Google Now voice search edges out Siri and Cortana in comparison

Over the course of 3086 queries made by digital marketing consulting firm Stone Temple, Android's voice-activated search through Google Now returned 1795 results enhanced with custom content, while Siri on the iPhone served up 908 knowledge panels, and Windows Phone's Cortana gave 630. Knowledge panels are custom-built to answer specific types of questions, and do more than just shoot back web results.

Of those knowledge panels, Google Now search scored 88% accuracy for properly addressing questions, Siri came back right 53% of the time, and Cortana got 40%.

Those conducting the study pointed out that their focus was on knowledge panels, and not full digital assistant functions like adding calendar appointments or dictating e-mails. That said, don't take these results as providing a complete assessment of what your platform offers. Windows Phone in particular had some interesting differences between Cortana- and Bing-based searches.

Google is the grand-daddy of search, so it's no surprise to seem them performing so well on mobile. Still, there are many facets to voice assistants, a feature which Apple popularized enough to spawn legions of imitators. It's interesting to see that in at least one category, one of those successors has a lead. With any luck, we'll see the gap close between all three as these features mature.

Keeping in mind that the data generated from this study is hardly definitive, it does provide an interesting comparison. Hit up the source link for more information on how the study was done. How many of you guys have dabbled in multiple voice assistants? Which has been the most helpful to you so far?

