Google Authentication issues causing problems with Metrotalk and other apps

The past few months we’ve seen official apps slowly trickle into the Windows Phone Store. And for those services (cough YouTube, cough Instagram) that don’t provide an official app, third party developers have stepped in to provide incredible applications.

Sometimes doing a job so good it’s hard to see what companies can do better (Metrotube is a great example of this). Unfortunately, most apps require workarounds to function properly and can easily be broken by a change server side to all these apps. Right now users might experience some issues with MetroTalk and GVoice because of some authentication issues.

Are you surprised Google is the company we’re talking about right now? Probably not. And while you can escape most of the services from Google and find alternatives, there are a few you can’t – like YouTube and Google Voice. There isn’t any official app for either, but most users seem to have settled on MetroTalk as a great alternative.

Cue the sad trombone...

MetroTalk and GVoice (and similar) are currently broken and hidden from the Store if you search for them. The cause? Here’s what the guys behind MetroTalk have to say on the situation:

"MetroTalk users are currently experiencing connectivity issues, as a result of a change by Google to how authentication is handled. This problem is not limited just to MetroTalk, but applies to other similar apps as well. We are currently investigating."

Update: The developers at MetroTalk just informed us that there are also some API changes. So the 'fix' might take a bit longer than expected. Give them a Twitter hug

No word on how or when a fix is expected. Just a heads up for users that rely on those apps. You might need to power through the downtime with the browser based version of Google Talk. Godspeed.

Looks just to be Google Voice/Chat clients that are having issues. Sound off with other apps you notice acting funky.  And per usual, we’ll let you guys know when things are up and running again.

Thanks for the tip wlabar!

