claiming the opposite. I think we should have a survey or something to see if people really are happy with limited storage on their flagship devices. People suggest workarounds such as using SkyDrive (which costs money to increase your data plan, and doesn't work when travelling) or to spend our life removing items from our phones or simply sacrificing the things that you really want on there. I simply don't see why the low-end & mid-range phones can have microSD but the high-end mobiles are left wanting. I don't buy high-end mobiles for limitations that a vast majority of mobiles don't have. It's like buying an expensive luxury car but the boot has been left off because it "ruins the aesthetics" of the car. That might work for a Ferrari, but boot space is essential in a luxury family car. So when people complain, there is always the unhelpful reply "it's fine for me? you don't need any more space!", "I just chuck my shopping in the back-seat on top of the kids, quit complaining!" :P
  • You mean you don't carry your entire life worth on photos on your phone?
  • I do and its called SkyDrive and Facebook integration.
    All my music is on the cloud too with Xbox Music.
    Documents, spreadsheets, PDF manuals etc are also on SkyDrive.
    None of these things take up space on my 32GB unless I download them - pretty sweet arrangement - I pay MS an additional $10 a year and have plenty of SkyDrive.
  • Except it consumes bucket-loads of your data plan. I'd much rather buy a $50 microSD card than continually pay an extra $50 per month on my data plan just to access my files.
  • How much 1080p video did you shoot with that camera?
  • A camera is not the same as a mobile - mobiles have apps, games, music mapping, videos etc. 16 GB minimum for apps & games, 5-10 GB for music (bare minimum, I'd like more), the rest for photos and videos. A lot of people ran out of space on their 920 very quickly, even after the 'other space' issue was fixed.
  • You get 4GB or in worst cases 10GB taken away by the Other storage.
  • My 920 has 17GB in use at the moment, but I have recently done a camera dump to the desktop, and I purged several games and apps last weekend which I found I was not using, so this is much less used space than normal. In addition to this I have about 5GB of work documents, another 15GB of music, and maybe 5-10GB of old photos and videos that I would like to keep on there on a regular basis. 64GB may be a bit overkill for all of that, but 32GB is clearly not enough.
  • Nice, I like that even with this massive camera it still will weigh about an once less than the 920. 
  • I am so excited. Now when someone says something I agree with, I can now say +1020 and mean it too!
  • Daniel, you said about a month ago Snapchat would officially announce their presence for Windows Phone in July. Do you think they will be announcing that during Nokia's event?
  • Will this wk on vzw?
  • Nokia needs to be smart, release a WLAN version only, one that is a dedicated camera and sells together with the camera grip. Worlds first Windows Photo 8 camera with navigation, games, etc etc, but no phone. Replace the SIM slot with a microSD slot. It will get Nokia in more shelves and people understand that 41mp = less moving parts = less failures = costs a bit more but not too much. Ahh... Nokia should add 3 notches on the aluminum bezel of the camera to allow the fixing of filters and adapters. Voila.
  • Can't agree more. I wish they do that.
  • I agree with the filters and adapters sugestion, Nokia should have done something with that, since it has a lot of potential.
  • Lol wireless charging is a waste useless for me solar charging now thts something i would go for. By the way this phone is not sammy unlike them nokia has design Sammy phones = round phablets and call it invovation(lol -.-) im sorry but its true Nokia is still dependent on Microsoft dont be angry at nok be angry at Microsoft Thank you
  • Angry at MS for what?   
  • For not releasing OS updates fast enough. Back in October when they announced WP8 they said they didn't include a notification center because they ran out of time. Seven months later and you still don't have a notification center complete? Why? It sounded like they almost had one back then so why isn't one out half a year later?? whats going on?
    Also, where are the toggle controls, folders (or whatever you want to call them), support for bigger screens, processors, and custom ringtones for text? What major updates as MS released (not Nokia) for WP since last October? That's why we should be angry at MS. It's holding Nokia back. I can bet you that if Nokia released this phone with Android it would still crash and slow down like molasses, but at least it would have a 1080P screen and probably a quad-core processor.
  • "Nokia released this phone with Android it would still crash and slow down like molasses, but at least it would have a 1080P screen and probably a quad-core processor." That's one of the stupid comments I've ever read here. What's the point of 1080P and quad-core if you can't even use it? That's like saying "my car's transmission is shot and all of my tires are flat, but at least I have a V8 engine!"
  • My point is that the OS is limiting the type of hardware Nokia releases. Isn't it true?
  • I agree with the fact that Microsoft is way too slow updating WP OS but at the same time I don't see a point of 1080p and quad-core on a small phone display and for an OS that runs perfectly fine without a quad-core unlike the bloated Android OS.
  • Don't you guys get it?? WP doesn't need quad core we can all agree. It runs fine with dual core. It does it need so that tech bloggers and fan boys on other sites can shut the f¥ck and stop saying "android has 1080 blah blah blah". Bloggers constantly bash on windows phones because it doesn't support the latest hardware and this needs to stop if people are ever going to take it serious.
