The Division 2 Season 11 delay has caused an almighty mess

The Division 2 Feb 2022 Updates
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What you need to know

  • Recently Ubisoft had to delay the launch of the new Season 11 content in The Division 2 citing technical issues. 
  • Unfortunately, there has been a knock-in effect that has broken the Season 10 content resulting in it no-longer being available. 
  • The process of building the update broke the system they use to update the game, and as such, a fix can't currently be issued until that's fixed. Clear? 

The Division 2 is still trucking along in 2023 with a bevy of fresh content planned, but right now it's in a bit of a mess. It's self-inflicted, but right now it means that players of the game have essentially nothing to do. 

The issues all stem from a localization issue which resulted in Season 11's launch being delayed. Ordinarily, in these situations, the existing season just gets extended leaving at least something to do, and an opportunity for slackers (such as myself) to get caught up before it gets wiped. 

In the process of trying to fix the Season 11 issue, however, things took a turn and the Season 10 content has also gone away. So the game is now in a pretty empty state of limbo. 

Until the thing the developers use to generate updates is updated, the previous content can't be re-applied as an update nor can Season 11 be pushed as a separate update. Clear? 

It's frustrating for players, sure, but it's even more frustrating for the team behind it. As communicated, progress on a fix has been made but for now, everyone just needs to be patient. 

Further communication is planned for today (Feb 10) so we'll hopefully know more soon. 

Season 11

The Division 2 year 5 roadmap

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Season 11 isn't the huge raft of new content that we once expected, with the new "Descent" game mode being pushed back on the roadmap to an undisclosed "Spring 2023" date as things currently stand. 

Instead, it'll be more of a traditional season, following the tried and tested blueprint of providing a new priority target, Stovepipe, alongside the four smaller targets leading up to the final showdown. 

There's not much else we know at this stage, though there are at least a couple of new exotic items being added, and presumably some more cosmetic and global events to play through. A stream was originally planned for the day before the season launched, so it'd be safe to assume that once all the technical issues are worked out we'll still get this before we get to play. 

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