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Looking for that Google app for your Windows Phone? Don't hold your breath

If you're holding your breath for some more official apps from Google for Windows Phone or Windows 8, you stop trying now. A Google product manager has gone on record saying the Mountain View company has no plans to develop its application for Microsoft's competing operating system. The reason may surprise you.

So Google isn't actively developing for Windows Phone or Windows 8 because it just doesn't see the market for it yet. Speaking with tech site V3, Clay Bavor went on record saying:

"We have no plans to build out Windows apps. We are very careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8. If that changes, we would invest there, of course."

While there aren't any current plans to bring popular services like YouTube or Google Talk to Windows Phone or Windows 8, there could be hope for both platforms as they gain market share.

Thankfully, Windows Phone so far has some great 3rd party developer support to fill the void in the meantime. Apps like MetroTube really set the bar high and it's hard to imagine what Google could do different for it's own YouTube client or MetroTalk for a Google Voice replacement.

Any services from Google you're really missing on either Windows 8 or Windows Phone? Favorite 3rd party alternatives?

Source: V3, Via: The Verge

  • thanks for the tip for metrotube. Will try them out. Was getting a little irked going to YouTube and seeing I can't watch videos because of flash
  • What? Their website is largely HTML5 and works great on WP
  • WTF are you talking about... I play YouTube videos from WP8 at least once a day.
  • Not all videos on YouTube are available on the HTML5 site, hence why the necessity of Flash in the browser.
    I can vouch for MetroTube.  Glad they brought it back, as it's my favorite YouTube client.
    Oh, and SCREW GOOGLE.  I don't use any of their services, and I do my best to get others off of their services.
  • I dont use any of google services any more, because of their arrogant attitude.
    Bing, Skydive and Live services ( or office365) are more powerful :)
  • The only google service I continue to use is google reader.  I can't find a good alternative for it.
  • Um, "don't use any of their services" YouTube? 
  • If only they didn't own YouTube, I could live completely free of Google.
  • Expept utube...u r right, with Metrotube of course :)
  • I heard THAT, if it wasn't for them owning YouTube id be completely #GoogleFree =[
  • Some of the videos I try to watch I couldn't cause it said I didn't have flash. I have to go through a couple of different videos when I use the browser before I find one that plays. It doesn't happen all the time but the metro tube fixes that problem
  • +1. MetroTube is perfect, should comes default with Windows Phone.
  • I'm not missing any of google app.
  • Yup. Life is really easy without google. I got rid of everything google that I had earlier this year. Mostly because of their latest Terms of Use.
  • +1.  They truly are evil.
  • +1000, I have no need for any of these Googles apps. Why would I want to use it when I have office apps and Nokia apps?
  • Google apps when I have the software king in Microsoft in my back pocket? If it wasn't for the fact that almost everyone puts their videos on YouTube I would never need Google
  • Makes sense. Google likes money just like any other company and they don't see money in WP's current market share. In the same manner, Microsoft makes Office and Xbox apps for iOS because there's money there.
  • No. Just no. I can't believe you and others are buying into Google's BS.
    Google is an ad company who gives away most of its services to get more eyeballs. There are millions of eyeballs on on WP even if in comparison there aren't hundreds of millions of eyeballs like with iOS and Android. If you look at the 3rd party Google apps on WP they weren't made by huge teams of people. With all the money and "talent" at Googles disposal they can't throw a few software developers at making Windows 8/WP8 apps??? The same company that just stopped working on a bunch of failed projects to "put more wood behind more arrows" and is know for letting employess work on side projects that might ultimately benefit Google down the line?
    So no, don't for a second believe that they don't have a few software developers they can dedicated to doing Windows 8/WP8 development. They absolutely could but they are being catty little bitches and care more about their rilvary with Microsoft than they do about their "customers" that are using competing platforms.
    Also if nobody is using Windows 8 why was Google falling all overthemselves to save people from using Bing when Windows 8 launched? I think there was a "get your Google back" campaign or something...
  • This is so right. No users on Windows 8. 40 million users is no users? Fucking liars.
  • Take a deep breath and releax. Could they dive into MS and make apps for their platform, yes. Do they care to, no. They just said it in a nicer manner. I don't blame them either, why make apps for the competition? If Microsoft dedicated all resources to Windows only they might pull more share. Instead they give apps to IOS and Android before windows phone gets it.
