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Companies that live online are all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Major search engines have a certain ranking formula, and if your site isn't near the top of the list, chances are your traffic will suffer. That's where optimization comes into play.

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Instead of writing headlines and hoping for the best, proper SEO requires careful planning and analysis. Instead of laboring in front of a computer, there are platforms that can handle SEO automatically.

Right now, Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal on a lifetime subscription to SERPStash, a SEO platform that offers 21 tools to help you boost your site's ranking — exactly the answer to your automation woes. Instead of the regular price of $500, you'll pay just $29.

SERPStash can give you a list of the best keywords, can compare keywords with the competition, find keyword variations, analyze trends, and figure out what will work best to grow your traffic. The tool includes the following features:

  • Analyze & filter ranking keywords related to your industry
  • Discover who is ranking for the same keywords that you decide to target
  • Find the top 100 highest quality websites linking back to your website & who is linking to your competitors
  • Improve your site's speed w/ simple tests & insights from Google
  • Find your site's current ranking on Google & Bing
  • Identify indexed pages, top queries & backlinking pages
  • Test whether or not your pages are considered "mobile-friendly" on Google search results

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If you're ready to hand SEO over to an automated tool, SERPStash is it. Right now, at 94 percent off, there's really no better time to invest.

WC Staff