  • I need to start letting my hopes down every time I see an article starting with Google.
  • Get used to being let down. You'll eventually come around to knowing Google as a cross between the Evil Empire and Caligula. I don't trust em.
  • +infinity
  • Well Said +1
  • +100000 that so true ;)
  • 200% agreed
    Times like this you see the true colors of Google, and they aren't pretty
  • Windows phone is a great device as long as you don't use the Internet.
  • I agree.
  • Bitch Please!
  • Microsoft has really stepped thier game up. Switching over from google to Microsoft is one if the best (not to mention easiest) things I've done in a while. Now, google looks pretty small next to our Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Agreed. Gmail is like so much morass as compared to Outlook. I keep gmail around as my email dumpster.  Keeping Outlook for my important and personal email.
  • Ha! Exactly, I really just have a Google account for YouTube which pretty much sends me junk. IMO Microsofts ecosystem is much more efficient than Apples or Googles. Outlook is fantastic, its a step up from the ol Hotmail.
  • I don't about your experience, but I've had some(not many) issues with being able to watch videos through IE on wp8. Its too bad that (Comcast or direct tv) cater to android and iphone user. That's my only negative on it. Other than that, I love using IE on wp8.
  • "Sorry, cannot play this video on your phone." I hate this.
  • That's exactly what I'm saying! one of the most annoying thing ever.
  • I hate Google with a passion
  • Join the club
  • +1000 only thing I hate more is apple....
  • +10000000000
  • I disagree, I put it as Microsoft > Apple >>>>>>> Google
    At least both Microsoft & Apple simply charge for their services rather than Google that tries to exploit your personal information just to provide you with advertising.
    Even Google's way to try and get Google+ users by linking their other services like Youtube into the G+ environment I don't like at all.
    Google does have the best search engine and makes its products work on a global scale where Microsoft has many of its services that don't work outside of the US, or very select countries. I'd also like to be able to get away from Youtube if people put more content on a service like Vimeo, but for now they are the only two Google products I use.
  • Hate is strong word. As of right now, I fucking hate Google.
  • Yeah, what he ^ said!
  • Lol
  • Lol x2 :P
  • The only thing I use is youtube from my desktop so I don't have to deal with Google's tactics.
  • I've been receiving Exchange work emails since WP 7.0.... My company recently switched to Google Apps and I now can't receive emails even tho Google claimed compatibility with our previous setup. Smh
  • I use googleapps and get emails fine. Make sure you switch on imap/pop3 on your googlemail :)
  • My company did the same thing, forcing me to install chrome for Google apps and email notifications.
  • I have survived my whole life without Google Voice and will continue to do so.
  • Good for u
  • This is no lie, I don't even know what it is, im never gonna check either and my life will go on.
  • Same here, I honestly don't even know what it is. When I see the name it makes me think of some type of voice to text program but again I have no idea.
  • Ugh... I use google voice all the time as it is the number I have for my work cell with the church....
  • Cell phones with a church? Can't people just pray to god, then god talk to the pope, and then the pope send you a text? Maybe I don't fully understand how it works. Or maybe god changed his API also. He lives in the cloud I think.
  • You're terrible! :-P
  • Pray to let thunderbolts hit every little Google out there....
    Or, think it's Thor that's in that kind of business...
  • I love wp8 and google as well but when developers do apps not official supported by a company you can't blame the company for their changes all the time. Example would be metroradio that app went down awhile because of Pandora change. Blame google for not having google apps on WP not on a change that affects a third party developer.
  • No one is blaming the 3rd party developer..
  • I don't mean blame developer I mean u can't blame google 100% for making a change that affects a third party app. I work for government website that people write programs to submit stuff on it all the time. We don't encourage it but if they want to we could care less. When we do updates to the site it is to improve site to our users
  • No, we can blame Google for purposely and repeatedly breaking these apps while simultaneously refusing to release their own. This is quite clearly one of their tactics in an attempt to prevent WP from gaining a bigger foothold in the market. Frankly, they are a bunch of asses who can't compete on the basis of their products without dirty tricks.
  • Why would they release official apps on a competing OS? We don't need google anyway. Piss on android!
  • To encourage widespread use of their products?  To serve their customer base?
    Unfortunately, Google is insideous... they need their ad hooks and data mining.  They can't build these into WP anywhere near as successfully as they can with Android.  I understand why they don't want to... but it doesn't change the fact that their business models are fairly underhanded and not customer friendly.  I won't even get into their end run around the patent system... what a riot.
    In my ideal world MS would absolutely crush them.  Not going to happen though... most people have no idea how Google makes money and think they are some benevelent company that offers them all kinds of "free" products.
  • I don't understand Google's missioin, they want you on their services, but if you're using WP or W8 it's "&$#! you!"?
  • Thats about right....
  • Remember when Microsoft was like that towards Google."&$#! You, Google. How soon you forget.
  • No, no I don't. Regardless, this is Google telling it's USERS off, not Microsoft, comprehend now?
  • Who cares. That was last centuries news. Today is new day with a completely different tech world.
  • Yes, i remember! But this war is their revenge to make it hard for Microsoft....
  • And why do they want you using their services? Two reasons: either to deliver adds or to improve add targeting by profiling users (through every product and service Google offers). Android is an important part of that data gathering machine. However, Google isn't getting as much targeting data from users that don't use Android. Apple can be tolerated, because they don't compete in the services department. As such, Google can still profile plenty of iOS users sufficiently. Microsoft does compete in the services department however, meaning they need to be stomped out, particularly WP. Anything Google can do to prevent WP's growth is good long term business policy.
  • I'll admit that I use Google to do all of my research when I work (I'm a freelance writer). I'll also admit that it makes me feel like crap doing that because Google absolutely sucks. It's just plain evil. Back when I was still using an iPhone 4, I even changed its default search engine to Bing because I refused to use Google.
  • I keep experiencing Metro Tube app crashing and videos stopping half way through saying connection error even when network is fine
  • Yeah I had the same problem with metrotube and had to reinstall it every week. I switched to YouTube Plus and have never looked back! If there was an official YouTube app that would be it!
  • Add me to the list of users having issues with gvoice on my Lumia 920. I thought it was due to the latest issue with the most recent update from ATT, but alas it is a new issue.... If textnow was out for Windows Phone I wouldn't need the app for my email to SMS alerts using gvgateway. Anyone else know how to email to SMS without using the carrier option? Dont have unlimited SMS and refuse to pay $20 for SMS.
