Full speed ahead on X1 panels for the Touch HD

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If watching Dieter's quickie hands-on with the Touch HD didn't have you foaming at the mouth, maybe this will send you over the edge.

The Xperia X1 panels are now "fully functional" on the Touch HD. When we last checked in with the little experiment, there was no way to switch from one panel to another, never mind the stability issues.

But harvsingh over at XDA Developers says he's beaten those problems. He's doing a private beta and hopes to release a cab file soon. Keep an eye on this thread.

Now if only the XDA guys could magically get the Touch HD to be released in the United States. (Or get the Xperia X1a to get out of pre-order status and finally see the light of day!)

And because turnabout is fair play, don't forget that you can run TouchFlo 3D on the Xperia X1.

Via wmpoweruser

WC Staff
  • Very cool....the dudes over at XDA are just awesome.
  • Would this be portable to the Diamond, Fuze or Pro?
  • Magic 8 ball (and specifically harvsingh) says outlook not so good:
    [INDENT]This (as it is) will NOT work on Touch Diamond or Touch Pro.
    Diamond and Pro are 640x480 VGA
    X1 & Touch HD are 800x480 WVGA
    Sorry. You guys would have to wait.. for maybe forever. The panels work only at this res. I have tried it on a diamond.. and it failed miserably.[/INDENT]Would this be portable to the Diamond, Fuze or Pro?