  • No need to relax, I'm not uptight or stressed. I call bull when I see it. It's the way I'm wired.
    I especially feel the need when I seed apologist and indoctrinated fanboys spreading FUD. Microsoft  and WP have many many flaws and are far from perfect. But when company's like Google (and their fans) try to put themselves on a pestal I'm there to offer up the truth.
  • Not making apps for the competition is enough to make me want to drop using their services and use their attitude for doing so as a reason to encourage others to do the same. Less users is less ad revenue. 
    While I prefer g+ to facebook, the lack of app really kills my usage of it since the web client is mediocre at best for doing anything quickly (given the constant need to sign in) and last I checked, they havent opened up the product to really allow outside developers to do anything. 
  • a few days ago a google exec said they are interested in bringing their services to as many platforms and audiences as posible. and that the philosophy is do no evil. they are assholes, they don't want to help to platform that is all. they are  aware that without google services on wp some people will choose not to buy these products
  • Google maps!!! For some reason, Nokia maps were unable to assist me right on my tour to London! Now that's not very convenient really!
  • We have gmaps.
  • Yeah, this is the excuse we always use. WP is the only platform a third-party app can succeed, but much as I applaud the work of these developers, their apps succeed not due to their quality but due to the absence of first-party apps.
  • Navteq maps are as good as Googles.Nokia Maps most certainly works in London!
  • Use the gmaps app (free & paid version). You can switch between bing & google maps, it has walking & cycling paths, transit overlays etc
  • That's what I had to rely on eventually! It helped me a lot!
  • Nothing I'm missing so far.
  • Don't use any Google services or have a Google account so doesn't bother me.
  • AMen!
  • Hazah
  • I tried hard to avoid creating a Google account but ultimately relented because I wanted to put Netflix on my HP Touchpad and the only way to do that was to install Android and dual-boot. Installing Android meant needing a Google account in order to install apps such as Netflix. Since I had created a Google account, I'm using it for YouTube to save videos to my Favorites and to subscribe to some channels.
  • Just more reason for Windows Phone users to get themselves out of Google's "Big Brother" world and retake a little of their privacy.
  • Huge fan of easyTube but I'll have to try metrotube.
  • Lol not really missing any Google services yet. Was about to give Google drive a spin until I got the 920 and started using SkyDrive.
  • I'm certainly not missing anything without any Google apps. I've generally moved away from using most google services as it is.
  • We're not missing anything.
  • Coming from Sprint, I really, really want Google Voice.  I don't care for anything else.
  • You have metrotalk
  • MetroTalk is good and just got updated. Dan will have a post on here shortly.
  • MetroTalk is okay, but far from good. That is one 'native' experience I miss.
  • Thanks for the tip, I had already tried MetroTalk but was actually more satisfied with GoVoice.  MetroTalk has been updated today for WP8, so I'll give it another try...
  • Dev here. I would be happy to hear what you don't like about the app. Maybe we can fix it :)
  • Thanks for the reply!  I was referring to the previous versions of the app.  I will be trying out version 3.0 now and I'll get back to you.  I am looking forward to using the new version after seeing the changelog.
  • You can try another apps ie. Octro talk.. and its free... :)
  • There is a problem in ur 2.5 vrsn. when im trying to login its says authentication failed... plz fix this..
  • apoelin, will your WP7.5 version be updated past V2.5? As for issues, it seems really slow to load (this could be my ancient Trophy) - it also seems to forget that it already downloaded listened to a message (when opening the inbox), though tile is correct - but it will sometimes show an exclamation point instead of a number. When I get my WP8 phone, I'll be happy to buy it again.
  • I'm glad the Google spyware isn't coming anywhere near my phone :)
  • I don't care about Google at all. If I wanted their services, I'd have gone with Android.
  • Meh, fuck google.
  • +999999999
  • Best graphic for a post. Ever.
  • I cant find this 'google' you speak of on bing. Hmm it must not matter too much then ;)
  • +1
  • I do miss Google maps and navigation. I have their email linked to my phone, my daughter uses Youtube. That is about it, everything else has been switched over. No need for google docs anymore. Only used it once, didn't like it.
