Google buys 1,023 IBM patents to defend Android

It's a war out there. Whether it be Apple relentlessly kicking HTC (opens in new tab) and Samsung into the ground, Microsoft going after royalty fees (opens in new tab) or Nokia taking on the half-eaten Apple it's a kill zone and patents are the centre of attention. Because of the recent acquisition of Motorola (for more patents) by Google and the scale of attack from companies outside the Android castle, many OEMs are looking at alternatives (opens in new tab) to Google's platform.

The search giant has now purchased 1,023 patents from IBM to help strengthen a defence against future lawsuits attacking Android OEMs (this is in addition to an earlier purchase from IBM in July). Google has transferred nine patents to HTC in the last week for use in a new lawsuit against Apple, which will intensify the patent battle further between the two.

And so it continues...

Via: Bloomberg (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • And which Android OEM will these patents be sold to, since you know, Google doesnt want to get their hands dirty
  • That's a damn good point. To whomever is being filed against that that moment? :-P
  • Basically admitting that they know android is a rip-off OS and that they dont intend to ever do the right thing and pay for the stolen IP. All while not being evil! /s
  • What I don't get about Google buying patents, it doesn't help the current OS & lawsuits. These patents are different & therefore don't cover what they are getting sued over. You can't patent the same exact thing. All it'll help with is to make future Android versions not violate the patents.