German Mango plans possibly revealed? O2 and Telekom.

Some good news if you are in Germany and are on O2 and or Telekom. Actually, O2 seems to be getting the better deal.

In a tweet asked by Chris (@Fizi_zubi) to the carrier, O2 responded with (translated) "Mango is planned for mid September, so it won't be too long. Specific dates are not yet known.". Of course, mid-September is what we've been hearing about for awhile now, so it's a little unclear if they meant generally or specifically for O2--then again, O2 UK seems like they're just about ready to release Mango. But it's at least on their radar (and hey, they even know what it is!).

Next up is Telekom, which also knows about Mango. They're suggesting mid-October, which is not nearly as nice as O2's statement. However, it's a bit unclear if O2 and Telekom are talking about software updates to existing phones or new hardware.

To that end, no specific dates are given, but it's looking promising for the next few weeks for something to happen on the Mango front.

Via: Phona7,; Thanks, Chris and Tom, for the links!

Daniel Rubino

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  • The 15th is quickly coming to a close and I don't see MS releasing a huge update this late in the day (even though their on the west coast). I'm happy that international carriers are ready for the right now. Hopefully MS gives us what we want and soon!
  • I'm betting we will get our within the next 2 weeks...well hopefully. ;-(
  • ms hasn't said anything but fall. these post are the reason we got our hopes up for the 15th in the first place. now we are hearing the next few weeks. let's not start the microsoft bashing till there is snow on the ground. wp7 is still awesome, enjoy it and spread the word to your android and iOS friends. hand your wp7 phones to the less fortunate and tell them,"you think this is great mango will be out soon and it'll be even more awesome"