  • They need to at least not ignore the Other storage that is killing almost every Nokia phone not named 920. My friends 820 is rendered useless because of that. Its been 8 months......
  • WP does need quad core if only for marketing purposes. Yes, WP works fine on dual core, but that isn't going to get the general public or the media (especially the media) excited. People want the latest and greatest specs, regardless of how it actually benchmarks. Sad but true. And actually, staying on dual core while other flagship phones are going quad core is just going to give the fanboy media another excuse as to why you shouldn't own a WP. The ONLY saving grace here is that the dual cores are cheaper so carriers can continue to release phones like this for 99$ or $149 on contract.
  • quad core on a phone is so thermally limited today that it rarely runs significantly faster than a duel core for anything other than short bursts, and when really pushed for a length of time they can actually be slower. This will not always be the case as progress marches on, and it is not an issue in larger platforms like tablets, but in the world of phones it is a very present reality. But faster duel core CPUs are a necessity. Sure, WP8 runs just fine on even a slow duel core CPU... but apps and programs need a little more oomph. Capturing, editing, and scaling 41MP images are going to eat a fair bit of CPU power, and the more they can throw in, the better. 1080p on the other hand is a different story. the 768p display on the 920 seems adequate for the display size... but it would not look so good on a slightly larger screen. Large screens are not for everyone, but I essentially use my 920 as a laptop, so every bit of resolution and screen size is a plus in my book. 5 inch screens are not for everyone, but they are for me, and I hope that my next phone will have one.
  • Agreed.
  • Is the screen 16:9? The only reason I don't get Lumia is I can only find 15:9 screens. I just love my 16:9 Ativ S screen
  • +1
  • It's 15:9
  • +2 Nokia should have gone for 16:9
  • 15:9 still works better for the majority of WP7 apps that haven't been updated for the new resolutions.
  • All their other camera phones are 16:9 which makes perfect sense since you are shooting in that same aspect ratio..
    Duuno what happened here.. WP capacitive buttons is my guess
  • has anyone actually seen how THIN the wireless charging coil thing is inside the 920? It's thin and it could totally fit inside the 925 and this 1020. There's no reason why they couldn't have put it in there. I'm sure it weighs like 5 grams at most. What's the point of having a wireless charging plate to put on the phone? Isn't wireless charging supposed to eliminate the hassle? It will take more time to put the case on the back of the phone and put it on a charger, than it does to just plug it in. smh
  • I like it
  • +1
  • 32 gigs of storage with a 41 megapixel camera, not going to be able to store many photos on this thing. Why in the world don't they offer a 64gig model or at minimum expandable storage???
  • It doesn't actually save the pictures as massive files. It saves them in the same size as a 5mp photo or 8mp I think.
  • It takes a 3mp and a 5mp simultaneously.
  • I agree the 32gb and no SD is the stupidest decision Nokia could have made with this phone.
    Oh well, they apparently did not learn anything from the 'no SD slot' complaints that were raised against all their previous flagship phones inc. the 920 928 and 925.
    If I had to pay the full unlocked phone price of $602 I would not be getting this phone just because of the lack of 64gb memory or microSD slot.
  • because this way you'll have to use the cloud. Now think about it: you only get 7GB on SkyDrive. You'll eventually need more. So you'll have to PAY for it. Not only that, you'll need an active internet conection while taking the photos so you can save them to the cloud. So you'll have to PAY for that too.
    See? That way not only Microsoft makes extra money out of you, your carrier will also be happy 'cause it will also be cashing in on you.
  • Or I could just use flickr and their 1tb free storage... Didn't they see that loophole??? Why would anyone pay for Microsoft's sky drive bs pricing when they can use 1tb for their photos for free?? Even then that doesn't solve the issue that to upload 41mp photos this phone is going to use a shitton of data, which will take up all of my data from att with their ridiculous pricing.... I'll switch from my 920 when they make a viable replacement.
  • What is "many pictures?" Let's say for argument's sake that each picture is 10MB (about the file size of photos on the 808.) That's 100 pictures for every 1GB of storage available. Try harder next time. 
  • As for non 64gb Nokia its weird :/
    But im also starting to think tht 64bg not supported no wp8 device has had it so i think its possible to say Microsoft is to blame once agian O.O
  • I'm not saying 64gb isn't right for everyone, but with streaming music and SkyDrive 32gb has been more than enough for me.
  • Not everyone has an unlimited fast Data plan to use streaming and Skydrive all the time.
  • Ditto, plus, the more storage built inside the phone or attached via SD card the more power the phone drains.
    For all but the few people who fill up their 64GB everyone else would have the burden of powering the additional unused storage.
    I vote for "just enough" storage and more talk time.