  • So, thanks to all you fine folks just found metrotube, gmaps, and metrotalk. Will try them all out :)
  • So why is Microsoft putting their apps on android?
  • Exactly. And don't be giving Office away either.
  • You mean, why is Microsoft actively developing apps for the number one mobile platform?? That attitude is stupid. Microsoft makes money when people use their products on any platform. Taking a position as an individual to not use google services is not unreasonable however.
  • But not at the expense of your own platform. Nokia calks them "exclusives". It devaluates your platform when you make it available on others.
  • I agree - Microsoft needs to stay relevant and keep cash flowing while waiting for their mobile platform to take off.  Microsoft making apps for Android is not going to make or break that platform.  Also, it eases the transition from Android back to Windows Phone.  If people use lots of Microsoft's apps on their Android or iPhone, it makes sliding over to Windows Phone that much less of an issue.
  • Who gives a damn lol, seriously. As a matter of fact they want out Xbox apps, sky drive and so fourth.
  • Metrotube is immensely better than the Youtube app for Android. I'm almost glad Google has no interest in Windows Phone...the 3rd party apps are so much better.
  • Google on Windows phone is anyway horrible. I am not even affected by not having them at all in windows OS
    Youtube application was a mere HTML5 port app.
    Metrotube goes a long way, has better graphics ,  although its using Youtube Api's . but still much better than google.
    Bing is working fine for me. It's a little short of what comes out of google voice.
    Google sucks.
  • I think its a cop out on their part. No matter since we have excellent alternatives. I love metrotube. :)
  • What is Google?
  • A googol is 1 followed by 100 0s. Also denoted as 10^100.
  • Just what I thought. A whole bunch of zeros
  • That actually made me LOL.
  • Don't use a spydroid or any other spyware services from google, thanks. Pity MS doesn't fully awesomise WP and Windows 8 with all the cool stuff we know they have in their research labs.
  • Don't want.
  • I sense a lot of hate for MS from these guys for some odd reason, as they fully support iOS. Ironic though Steve Jobs had intent to nuke. Google Android. Also from history, Goggle has caused trouble for Metrotube and supertube. Its also funny to note Apple is causing trouble with MS in regards to SkyDrive and office on iOS despite history I read MS was Apple's savior. I don't know if MS is kind putting their content on Android and iOS or just a marketing strategy. We all once thought MS was evil but I know MS has more to charity than you'll ever hear Apple or Google doing so.
  • The thing is Apple has always been the way they are now. In the future if Apple were in trouble again ms would save them(again) but Apple would never repay the favor, but no one expects them to. My problem with Google is that they act like they're the good guys and then do the opposite and most people just sympathize with them. They are simply an unhanded money making scheme. Never been for the people. The multiple failed projects that they invested in and the current beta projects that'll be gone in a year are proof. They see how much they can gain from a project and if it's not enough move on to the next one. Apple and MS always stick by what they do. Look at Apple's failures that they kept going with and made them succeed. Same with MS, if it truly fails (kin) they take it and improve it like no other (WP, crazy how kin became WP huh?) /rantover
  • Finally. NO apps Google for Windows 8 or Windows phone 8? Perfect news for me. Bing grown up anyway.
  • Only google service I use is YouTube, and Super Tube covers that for me. Just wish there was a good alternative to YouTube so I could dump my google account altogether.
  • Microsoft should please stop developing for google. This is sooooo stupid.
  • I hope people remember this when Windows Phone DOES have the marketshare that Scroogle thinks is acceptable.  They are on my BANNED FOREVER list, except for YouTube, but I'll always use 3rd party apps for that.
  • I guess its time to move out of my Google space. So long google!
  • YouTube is the only Google service I ever use, and MetroTube is sufficient for my use, as is the YouTube web site.
    Honestly, I dumped all Google services when I gave up on Android, because I just don't trust their terms of services. That said, I have several colleagues who depend on Gmail and such, so I appreciate seeing the alternative solutions available like MetroTube and MetroTalk.
  • I use SuperTube.  Awesome app.  The only Google service I still use is Google Reader.  I have yet to find another service that can match it.  Pulse comes close but not quite.
  • I found an app that uses google reader on here... Feed reader
  • Try Newsreader, Wonder Reader or Newspot.