Source: Stone Temple Consulting

Simon Sage
  • I love Cortana!
  • I hate Google
  • Same here
  • And I don't trust marketing firms when it comes to this kind of info. Even if they ment well, they often don't know enough about what the product actually does. Plus as others already said, Cortana is still in BETA.
  • Search is a pretty simple thing to test. If it's not, you're doing it wrong.
  • You make no sense. Search is highly subjective. People who search for things are looking for something that they don't really know what the answer is. I have a friend who thinks google searches are better simply based on the fact that Wikipedia was one spot higher on the list. Or that the website that they expected was on top. These people make decisions based on their own viewpoint. Do they ever actually click the bing results to see what’s better? I doubt it. This is not math, 1+1 doesn’t work in the world of search.
  • Okay, apparently you don't understand what this survey was testing. This study was looking at search results involving known facts. I.e. when was Abraham Lincoln's birthday?. Not random searches for animal cruelty free dog toys. This straight answers are something Now, Siri and Cortana all do and they're known as knowledge panels. It's a pretty objective thing to measure.
  • And all that said, Google simply does open-ended searches better as well. MS is still feeling the sting from their backfired "scroogled" campaign.
  • I still question the data. You're Abraham Lincoln's birthday is just an example, because you have no idea what they asked.
  • Go read the source article and find out. You sound like someone who refuses to believe the results simply because Cortana did poorly and you've never heard of a knowledge panel before. For you, there is no help. You do, however, have my pity. Use Now, Siri, or Cortana. Whatever makes you happy, but don't cling to denial like a sad/angry fanboy. It's just a piece if tech and not something you should get invested enough in to go into denial or suspicion mode over a study.
  • Actually, that's not true. Sure, we don't know every single query, but we do have an excellent sample set, including (just a few random examples): "What is the tallest mountain in the world?" "Burj Khalifa height" "Who is on the 5 dollar bill?" "How old is the Colosseum?" "Why is the sky blue?" "How many quarts in a gallon?" "How tall is the Eiffel Tower?" "When was the sunrise?" "What does a cardiologist do?" "What is 2+2?" "Who invented Facebook?" "What is a group of monkeys called?" You should check the source material before making too many assumptions :-)
  • Actually, that's not true. The source material explicitly mentions numerous examples, including: "What is the tallest mountain in the world?" "Burj Khalifa height" "Who is on the 5 dollar bill?" "How old is the Colosseum?" "Why is the sky blue?" "How many quarts in a gallon?" "How tall is the Eiffel Tower?" "When was the sunrise?" "What does a cardiologist do?" "What is 2+2?" "Who invented Facebook?" "What is a group of monkeys called?" You should check the source material before making too many assumptions :-)
  • It is a good thing I know everything.
  • Then search for you is irrelevant.
  • Google hates you to. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I so agree with you!
  • Same here
  • I agree with you.
  • The arrogance of window lovers is priceless...why can't you just admit microsoft is getting weaker and shittier.
  • The majority of Google Now answers are just basic factoids.
  • That's why I always said that Google Now is just a gloified voice search app, that's coming from someone who used to use Google Now on a daily basis.
  • Factoids are not facts FYI
  • Actually, they generally are.
  • And that, was itself a factoid.
  • Factoid n.
    1. a briefly stated and usually trivial fact.
    2. an invented fact believed to be true because it appears in print.
  • Guess you can find support for any position on the internet. You dod check my link I imagine factoid: accusatory: "misinformation purporting to be factual; or, a phony statistic." factoid: neutral: "seemingly though not necessarily factual" factoid: (the CNN version): "a little-known bit of information; trivial but interesting data." Your 1 is there as 3 on mine. Attributed to a purveyor of factoids.
  • Cortana is 6 months old! Six MONTHS! The mere fact that she's so popular and garnering such positive reviews and beating the other competitors in other areas and ranking respectably in THIS area is all VERY positive. Naturally she's competing with moving targets but MS is tackling her advancements in a very strategic manner.
    She needs data to improve. She in essence is Bing. By partnering with Apple and using Bing to power Siri and Spotlight on ALL the 10s of millions of iOS and Mac devices usage of the platform that powers her improves and the data grows.
    As we know Bing also powers FaceBook search. Couple these usages of Bing along with what will likely be futher use as more effort is poured into MSN, directing previously "branded" Bing apps to the surprisingly (to me and others) popular MSN brand and portal, allowing those 400 million faithful MSN users to log in once and be tied into a number of Microsoft products and services including Bing pushes more usage and accumulates more data.
    I'm sure the type of data being garnered included information with specific contexts, maybe general location type information(type of info being search in specific regions), type of search at certain times of day, what info is being search on from what type of devices(phones, tablets, desktops, etc) and so much more. As these general categories of data a built and analyzed in assuming it is all tied into to learning capabilities of the technology that powers Cortana, allowing her to be that very personal, adaptive context aware companion.
    At six months we can already see the framework of what she is and will be.
    She is far more than a gimmick, being built on very capable technology applied in a very personal manner. I know the others had a head start, but I think she's a winner.
  • Good grief, has someone touched a nerve? Anybody would think that you where insulted on a personal level.