  • "powering the additional unused storage"
    are you frikin serious dude
  • Love the specs, but no dice until Nokia starts selling a "Phablet". Nothing beats my Samsung ATIV S 4.8in screen....yet.
  • I am with you on that. I am forced with a Note II and the only thing I like about it is the screen size. Cant wait for the Nokia phablet!
  • I think this will use the snapdragon 400 processor
  • I sure hope it's not the same one as the one found inside the 920/928
  • 10.2mm at its thinnest point? With only 2000mAh battery? Facepalm. 
    I am sure I will still get this. 
  • I wish they would have considered including wireless charging like the Lumia 920, keep that extra thickness and house the entire 41MP camera in a bumpless design.  I'm going to have to explain the bump every time I pull out the phone and lay it on my desk all wobbly and unusable to touch on a desk.
    Maybe version 2 will have the pelican approach and allow rediculous pictures in a bumpless desing.
    Hopefully they can add slow motion video in a software / firmware update as well.  
  • just get the wireless charging cover and the bump will be flatened
  • I fear for battery life having owned an 808 and now using a 920. The camera uses a lot of juice and the 920 battery is inconsistent at best. Will get one and hope I get one of the good batteries.
  • I'm a bit puzzled as to why they chose to put Bluetooth 3.0 rather than 4.0 on their latest device?
  • Lol if they are using the same soc it will have bt4 its only listed tht way since amber update came out recently
  • D'oh. Good point about the OS update. I clearly forgot about that. It's silly to not list the hardware spec with the caveat that the OS only allows BT 3.0 features. Not a big deal since it will be fixed soon-ish anyway! :)
  • Hardware supports 4.0 same as in 920/928/925 but the WP8 OS supports 3.0 till now....blame Msft....
  • Lol 828 ??by the way amber update gives bt 4 but only for nok devices and so far every wp8 nok device has bt4 get ur facts right
  • From what i read its GDR2 that will provide support for Bt 4.....and i knw nokia hardware will enable that as hardware is already there in devices.....
  • Microsoft needs to move their ass, they are just killing WP by dragging their feet with OS updates.
  • If this isn't supporting BT4LE with the Amber update, I suppose I'll stick with my 808 for some more time. I can't use heart monitors and activity trackers on the 808 either...
  • This thing is gonna smoke the atrocity that is the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Have you seen this thing? It looks awful, even for Samsung standards and the pictures do not impress. I am hopefull this phone will sway custumers to give WP a shot.
  • People will still buy it though...sales people refuse to push anything nokia or even windows for that matter!
  • Hello, Earlier today, we announced that Google Latitude is no longer part of the Google Maps app, and we're retiring Latitude on August 9, 2013. This means that after August 9, your Latitude friends list will be deleted and you'll lose the ability to share your location with them. There will also be some changes to Location Reporting and Location History, including changes to third-party applications that use Google Latitude. Please see our FAQs for more information. We understand some of you still want to see your friends and family on a map, which is why we've added location sharing to Google+ for Android (coming soon to iOS). Thank you for using Google Latitude. Sincerely, The Google Latitude Team
  • Oh fck off android fan
  • What's latitude? Also not everyone gives a damn about being located.
  • I hate that google is lumping everything into g+. Glad I got rid of my account.
  • ONE more against windows phone!! Sad!!
  • Wat are u even doing here noob ??
  • I was hoping it would come in red, or mint green that never seemed to happen
  • Damn I rly rly wanted red
  • A am a bit disappointed at the moment. Camera is amazing but otherwise its mostly the same am my 920. I really wanted more storage. Crappy colours too.... Where is Cyan or Red? If I buy this will there be a 1025, in Cyan with an SD slot 4 months later.... Probably.
  • From what I have understand manufactures release new lines of flagships every year. Looking at all the new Nokias since the 920, they have been made in the same line. We haven't seen nothing that was really new nor outstanding during all of this releases. But it wouldn't surprise me at all that the next line of Nokias will be full of things that we felt they missed since the 920.
  • Why is everybody so bugged by the lack of wireless charging. It really isn't that big a deal. We've done without it for years, and its not truly wireless... The wireless charging unit still has be plugged in to power with a wire, and its an extra cost too. The wired charger that the device will come is absolutely free... FREEEEE!!!!
  • The charging unit uses a cord, yes, obv. But you don't have to plug it in every time. The point of the wireless plate is to just set the phone on it and let it charge. Without having to look for and fiddle with a cord to plug it into the phone.
    Also, it came free with the device too. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Well its still a waste solar charging is were my money would be
  • If your that lazy I guess its a good idea.
  • Guessing you've never used wireless charging.
  • If your that lazy I guess its a good idea.
  • So you haven't used wireless charging!? Nothing further your honor.