  • I don't use any google apps or services. I rarely ever use YouTube and if I do there is metrotube. I dislike google. I even use Bing all the way
  • Google maps and Gmail app (or enable search in gmail with mail client)
  • If you have your Gmail account to sync also contacts and calendar and not just mail, you will be able to search on the server. Just start your search, it will say it found nothing local and give you a link on the bottom that reads "Search <name of your account>". But you do need to enable contact and calendar sync for this to work.
  • I wish all of my accounts weren't tied to a gmail address.  That's the only google thing I use and I'm pretty much locked to it.
  • Why, I had Gmail accounts and moved to hotmail. Just put a forwarder if your email to their new accounts then an auto responder notifying the sender of the change of address. Give it a month then close your Gmail accounts.
  • Only thing I miss is Google Talk, because that's the service most of my friends use. Currently using, seems the best alternative so far. Thing is, 3rd party apps get logged out after a while while Google Talk on Android does not. Not fair :/
  • "Makes sense," though frankly they have the resources and everyone knows it. This could as easily be a jab at the competition - why would they want to lend credence to the idea that Windows (Phone) 8 would be successful? Google is like fiber, it makes me sad.
  • As much of a fan that I am of windows phone. This is not good. Sure the 50+ that are on this comment thread don't use it nor will we. But in order for WP to gain more market share they need more parity with app offerings. Don't forget for every one of us there are 6 of them. What I would like to see is something from MS to walk regular customers through switching...
  • Google is ridiculous !! W8 sold 40million licenses the first week, not enough pcs to spy for google ? Anyway, a big and serious company should not have said that, this really show off how small they are in reality, they will be erased as Netscape was.
  • It seems to me that with W8 & WP8 both Apple and Google finally realize the potential of a third challenger and trying to delay the inevitable.
  • Using IM+ for my gtalk, hipchat, etc. I don't care if google makes WP apps or not. Scroogle.
  • Fuck google.. I used metro tube on my lumia 900... Its a lot better.. MSFT should remove google from their web search...
  • I enjoy google+ as a clean alternative to Facebook. I'd use it a lot more if there was a WP8 app. That's the only thing I'd want on WP8. And a Google voice setting that allowed a different ring for those incoming calls...
  • I really don't know what to think about this. I was dissapointed at first. But then again, I don't know what Google could do better than these 3rd party apps.
  • I'm only missing Google+
  • +1
  • I dont want to get scroogled and spied on.
  • Still have to use google for many searches, as bing just can't do anything much in my country. No flight search, weather or most importantly: currency conversion. Using the google app on windows 8
  • just link to websites for example is great for currency conversion and they have WP app.
  • Everything I use Google for, I can get through a browser. Not missing out on anything if they don't develop the apps.
  • I hope this allows ie10 to gain marketshare vs. Chrome. This will teach them.
  • I do use Google for search sometimes, other than that I try to avoid anything Googly. If WP ever takes off and picks up some decent Market share, we all know Google will change their policy and start developing apps for WP
  • Try out Bing. Seriously, ppl rant about it being bad but it isn't. In fact I've compared the two and most of the time the results are identical and when they're not there are times when google is slightly better and there are times that Bing is slightly better...unless you don't live in the which case change your region or yahoo?
  • The only app that would be nice is Chrome to Phone.
  • Only use Google for Gmail and Youtube. Once I get WP8 though I'll switch to outlook. Ef' them!
  • Outlook is better, cleaner, syncs flawless with your WP. I've never lost a photo, document, or even contacts with my WP. Get a new WP, log into your hotmail, outlook, or MS account, voila all your contacts and what not appears. Google Android, Gmail, bla bla, till this day I have no clue how it works. I do have a Gmail account which I never use.
  • Guess I'll stop using gplus till there is an official app
  • I only have 1 app, and that is Google Chrome.
    The only reason I use it now over IE10 is bookmark sync. Once WP8 and Windows 8 are able to sync bookmarks, my Google usage will be gone.
  • Win8 and ie10 sync favourites between all your pcs :)
  • I believe in half that statement from Google. That they don't want to spend money developing apps for Windows Phone, I understand. It's a small and fragmented market (and with the way Microsoft is treating its existing costumers, will remain so). But Windows 8? Are they stupid? The thing has sold more than Windows 7 in the same period after launch. Not to mention more than half the World uses Microsoft OS's in their computers.