    Take it easy and relax. Non of this really matters in the real world, so if Cortana works for you then carry on using it. And let everyone else use what works for them. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I think it was a reasonable response if not overly long. I actually got some helpful insight from it. I don't think the person was insulted at all, just passionate about Cortana. :)
  • This
  • Thanks wpnoob :-). Sadly the limits of the printed word, and maybe my own limits in expressive writing preclude my conveying accuratelty my sentiment. LOL. :-) No WorzelGummaage no nerve touching here. Just a passionate tech guy, Microsoft fan(though I can appreciate the tech and business inginuity the other companies produce like the seamless integration of hardwawre and software Apple is proficient at achieving, and the sleek look of Android L that Google will soon release. Also Googles slick and concerted approach with OEMs and low cost hardware courting the next billion via Android One, and the sheer audaciosness, marketing savvy and take no prisoners, try everything appoach by Samsung (the only company to successfully dethrone Apple with "The Next Big Thing is Here" campaign) ) who thinks Microsoft is really onto something with Cortana. Thanks for the comment though. :-) I think Microsoft is making very intelligent moves with their digital assistant from the basic technolgy, to ensuring user engagement(fundamental to it's success), to ensuring relavent data collection, ensuring a breadth of usage scenarios in the real world, to practical proactive applications of the tech in daily life. It's early. Very early. But I think they are building the "infrastructure" technologically and in regards to user engagement that prepares "her" to be that Post-PC user interface where computing takes place more on the go than the the static environment we were accustomed to 10 years ago. I lay those thoughts a bit more clearly here if interested. Microsoft's Cortana is the Furture and That's Not All Talk  
  • Unless android came in last, then I saying that to you. :-)
  • She?
  • Your comment is more than post, lol
  • Cortana answered approximately 8% of the questions correctly. That's a pretty tough number to put a positive spin on, whether you're at full release, Beta or even Alpha.
  • You don't deserve to be in WP central.
  • You don't like statistics?
  • Cortana for life
  • Cortana is love, Cortana is life...
  • Oh god
  • I so agree with you!
  • Do you do anything else but agree with people? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I also love Cortana.... But we cannot deny the fact google & siri are way more faster than Cortana. I just hope MS gives their emphasis on Cortana & make her world's best personal assistant
  • I agree. Google and siri are faster only because their more popular whereas Cortana takes her time to give even better answers
  • That's respectable considering how recently Cortana was introduced.
  •'s still beta too.
  • I was just about to mention that ha!
  • "its in BETA" seems more like an excuse now. It seems like its going to be in BETA forever. Look at "f" BETA or instagram BETA. How long are these things going to be in BETA before the real thing comes along?
  • Yep. A beta label is meaningless when it comes installed on the OS. When everyone (in supported countries) has it, its not a beta.
  • It is not the same a beta app like instagram than something like Cortana. You are so wrong.
  • @jelani
    You are so right. Having a beta label seems to be the perfect excuse these days for lacklustre Windows Phone applications. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • It's not a WP thing, it's a general software thing. Buggy product? That's okay, it's in Beta.
  • Except that this beta is actually growing?
    Have u not been following all the articles regarding all the new features introduced in cortana ? Sent from somewhere. Don't worry I ain't illegal.
  • Siri is still growing, that doesn't mean it's a beta. Google Now is still growing, that doesn't mean it's a beta. Cortana isn't a real beta product either. There's no gateway to entry as you usually find with beta products, it has been widely distributed and advertised on television. Cortana isn't beta.
  • You are incorrect. BETA for a voice assistant service is not the same as an App. Did you know Siri was in BETA for 1 year? I completely agree that many BETAs plague windows phone but Cortana is not one of excuse.
  • For Instagram there's no excuse... For something has complex as Cortana,it should be both desired and expected. I would think that you would consider the fact that Microsoft has provided numerous back in updates. Instagram is no where near a good comparison.
  • I agree with you Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I hate instagram
  • Then stop taking selfies
  • Not surprised at the results, but its good to see Cortana is almost past Siri
  • The fact that it is so close to Siri in its recent debut not to mention Beta status (but what isn't beta for us). If we include the features not included in Siri we are probably equal cuz I have seen a few thing Siri does a little better like finding nearby things which out having to say an entire sentence..... But by the time we are out of Beta Cortana should be pretty dope! Just hope they are paying as much attention to other aspects of the OS with as much attention.
  • For the first time Google Now understand Persian language ! I am so jelous now :(
  • Not understanding, just can search in Persian.
  • Thats a big step !
  • Google Now > Siri/Cortana :3 Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • doesnt have sense of humour but its good.
  • I hardly see a sense of humor as a good selling point more of a gimmick.. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Not what people typically feel about prospective love interests or relationships, so why wouldn't it hold value in technology?
  • I don't plan on having a relationship with cortana.. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • That's funny Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Google Now = Google Search.
    Cortana = Awesome :P