  • I work for the Carphone Warehouse and i'm am also the Nokia ambassador for my store in the UK. So yes, I have had experiences with wireless charging, and no, I don't see the point to it unless you have already spent a small fortune on wireless chargers/docs etc... Its just another gimmick to keep the punters hooked on spending their hard earned cash... That's just my opinion ;)
  • Then your job is a walking contradiction since technology is filled with "gimmicks" (as you say). It's how companies attract customers. To call someone lazy because you feel it isn't needed shows how good at your job. I can't imagine a "Nokia ambassador" being good at their job calling wireless charging for lazy people and a gimmick. Nice try again.
  • Mister 2d, because I don't believe in one of the products Nokia is trying to push among their new smartphones as an ambassador, does this make me a bad person? Its an OPINION. Withholding of ones opinion is how Nazi Germany started. And what's with the casual aggressive undertones in your last sentence... "Nice try again". Do you feel like I'm having a dig at you or something?... Has this become personal, do I detect I whiff of troll?
  • Take a peek into the mirror. Just responding to the hypocrisy.
  • Because wireless charging is awesome! I didn't really see the point in it until my mate bought me a wireless charging plate for my 920. Its soooo awesome! I would hate to go back to having to plug it in everytime. Although I would if I was forced to put an additional cover on the phone, nokia's phones are fat enough as it is......
  • Personally... I've invested a lot of money in a JBL Power Up and wireless charger accessories for home and work. I don't want to hassle with a case/backplate just to use that stuff. I don't like cases on my phones, but I'll decide once I see the phone and accessory case.
  • A good observation Sam, we have no idea if Apple will back either standard or produce their own wireless standard. But I personally hold onto my phones two years or less, although my 920 might go beyond that. Having it built in is huge. I might not have ever gotten wireless charging otherwise if it was extra, and it was a secondary reason why I switched and bought this phone.
  • any chance this will be on verizon?
  • Can someone explain if the supported networks mean this could run on T-Mobile USA?
  • So what’s left for tomorrow’s announcement?  Official Instagram app?
  • No official Instagram on the horizon. Probably Snapchat. 
  • Sam please talk some sense into stephen_az noob
  • My girlfriend will like that, even though Swapchat meets her needs.
  • BOOM! They actually trolled us all with the design and its actually the aluminium 925 look with awesome camera! *dreaming*
  • while I will buy this beast, I am worries bout the fact that comparing this with the top androids will turn off some buyers. (only dual core? Not 1080p screen? Wtf is windows phone), as a guy who visits phone stores often, this is what I hear from customers, and the store people aren't doin a good job explain bout wireless charging, great cameras and how social the phone is. So, if the 1020 isn't getting all that, make sure the next generation gets them    
  • It's funny because no one ever asks about dual core/quad core in regards to iphone! It makes me sad...but slightly happy to be rocking a niche product. Once I upgrade...EVEN MORE NICHE! I'm just glad that yellow is what I invested in, especially because I own the purity pros.
  • 1) There are six lens elements that make up a lens.
    2) Anyone who is buying a gloriied camera phone to take pictures the want to keep deserves to have a hard drive full of mid range point and shoot images.
    3) The sensor is too small to do anything with 41 MP and, unless something has changed, this is really producing 8 MP images that are oversampled. The camera companies were called out for that knd of marketing BS in the past but I guess phone buyers aren't supposed to be as sophisticated.
    4) Anyone who is going to drop money on a phone and charging back and camera grip, all to get a point and shoot camera with middlng optics and phone with specs no better than the 925 and 928, is the equivalent of the idiots at which Microsoft poked fun in the wedding commercial.
    5) If you still think you will really be shooting 41 MP images, do the math on how many shots would fill 32 GB internal and how much data would be uploaded to Skydrive with each shot. All you ae doing is buying into Samsng and Apple style marketing.
  • Lol hater
  • Bitter much?
  • Im sure they will allow full pic snap noobie its called software !!
  • Mm are u sure hater ??
  • Someone is really afraid. Or someone is ignorant. In the second case, just go see what Nokia 808 can do with a 41MP camera (and a sensor that, contrary to what you seem to believe, is bigger even than those on many compact cameras). In the first case, you have my sympathy. Love only.
  • 1) Ummm yea, so? If by any mark, the 6 lens in the L925 has shown to be on par if not better than the 5 lens in the L920
    2) But it's been debated and mostly proven that the 808 has better IQ than a typical P&S, If you can take good/decent photos without an extra device I'd settle with a "midrange P&S" images.
    3) If memory serves correct, each pixel on that 41MP camera is the same as a typical smartphone camera anyway. So at maximum loseless zoom, the quality is the same as a smartphone at no zoom at all. You can have a look at any 808 or even the 1020 images on flickr; GSMarena blind test, most users prefer the 808 over a micro four thirds camera. This all shows it isn't just BS and actually works.
