Google email sync down?

Has anyone else noticed that they can't sync Google Gmail via Activesync over the past few days? At first I thought it was just me but soon came to find that the "Error Synchronization" message was being displayed on other Windows phones.

The official error code is 0x8600050c (Communications Error) and in looking over at Google Mobile's Help Forum, there are a few solutions available.

The first suggestion is to delete the current Exchange Server relationship and re-create it. Another solution suggests to un-check the email option in Activesync, reboot the phone, re-check the email option and sync.  The latter seems to have the most success.

We couldn't find anything official from Google on the cause of these errors or of a "official" solution. If we hear of anything we'll pass it on.

George Ponder

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  • Yes, I have not synced since 10:30am ET on 2/2
  • My push e-mail has been working fine.
  • Yes, here too. Off and on the past few days it seems.
  • I gave up on it and went back to imap
  • Agreed, having a really hard time. Its not just email, either. It won't sync my calendar or anything.
  • My wife and I both use Google e-mail sync through ActiveSync. Mine was down starting yesterday around 3pm EST while hers was fine. I used the second fix in the post and I was up and running again. Also FYI, if your Sent Items fail to sync, delete all the e-mail labels (Travel, Receipts etc.) in GMail's web interface, uncheck e-mail/reboot/check e-mail in AS, and then send a test message from your phone. After you send the test message, your Sent Items will sync (provided you have Sent Items checked in "Manage Folders" on your phone).
  • 6:30 on 2/2, missed one appointment before I noticed.
  • I have and had no problem synchronizing gmail with active sync over a USB-PC connection when logged on the network with internet. So the problem is not globally. Amsterdam, The Netherlands via Surfnet.
  • My sync is currently working fine. It has been working since December 09 when I fixed some of my calendar items on my phone. I noticed some calendar entries had a start and end time of 12:00am. Once I edited these entries for a proper start and end time (8:00am to 9:00am) it fixed the issue and I have not had any issues syncing.
  • this hasnt worked consistently for me ever and ive been trying it since they released it!! always going down every few days or so, ive moved on to my phone.
  • No issues with Windows Live! These are windiws phones you know. I bet the Android users aren't having any issues with there phones. This issue is the main reason why I am done with Google.
  • I would love to switch fully to MS servers, but Microsoft is lacking in a lot of places of mobile spectrum. Something that should have never occured, with their resources. "MyPhone" is one of their best things, but every other section is lacking. Why do we have to wait for another mobile os, so that hopefully everything is intergraded properly? Don't get me wrong, I won't be giving my "Windows Phone" up until, I have too, and I countinue to convert people away from Blackberry, iPhones, and Android(no one with Nokia), but I hate to tell them that they need some sort of work around to do something they did with no problem before. Sorry to Digress By the way, my Google Apps Sync works fine, and so does every body I have converted so far. Both WinMo 6.1, 6.5.3, 6.5.5 .
  • I had this problem on the iPhone. I was using Google Sync (i.e., Exchange), and no folder except the Inbox would sync. I seemingly solved the problem by unchecking Email in Exchange and then creating a new email account by choosing Gmail from the list of options. Email syncs just fine now.
  • NO problems for me or my wife.
  • In December I contacted Google support as their ActiveSync settings were disabling my option to set AutoLock to 'Never' in my iPhone. Their ActiveSync settings restricted me to settings between 1 and 5 minutes before the screen would black out. I just received a response today informing me that this was being fixed in a major ActiveSync update they are implementing next week. While I don't know for sure, it could be the issues people are running into are related to this pending update, perhaps they're doing some testing now.
  • Mine won't sync calendar or email either. Didn't realize there was a problem till I caught this feed. I think I'll just go back to syncing it the old way. Seems to be an intermittent problem.
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  • I've had major problems over the past few weeks. At times, even deleting the relationship, rebooting the phone and starting a new one again wouldn't work. I don't know whats going on, at first I thought it was just me but then I realized that my friends were having it too. My Windows Live email is fine however.
  • Man, I've been deleting and installing my Gmail account all day before stumbling onto this article.
  • I ran into this problem a couple months ago, then it started happening more recently (over the weekend, and today). I tried both fixes, and they have worked to varying degrees (it's working now after deleting and reestablishing sync relationship). Imap still works, but it doesn't pull emails that I receive through Google chat. So, I'd prefer to get Google Sync working if possible.
  • My email and calendar were not connecting starting yesterday morning. The calendar came back this morning. Email came back after unchecking and rechecking email in active sync (with a reboot in between) as suggested here. Thanks for the article. I'm running a blackjack II with win mo 6.1 if that makes a difference.
  • My HTC has been unable to sync since 2/2/10 at 6:00 am. I thought it was a problem with just my phone until I found this article. Thanks for posting this.
  • Some users noticed that the service requested a Captcha when Gmail came back online, which could point to a virus or spyware app as being the possible culprit behind Google's email woe.
  • Does anyone happen to receive an error that says something like: a change has occurred on the server, and we will have to resync. You will lose all changes you have made since the last sync. I get this problem just about as often as I have problems connecting to Google Sync. Perhaps they're related?
  • Unable to sync email only sinc Feb. 2. Calendar and Contacts work fine. Seems WinMobile related, since parallel sync to my Symbian phone is running with no problems.
  • Oddly couldn't login using the mobile browser to gmail either. Using the captcha to unlock the account worked nicely. This allowed me to reestablish an Exchange server connection on the Touch.