    They can argue that that doesn't mean people will stick by W8. Sure. That *can* be true. I know of many people who bought W8 and then went back to W7 because they hated the new toutch-screen designed tiles interface (albeit the possibility of having it in the traditional desktop form).
    I don't really care since I decided not to buy Windows 8 the moment they said the Lumia 800 wasn't upgradable to WP8 2 months after release and that they wouldn't have any kind of exchange campaign. And I obviously am not buying a WP8 (specially given the way Microsoft has treated WP7.5 costumers). But I can't really say I use many Google Apps either. I only use their Google App ('cause Bing s*cks). My YouTube App is the one Microsoft released and it works fine so... Let's see how things play out
  • thanks for that - you made me LOL when you say about WP7.5 costumers - i'm imaging people wlaking around dressed as phones
  • Sorry Shakespeare, I wasn't aware that you were around. But lets do this: when you master MY native language as well as I master yours, then we'll both lol at spelling mistakes.
  • The way Microsoft treated thier WP7.5 costumers (sic.)???  Seriously?  So they came out with a new operating system thats not upward compatible because of hardware specifications.  Yeah, like that's never happened before with any other piece of electronics.  Yes, there were whiners who complained they just bought new not knowing something newer was in the works and wanted compensation.  But really, that is just so naive.  If all of a sudden there was a WP9 next summer does that mean MS screwed us all over.  NOT. New technology doesn't stay new very long, so I suggest you get over that WP7.5 treatment BS and catch up with the world.
  • Took the words out of my mouth.
  • No you moron. I'm referring to their unfulfilled promises and constant bullshit (regarding, for example, that never arriving 7.8) I was not talking about dishonest trade practices. So yeah. Sorry for cutting your modernization speech off, fanboy.
    And don't worry. I already did and got myself an iPhone. Like the rest of the world. At least there I know what to expect. And I'll eventually leave Microsoft to their remaining customers. Those 7 people who still stick with them despite being treated like sh*t
  • So in other words you have no patience. What unfulfilled promise about 7.8 have they made? They said they plan release it eventually after WP8. They gave no specific date or anything. Heck, they never even said we were getting much more than a new start screen and yet it turns out we are getting more than initially stated. What I'm trying to figure out is why you're still here if you feel MS betrayed you, a concept I find amusing in itself as we are talking about a company, not your spouse. If you feel the iPhone and Apple are better, then that's your prerogative but why spend your time childishly complaining about perceived injustices to people who clearly will not agree with you? You left WP and this article is about Google being unsupportive of it, yet you managed to turn it into a rant about something completely unrelated. Again, why are you here?
  • Am I missing my google services? No, I am not. Do I think google maps and google search are better than big for results and use. Yes.
  • If I recall you can indeed download Xbox and SkyDrive on android...... Fuck their excuse they are just afraid that even their own services will be visually more appealing on WP as well and not just the fluidity of the software as a whole. The real reason they won't do it is because they know if they start developing apps there will be less reason to stick to their shoddy ass lagfested malware pos software
  • I don't normally use YouTube on my Windows Phone,
    But when I do, I don't need a Google app.
  • Lol
  • the best youtube client is Tubepro... why this is better than metrotube?? bcz its have download facility of any video from youtube.... :)
  • Interesting.  I'll have to check it out.
  • Aka: supertube made by the same developer. And I agree. Supertube is great.
  • I guess its time to move on. So much for a company saying to "don't be evil", well I see otherwise. I'm moving on. I use Bing instead of google. I switched from Android to Windows Phone 7.5 now 8. I see more potential with Microsoft than Google at this moment.
  • care-o-meter for google services = 0
  • Don't care. I don't even use Google search services anymore. Bing!
  • I already moved on.. you can use Vimeo as an alternative of utube, skype as google voice, bing as google search, skydrive as google drive, Msn,fb,windows live messenger as google +.... and so on.... fck google... narrow minded buggy company...
  • Plus motherfucking 1
  • +100000
  • I was looking to ask what was the difference between Vimeo and YouTube... Anyone?