    4) "Middling optics" see above, plus this (if correct) is essentially the best of the L920 (OIS), L925 (6 lens), L928 (Xenon) all put together in one package. Right now, you can't get a WP8 device with significantly better hardware than the L925 anyway due to WP8 hardware restrictions
    5) I don't mind plugging in my device every now and then to move pics to my computer if required, that would be the equivalent of taking out the memory card.
  • You know something? I have a choice when I get out of bed and leave home every day whether or not to grab my phone or my phone plus Canon EOS Rebel camera. And every day, shockingly, I only take my phone with me. Now, why do you suppose that is? Oh, yeah, that's right... because communicating with people is the most important thing I do, BUT-- and this is a big but-- I do enjoy having immediate access to a GREAT camera for those OMG, CHECK THAT OUT moments. And although the Canon takes the best damn pictures on earth without going to professional grade equipment, I don't like carrying it around everywhere I go... I save it for those special events and trips. But hey, call me crazy.
  • You got the fundamentals of this tech wrong--as is the case with most haters of Nokia PureView. Never ever does the 808 or this camera phone take 41MP images. It's a 41MP SENSOR! And if you worried about filling up 32GB then I'm here to tell you that it isn't that bad. I have an 808, and while the 38MP images are HUGE, I do not use Skydrive. I use the ridiculous storage on Flickr.
  • 50GB of Storage for FREE on At&t Locker right now.
    Will that be fine with you fickle fans?
  • Only 32 giggle bites.... I need more giggles than that
  • How do you know tht 64gb even supported?? By ms
  • I have an iPhone 5 from work and its pictures suck, I will get this phone, I also have with a Lumia 920, it is a lot better than the iPhone 5, this 1020 will be really good for anyone who likes to take pictures, 32gb is not a problem, you can always have all your photos stored in SkyDrive. I have a dslr I take hundreds of photos and videos and,I only use a 16gb SD card on it. About storing music and apps, I used the iPhone since 2007, always had the 16gb, and always had enough music, apps and space for photos. People don't need to keep their entire music library on their phones, just change playlists once in a while, that works great for me. Lumia 920 is great, and if this Lumia 1020 is just a little better than the 920 it will be a great buy.
  • +1
  • I'm praying that they AT LEAST grab the MSM8960T from the 920T in China. Just bump the GPU to the Adreno 305, PLEASE. If this carries the same SoC as the 810-928, I liegitimately worry that it won't be worth a purchase (and will subsequently fails to sell well). The camera in the 920 is great for most. In fact, I doubt the majority of people LIKE the big bump necessary for this amazing piece of photography tech. That means that people could be looking at something with average specs (at best) and an atypical/uncomfortable (for the pocket) design.
    I'd love to get one of these things someday, but I hope they're putting current-gen SoCs in the next iteration, when I'm able to upgrade (in 2014).
  • 225 beats 305 im sorry but its true
  • I hope it is the Adreno 320>330, the 305 is really weak for games. My guess would be a Snappy 600 with a Adreno 320.
  • Lol bet 5 bucks 300 comments to this article :D
  • I bet $10 on 400
  • xD LOLZ
  • Bt3.0???
  • Lol read above comment same soc it will have bt4 and also amber juat gave support to it its only listed as bt3
  • Yes
  • I don't believe this the phone was put next to a 920 it was noticeable longer so I can't see how it would be the same size screen and 2000m battery I will wait for the unveiling tomorrow seeing is believing.
  • Is it only me that thinks the screen is going to be more than 4.5 inch?
  • Nope I don't believe that or the battery
  • Here AT&T, take my money!
  • Should or put 128gb on it to really make the competition cry
  • ^--- This. would have loved more on-board RAM and a bigger screen. They said they wanted to keep size and weight down but more storage wouldn't have added all that much bulk (ahem, camera hump) or weight. Guess they were just trying to keep costs down so they could make a few more bux per purchase;)
  • Why only dual core? -.-
  • Blame ms not Nokia
  • Why blame anyone...wp doesn't require it! Android is laggy...and that's with the quad cores!!!
  • Nope. WP8 supports up to 64 cores.
  • Because of stupid MS Nokia has to suffer. -.-
  • has nothing to do with blaming anyone. MS are right not to have included quad core yet. Nokia have been testing quad core devices but battery drain is still an issue. Quad core has not really been a proven benefit to anything yet other than having abragging right. It will be added to WP when it is ready to give a better experience and actually does something beneficial to the end user.
  • Microsoft has already added that support. Windows Phone 8 supports CPU's up to 64 cores.
  • Because in computing, if you can run an OS smoothly with smaller hardware requirements than another OS, the OS that uses less cores is the one that's been engineered better. It's like saying WP8 can do what Android can do with a cup of tea, while Android has to pound a few shots of espresso to match the WP8.
  • WP8 doesn't need it. It would be wasted. WP8 is much more efficient than Android
  • They might as well just put the phone out without announcing it since everyone else has already for them.
  • I know yeah, we already know almost everything we want to know about a phone which is "meant" to be revealed tomorrow.