  • Off subject,, but I swear to god that I never saw a WPC report about the release of Unification...
  • Yeah, sure I've seen one
  • You mean this one?
  • Like google or not, this is a huge pain for us google voice users. I use it only because it saves me about $50/month. Free texting and Skype for calling.
  • Use Skype. It's available on every platform and works just as well.
  • As soon as you can port numbers to skype, let me know.
  • Go Voice is what I use for Google Voice on Windows Phone and it, too, is broken (obviously).
    Doesn't really surprise me. We are talking about Google after all.
  • Just tried Metro Tube with no issues (So Far)
    Lumia 822 Verizon
  • Has anyone abandoned Google Voice?  How easy is it to switch back to your carriers voice mail?
  • I can be done from within google voice website.
  • It's not about just voicemail.  It's about making calls and having a 'presence' in another area code. For me, it's my primary int'l calling service.  Metrotalk is enough of a pita when I have to push five buttons to make a call.  But now that Google has pulled the plug on it altogether, they are driving me back to android.  MSFT just didn't get it years ago; late to the party; playing half hearted catchup.  I love my Nokia phone, but it's just not worth the hassle.
  • You're all over the place.  You correctly state that Google is trying to drive you back to their product (Android) by breaking service compatibility with their competitor (MSFT), but then you blame MSFT for "playing half hearted catchup."  Let's ignore the fact that MSFT is so far ahead of Google in many other areas of technology that Google will never catch up (a real general purpose OS for example) and focus on this specific issue.  MSFT can't stop Google from crippling Google's own services.  However, MSFT does own Skype/Lync which in many ways is better than Google Voice and, unlike Google, they have made their service available on all platforms in addition to being highly integrated into Windows Phone 8.  You might want to consider sticking with the company that is trying to build a more complete and open ecosystem instead of rewarding the company that is clearly trying to lock you in to a more closed and incomplete ecosystem. 
  • There really needs to be a competitor for google voice. I wish there would be a 3 year moratorium on buying companies by Ms, apple, google, fb, and amazon. Let some startups actually go long term instead of getting piecemealed by giants.
  • Maybe cuz they're changing it into google Babel?
  • Lol they evil :D
  • "Cue" the sad trombone, not "Que". ;)
  • Or, alternatively, 'queue'.
  • Or you could 'coo' as if to a baby . . . just sayin . .
  • You are right. I will fix. 
  • As far as smartphones go, I started with the iPhone, then an android, now on WP8. If for some reason I decide to switch from WP8 down the road it's bullshit like this that makes me not want to consider an android phone.
  • All you guys are right apples the worst and google does suck.
  • Only big issue here is because google has no first party options we are left with what we have now so I doubt google made change to only affect WP it could be a possible side effect of a change across the board
  • No argument google sucks for not supporting platform but not for making changing to their services that don't directly break their first party apps
  • I avoid using Google services due to there childish ways. They think they're punishing Microsoft by restricting the Windows Phone platform; when in reality, they're punishing their users. Buck Google!
  • Well, I.think Ms came out with a workaround. I love the fact that MS is sticking it to them.
  • Sorry, Google is not childish. Google cares about itself, do you expect any less? Google simply wants their stuff to work better with their own stuff. Just like their 'forking' of WebKit, they'll adhere to the standards but remove unnecessary code - they've already removed 4,000 lines of code from it. I'm sure the changes they make are NOT out of spite, instead made to improve the whole experience.
  • Google Voice? Yeah, I'm a longtime Skype user...
  • Skype is poor on windows phones, no background running on 7.8
  • Works great on WP8
  • MS needs to stop depending on Google apps and creat their own, seirouslly who in the hell needs instagram?
  • Lots of people.
  • Why?
  • Because they like it?
  • Instagram is not Google owned, Facebook owns it.
  • And MS owns a few percent of FB ... sort of makes no sense
  • Google and Apple man, ethically, they're the worst companies!
  • Sadly until MS up their fane, and release Skype that works on windows phone, I'll stick with mobilevoip ( and googlevoice
  • I don't understand why google is doing this. Instead of expanding to other sources, they are caving themselves in.
  • Ever play poker? Want to share the pot or win it?
  • I get my toast notifications, I just can't open the messages.
  • Screw you, Google. I've moved on...
  • MetroTalk working just fine! :) L920
  • Microsoft and a few other companies made complaint against google on its monology to EC through Fair search.
  • I think metro tube and other youtube apps will be next
  • that's why it stopped working...
  • Microsoft needs to purchase their own video service
  • "some issues"!!!!  How about it doesn't work at all.  Score a biggie for the cute li'l robot (that's devouring all of our privacy).
  • I noticed recently that you can get a Skype phone number that anyone can call from anywhere and it will ring to all your Skype apps. Does anyone have one of these? How does that compare to having a google voice number? Maybe the guys here at WP central should do a little comparison of the two services.
  • Not even close.  Skype to TT, 35c a minute plus 9c connection fee.  Google voice to TT, 19c a min, that's it.  Plus metrotalk is a huge pita.  Gotta push five buttons to make a call.  And of course, now it's not working at all.  Score one for the googlies. A big one. 
  • MetroTalk dev here. Pin the dialer to your start screen, and you are 1 tap away from the start screen to dialing. 2 taps if you want to switch from the keyboard to the keypad. Or just launch directly from the people hub, at which point is 1 tap away. If you configure the app properly, there won't be any confirmation dialogs when you hit the "call" button (the page itself has a tip saying so). Can it be improved? Yes! But it sounds to me you are complaining, just for the fun of it.
  • Does anybody still use GoVoice? It still seems to be working. I just wish the developer would update to support the new tile sizes and lock screen notifications.
  • Thanks for the article, explaned my issues today when re-setting up my Lumia 920 from a restored backup.  Regarding not being in the store, I was still able to find it by searching bing and that took me to the result in the store even though searching the store gave no results.
    I hope this can be fixed ASAP
  • When an app is hidden from the Store it means it won't show up in search results within the Store. But you can certainly use old links to find it (usually). 
  • I for one have stuck with WP since late-2010. Eventhough I have been using the Google ecosystem, i held on to WP just hoping for a better tomorrow.
    although i love WP i had to move back to Android being tierd of such blocking of essential apps on WP. Maybe someday WP shall be well-rounded and complete and then i will come back to WP... but for now, bye WP
    Well thankfully I started using GV before Metrotalk came out, or this would've destroyed my phone life.  Free Talk seems to be working just fine still so I'm using it as my back up.
    As someone that will (hopefully) enjoy Google Fiber later this year, this here has brought me VERY close to abandoning everything Google and becoming one of their worst verbal critics.  It's the worst possible way to treat customers that enjoy other products too.  Was MS ever this bad before they got humbled???