  • One point:
    If Google relesaes official apps for WP8 and/or W8, it may lose Android users (both on phones and tablets), who are sticking with Google's platform from switching to WP/W. My guess quite a few do no switch because of this reason. Also, WP users furstarted with lack of support may switch to Andriod. Its a strategy to kill the competition at birth, instead of encouraging it, by supporting with apps.
    Its very logical decision by Google, even MS might have done it, if its in Google's position.
  • False
  • Do you honestly think that there are enough people that want to switch to WP, but won't because of a lack of Google apps, to make Google afraid to release those apps? That's a dream right there. I'm a Nexus guy all the way, but I added a Lumia 822 to see what it was like. It's nice and all that, but I'm not switching from Android for this. And it isn't about getting people to use Android, it's about getting people to use Google services. If a WP8 user installs and uses Google apps, Google wins. If the numbers were there, Google would do it.
  • Yes Google wins if someone uses Google services... but Google services are so important for many people out there... not having Google's support will not encourage them switching... so Google will not publish official apps until the market share is good for WP
  • If they make money on services what do they consider enough people to give it attention? Customers are customers and giving them the finger cuz they don't wanna play nice with ms eff them and their childish actions.
  • Fuck google, all they are is an ad/spyware company. The original owners have been bought out and it's our job as consumers to allow the next media provider to win our votes. MS is a corporation as well, but the move they made on privacy speaks volumes to me. Until that changes they have my support. As a developer, and a consumer.
  • Don't need any apps from them a$%holes
  • Skydrive just rocks. It really works well. for email (best implementation of web email IMHO), metroTube and metroTalk.  Full office suite on WP8, oneNote, etc etc. If I were Google, I would build some apps just to keep users from re-discovering how far MS has come along in the cloud.
  • have to add, I am disappointed by IE load times so far (Safari on iOS beats IE on WP8 with multiple similar websites that I tried). On the desktop Chrome has gotten me used to a nice browser experience. Hoping MS updates IE on WP8 and optimizes it. I think the problem is in the JS engine and maybe some hardware acceleration that Google does better.
  • i am using bing ever since i got my windows phone and my surface, and i really like it, by the time google realizes that people are using microsoft, guess what everyone will be use to bing, and other microsoft apps....just to say something regarding microsoft making apps for ios and android like one two of there best smartglass and soon office, this is the bill gate theory that they will make software for any device thats how they got so big....where apple only made for there own built devices and can only sell to there users....i thing microsoft is going to grow this way...besides youtube is only thing i use, i work i use pc, windows 8, that will be alot of users google can go fly a kite
  • Google is being a big pouty cry baby. They have some cool toys but don't want to share them with the kid in the neighborhood whom everyone comes over to play with. They refuse to share with this kid becuz that means other kids will play more with the other kid. They want the kids to all play with them at their house. It's all jealousy. Google Docs now has to start charging (not free anymore fellas!), Chromebooks are competing with W8, and WP8 is worrying them. MS at least shares their toys. If Google keeps this crap up nobody is going to want to play with them. Plus Google is like the creepy kid down the block who always has his hands down his pants.
  • It's not about Android for Google, it's about people using Google services. Android, iOS or WP8. If (or when if you prefer to look at it that way) MS has some market share, Google will make those apps available.
  • Is anyone seriously looking at a Chromebook and saying "I've got to get myself some of that"?  The whole approach is a doomed to failure since the hardware is always going to be close to the same price for a real laptop, and their only option of subsidising will run into anti-competitive law.
    Google Docs though, yeah I'm going to pass the company documents through that, I saw the limitations the free alternatives like StarOffice a long time ago, and now they are charging there really isn't a compelling reason.
  • I've been using metrotube since you guys 1st posted about it and I doubt Google could make a better YouTube app I barely like there version on android but as far as them not having a market for it who do we contact to let them know how wrong they are I've been waiting on a Gplus and Gtalk app
  • Google Android is bullshit !!!
  • I know it's not much but they have already developed a search app for Windows 8:
  • I did use the official Google search app, but then got round to changing my browser's default search engine from Bing to Google and haven't had the app since. I like Bing maps, but I don't care what anyone says about Bing seach: it's just not as good as Google.
  • The only Google service I use is YouTube and the good news is