  • Will this work fully on T-Mobile?
  • Pass
    It's just a 920 with a fancier camera.
    I'm thinking it might be time to sell off my Nokia stocks if this is all we can expect in 8 months. 
  • Have to agree that this is a mediocre update. The camera is awesome, don't get me wrong, but dropping wireless charging is a step backwards, and skimping on a new CPU and higher resolution screen is just dumb.
    Nokia, you can't afford to be an Apple, you need to LEAP ahead of the competition.
  • Really? NSN will become Nokia Networks, hugely profitable, HERE location services making money, patents making money, only device division is struggling. I expect Nokia to be overall profitable. Microsoft is expanding into enterprise and blue may well unify all windows platforms, tripling the app store. Plus I expect Nokia to introduce a phablet and tablet over the coming year.
  • Anyone know if this will work on the Tmobile network? I have no clue what bands Tmobile uses for 4G and data. Not LTE near me yet.
  • Hope it comes to telus... And no exclusive in Canada!!! Be onall carriers to push WP!!!!! More!!!!
  • Where is the SD card slot ??
  • Would have liked to see a better FFC. I mean, if you're going balls-out to make the best camera phone, why not go all the way and have a sweet front camera as well?
  • While the specs look interesting, I am not eager to get a 4th WP device. I have unfinished games on 3 devices as it is. And the mic died on my 920 - no audio for recorded video, Onenote notes, Skype, etc - in addition, my 920 regularly overheats and shuts down with heavy gaming. Nokia has not convinced me on the quality of their hardware - Which, sadly, doesn't leave me with much in the way of options to upgrade.
  • 1 year warranty, get it replaced!
  • Can't replace the phone - nearly 100 games and no way to migrate the save data, I'm stuck with crap.
  • Does anyone know if my black Nokia charging stand will work with this? It's the one with the round base and the phone stands mostly upright. I've got two of them and I'd hate for them to be outdated so sooon.
  • It'll work fine. Qi wireless charging is supported by the cover.
  • With the additional wireless charging plate, YES. I am not sure about the NFC thing but I don't think why nokia would leave it out.
  • I'll be happy if they make the phone more reliable. The 920 is a piece of shit. I've gone through 5 exchanges with AT&T, and I'm about ready to chuck this phone at a clerk's head.
  • 5 920 exchanges? What a luck you have!
  • 6 months in with my first 920. Zero problems. ⌒.⌒
  • 8 months with mine, same 920, sorry bro, try a different store or online
  • Couple of things I hope they upgrade in this when my upgrade is available 1 micro SD. Because SkyDrive gets filled quickly, same with 32 on board memory. Or make it a 64gb phone. 2 1080p screen. 3 USB 3.0 compliant. 4 quad core, 2gb ram is ok for me. 5 blutooth 4.0. 6 micro hdmi out.
  • what did you put on your phone! I tried really hard to filled my 16G storage. Its never done. still half empty.
  • Well I've got 4gb of apps, 8gb of photos and 8gb of music and videos. That's 20gb right there. Then there's other storage, the OS. Whatever else I may be missing. But not only is that photos for me its videos too. And SkyDrive is filled from photos that I've already deleted off the phone. I like to use my camera. What can I say.
  • 4G apps. say each app take 4M (that's pretty big). you got 1k apps? I know they generate data, but still. 8G photos, lets say 4M each, that's 2k photos. What's the reason you store all your photos on the phone? And you put all your laddy gaga on the phone. Why don't you dump them your computer?
  • I only know what the storage check thing tells me my sizes are. I record a good amount of videos and as everyone knows videos takes up alot of space! I've only got like 5gb of music. Which isn't that much. I do off load onto my desktop but there's limited space there too as I have a gopro hero 3 which requires space as well. I signed up for att locker at the 50gb. They state no file size limits so hopefully I can empty out onto that and clear up some space. But id say my videos is what eats my memory up.
  • I cant wait to play with this baby..i want to jump ship but I won't.. This 41 mp will be followed with something bigger screen.. 5 inch or nope
  • Glad to see its 17% lighter than my 920. Bro, I lift!
  • Anyone know as well if it will work with T-Mobile Bands?
  • Of more import is the battery time while the GPS is on and HERE Drive is running.
    Even when charging my 920 in the car on a long drive the battery drain is horrendous.... Shouldn't it still be charging!?????
    I've tried multiple car chargers, same result....
  • Can't wait to get this phone still rockin a L900 tired of the fact that wp7 has been forgotten. So it will be nice to be back up to date on wp8 :-D
  • I just recently updated and i can definitely say that the small changes actually feel pretty dramatic in a really good way! 800-720 and never looking back even though i loved my 800
  • Can anyone remind me what was the Lumia 920's RAM
    Im trying compare them
  • 920 has 1 GB, the 1020 is the first Nokia wp8 to have 2 GB.
