Google Maps Mobile gets Street View - but you don't

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Ever have that rich cousin who always seemed to get the coolest toys before you? We're kind of feeling the same way right now. Our blogging brethren over at (opens in new tab) were the first to get their hands on the BlackBerry Bold (opens in new tab) (and we're really hoping they're not the ones who ponied up the $17,000 on eBay (opens in new tab) for that Javelin).

Now they get to enjoy Street View and walking directions on their phones. (For that matter, so do Symbian users. Don't even get us started on that one.)

Yeah, yeah, it'll probably be available on Windows Mobile soon enough. And it's surprising that iPhone users haven't yet called for a Congressional hearing. The app version that appears in the video is 3.1.0; my just-updated WinMo version is

So enjoy your fancy Street Views, CrackBerry users. Enjoy your walking directions. If you need us, we'll be wandering around aimlessly using Windows Live Search (opens in new tab).

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  • stupid *** crackberry users always get the googlemaps upgrade first...maybe windows live search needs to get a lil more competitive, i'm thinking whenever google finally upgrades this for windows devices i'm gonna WLS in favor of google maps