  • Not bad.. Live the cam but I always told myself that I wouldn't upgrade my 920 unless it was for a 5+ inch screen and a newer quad core processor. Preferably the SD800. I'll have to pass but its good to see more variety.
  • Now I just need to decide what color to get. Going to get this for my wife to replace her black 920 which I will use to replace my white 900 work phone. So I will be rocking that with my blue 920 personal phone. Will use the 900 as a music player.
  • I'm in.
    I'm on an unlocked 720 now from a 900 and couldn't do the brick 920 - this is a nice upgrade for me and with the battery specs the same as the 720, that will work nicely - the 900 battery just didn't cut it and the 720 is wonderful (1.5 to 2 days).  The weight is more than my 720, but the size is about the same.
    I do like the SD slot, but I'm using Skydrive more and more and now xbox music, so this becomes less of an issue...
    Undoubtedly, ATT will release this phone months after the announcement - I do like that about Apple stuff - 'hey, we have new stuff, come buy it.'
    All this said, I can see not being very thrilled if I was a 920 user.
  • I was concerned about the weight of 1020 due to the use of mechanical shutter.  Now I'm quite impressed that they can squeeze everything in the phone with a weight of 158g.  Good job.  Also the use of 6 lens element should make 1020 pictures even sharper than 808 PV.  All in all, the specs for EOS1 are quite satisfactory before GDR3 is released.  Hopefully, the EOS2 will include 1080p, quad-core, 64gb, larger or replaceable battery, microSD and probably Graphene lens layer.  I would like to see the 41MP sensor be included with a future phablet model which should be very popular.
  • Hd nice! I just want vine and instagram!! Plus solid loud sound recording! But it looks promising!
  • Wireless charging through a case accessory is the most obnoxious path to take given the 920's minimalist design.. The 925 charging cases look like a complete afterthought to the pure design concept and are as far from "smooth" as a 90's mp3 player. Like others mentioned, it's just a coil. How annoying to deal with cases for this now.
  • I need it, but it would be the absolute best if it had built in wireless charging.
  • Same opinion here
  • Nokia "High End"...32gb with no expandable storage...LOL
    I'm sarting to think that Nokia as a company is a major fail on any phones with expandable storage...unless you want to buy a entry level phone
  • My HTC One only has 32 GB's.  My Titan has 16GB's and I've been doing fine with that the last few years....I'll live with 32.
  • im thinking you dont belong on a Windows Phone site, maybe go back to your iphone or android forums.
  • If it is such an issue, you should get a galaxy or experia, the iphone and htc one only have 32gb and no expandable memory i think? But they sell reasonably amazingly
  • More RAM and a better camera. I'll wait for the next flagship :D
  • Sam, so about this charger cover thing... how does it work?
    Going by neither battery being 100% full, will I need to have it on the phone at all times to take advantage of the extra charge? Or does the phone absorb the extra charge (and then I can take off the cover once its battery has been depleted)?
  • Nice specs despite battery... i guess nokia is keeping the best for the next wp8 hardware update.
    i can't undestand why Instagram hasn't come to WP, photos and videos with phones like this would be outstandig!!
    i guess vine will come first to WP and it would be a good idea to boost the app (no wis having some issues because of instagram video).
    What's clear here is that the first to come to WP would win a lot!
  • ***NOKIA FINALLY! Stereo RICH RECORDING instead of MONO!  Man,  why has it taken this long to implement in your WP's Nokia?  -HTC has done this already.
  • I'm sorry but I dont see myself spending the money on this phone just for the bigger megapixels. I hope im wrong but if this is it then there goes a % of my Nokia shares tomorrow, hehe. This camera / hardware should of been released with a new WP OS update. I hope Nokia has surprises tomorrow, I really do. Heck, I dont even like the Lumia name, which I was hoping would change with this hardware update. I guess I'll continue be optimistic and wait until tomorrow, but so far it looks like I'll be sticking with my Nokia 920... or PureView, as I like to call it in the real world because Lumia sounds girly, haha
  • Do you like Galaxy or Iphone as a name? Lumia sounds better surely?
  • I'm getting this phone! Wish Nokia still made Phones like N93i
  • Meh
  • I assume it doesn't, but sure would be nice if it had one of the newer snapdragons
  • It's a nice niche phone. But I don't think anyone with a L920 should even consider switching. Unless you're REALLY into photography, L920 users will be better off with their phones and wait for the next generation (which I bet will all come with 2GB of RAM or more and some extra cores)
  • The display and processor really disappoint me a bit, but it seems some thing I could still expect about the processor . You know, the same one as 92Xs dosen't make it worth that price in China. In addition, BT 3.0, I bet no HID support once more. Even so, I like it.
  • I'm a bit dissapointed that the specs haven't been brought inline with other phone OS's with this release. It's just not enough of a leap to bother replacing my Lumia 920 for more RAM and a better camera. If it had 64GB of storage (really, 32GB with a 41mp camera and no expandable memory is pretty pathetic) and a next gen CPU I might of been tempted.
    Hopefully this isn't a unicorn device and they actually push through this camera tech into future products that do make use of modern tech to bring Windows Phone in line with Android and iOS.
  • I almost need to hide my phone in the other room while reading this. Reading through the specs and the comments, my beloved Lumia 920 was turning grayer with every passing syllable.  sigh. The 1020 is a beast.
  • I am impressed, but 2GB of RAM?
    I think that's gonna be needed for some of the camera apps.
  • If I buy this in the U.S. and bring it back to Asia, woud I have to get the paid version of Nokia drive and transit for it to work locally?  That's my only concern with this phone. 
  • Pity the camera grip doesn't also act as a charging cover. For all this beast is going to cost...
  • Quad core please.... If not u can't win the market
  • Sounds sweet. Interested in which Canadian companies will carry it.
  • I really dont understand why all the whining about the 32gb exists. My n8 has thousands of pictures and I've never filled up the 16gb it has. I'm into photography and I think it's enough, but so many if you are impossible to please. Even if the pics are 4mb average 2500 pics is only 10gb....leaving 22 for you to play with. I think everything about this phone outweighs this minor issue.
  • +1025 with the wireless charging and 128gb storage and octacore with 2tb of ram that these guys want for £€$¥600!!! Haha
  • I find it strange that when leaked pictures of the 925 were shown, people were moaning excessively about the "bulge" for the lens, this beast was shown and yet again, complaints about hump size, now it's wireless charging...have you took the time to imagine what this phone is capable of?'s a mofo-ing super smartphone with the best camera ever even considered on a smartphone! Wireless charging can take a backseat. Moan after we've had a go please
  • Too bad, its using the same 1 year old Dual Core CPU used by Lumia 920 and 925. I was expecting Quad Core Snapdragon 800 processor
  • haha. i have Lumia 920, and it never gets battery low because i'm always bring 10.400 mAh battery (Power Bank) >:)
    (dont forget to bring long cable, because the powerbank is very heavy)
    #sorry english
  • I was expecting much more, maybe ill go for the tablet
  • This is going to be great.
    Right now i'm vlogging with an Canon 220HS compact camera and have already seen that my L920 has better sound than my compact camera. I recorded some music at a festival and then the Lumia really kicked ass.
    This will be the step when i can leave my camera at home. With that extra battery/camera grip it will be perfect to record from.
    I usually use an 16GB memorycard but never fills up to max during an day of vlogging.
    And in this high speed 4G there is no need to have music on the device and there will be no problem in looking up earlier pictures on my SkyDrive. 
    You dont need to save your pictures on the phone anymore.
  • Shame still has a dual core processor and slow GPU, big games will be rubbish and stutter a lot just like on my 920, WP will never progress with those specs, even Apple are bringing Quad core on A7 with much powerful GPU
  • I'd actually take the 925 over this phone. I don't take very many pictures and the camera hump doesn't sit well with me. The 925 should definately be the blueprint for future Nokia devices.
  • Lumia 1020 = Another Lumia 920 with 2GB Ram and 41MP sensor.
  • I think Nokia killed wireless charging. It's a shame. I won't buy a Nokia phone without built-in wireless chraging. If that never comes after 920 then I'll look for something else.
  • +1020
  • This fone would be complete if it had the snapdragon 800 cpu and a micro SD slot
  • the camera grip will be useless. the way you hold a camera with grip leaves your thumb directly on the back of the device, which in this case will be the capactitive buttons below the screen. not hitting them will be an ergonomic nightmare.
    for me it is the single biggest disadvantage of windows phones against iphones. you know how it is: you hand your windows phone to your friend to show a picture or video, and they inmediately touch some capacitive button, triggering the "oh shit, what do i do now, what a complicated phone" reaction. yes, you say "just press back", but the discomfort is already there.
  • Super!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • The 1020 has few millimeter difference with the 920.  I was hoping that they kept the dimensions the same so that the phone will still fit my car mount.
  • Where do I sign up! This phone will be mine!
  • Unfortuantely the processor is a  1.5 Dual Core Snapdragon S4
  • Snapdragon 600 would make it the best Smartphone out there!!!!
  • The one thing that drives me nuts about Windows Phones is they always list under memory, 7GB cloud storage. I already have a SkyDrive account, I am not getting another 7GB. The 7GB, is irrelevent, as I pay for more space on Skydrive and I am not getting another 7GB. I also assume they do not meen I can only use 7 GB of my nearly 50GB.
  • I expected Lumia 1020 will have uncommon specification, like 100 GB internal memory (cause no microSD slot), quad core 2,0 GHz Qualcomm. Zoom reinvented, with 41 MP camera, other specification should be monster too.
  • It's a Snapdragon S4 processor courtesy of