  • You = retard Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Me = Not having enough time to write out a full comment and wanted to be slightly funny. Cortana is better on a variety of levels, at least when it comes to voice assistants. Google Now is cheap --- it's just basically Google. Endless Google searching, with some little tweaks here and there to spicen it up. Cortana is very original. She has a notebook, keeps track of your stuff (unlike Google Now, she only keeps track of it if you want her to), is a great companion, and gives better search results than Google Now. Plus, since the classic Bing search is built in, she can output News, Local things, pictures.... and all in an organized manner. Cortana is more more natural, smart, efficient, and friendly = a.k.a. awesome-r :P
  • Google Now isn't just search, it does just about everything Cortana and Siri do, more in some cases. And calling Cortana a great companion? Holy crap dude. That's freaking creepy. MS makes some great products, Windows is still the best OS around IMO, but some of you WP fanboys have an unhealthy relationship with your PA software.
  • > ?  Really?  So when you are late for an appointment, Google notifies you early and also offers help to notify the receipients?   (Or insert 30 other interactive features that Google Now does not do.)   All this demonstrates is that Google Now is better at answering canned questions. PERIOD.  (It doesn't even do well when dealing with 'contextual' conversational questions.)
  • Actually...  Google Now does alert you if you're going to be late to an appointment, and it does offer to notify attendees.   It also notifies you if your regular commute to work/home has traffic issues, which is really handy.  
  • Yup. Or if my flight is delayed.
  • that's fine, Android is still a lame OS. I'll never go back to Android after having Windows Phone
  • Agreed, sometimes I miss the customization of running cyanogen mod. But windows phone is just so exciting!
  • I tried WP for about a year and it is still just too limited and unsupported. Just bought a used Android off of eBay just so I can have the apps, customization, and accessory support that WP doesn't offer. Hope they open up and grow more because I wouldn't mind switching back once it matures. The main reason I wanted WP was because I love Windows on the PC and was hoping that it interconnected more than it did. With Windows 10, it sounds like they are finally achieving that goal, but so far Microsoft has been taking the "walled garden" approach like Apple and have everything locked down. I'm a tinkerer and like to mess with anything I can in Windows and Android fills that role on my phone more than WP. I mean, you can't even properly use a smartwatch on WP and you've been able to with iPhones for a while now!
  • Hmm... Maybe you should try the Nokia Lumia 710 with WP7. It's old, but you can customise it, like, with Custom ROMs. *imo
  • Simon: ok, guys, this is an interesting tidbit, but it doesn't mean much and doesn't decide who is definitvely better Salmanahad: lolz, no.
  • Here's the Android t₹0// back again. Tell google now to do anything offline. Can't? Cortana can. Retard.
  • Basic functionality like offline voice dictation and turning system settings on and off is something Google Now can do, but Cortana can't. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Total BS. Try a WP before coming here, I've told you before. Cortana can turn system settings on and off offline. It can also set an alarm offline. Try that on Google now, which by the way, CANNOT turn system settings on and off offline. T₹0//.
  • It's impressive given how late Cortana came into the game. My impression is that it'll surpass the others in time as long as Microsoft keeps it up.
  • It will never surpass Google. Search is Google's bread and butter. You cannot surpass a company that's been doing something since day one.
  • You can. They did it to smartphones.
  • Remind me how many personal computers IBM still makes.
  • You can't really compare IBM to Google. One didn't know wtf they were doing, the other is taking every corner of possible tech market under their feet.
  • @erzhik: I kinda agree with you, although I would love to see WP and Cortana kick Android and Google Now's arse. :)
  • Poor logic. There are more examples of this than I can list.
  • Yea, plus Cortana is gonna save the world in about 500 years...
  • Lol! True!
  • Hahaha xD
  • That's funny and true. LOL
  • Google recently started listing customer support numbers for the corps. Huge feature IMO
  • Any good though? MS customer support sucks ass.
  • ??? Bing does that to.
  • Good job Cortana!!
  • its still in beta. during build the fresh cortana will be announced.
  • Fresher than your mom.... :P
  • I love what Cortana is and whatnot, but yeah. Google now voice search trumps here.
  • Siri use Bing to:) in OS X 10.10 is more Bing. Apple is slowly dropping Google out of there OS"s.
  • yeah apple is fine with bing arent in any mode to give more business to google.
  • can Google shuffle music on phone?
  • Yes.
  • If you consider that Google Now is supported by Google and Cortana by Bing, it's no wonder. Bing is just a terrible search engine. Specially when compared to Google. It has a hell of a lot less data in it. The less data you have, the worst your results will be. Hence the edge of Google Now.   I, personally, would prefer to use Cortana to Google Now, if only for her quirkiness. But I use none. I'm not going to speak to my smartphone as a lunatic.
  • Well, speaking on a phone anyway. Who does that any more?
  • I do. A lot. Some of us have mothers and grandmothers who are too old or too stuborn to drop normal phone calls.
  • Then why don't you type into Cortana? You don't HAVE to talk into her. I type into mine more than I speak to it. Really, the only reason I speak to Cortana is when I want to hear the funny impressions.
  • Sure but since the article was about the voice search...=P At any rate, it would end up the same. The data Cortana uses is still the limited data Bing has in Europe as oposed to Google. Also, I like Cortana's voice "personality". It's a pity I can't type yet opt to have her speak anyway.
  • I'm not going to speak to my smartphone as a lunatic.
    You don't have to. You can type it in.
  • Wrong... People all over the world now are asking instead of typing. The better the speech recognition becomes the better the experience. Google search is a search engine not a personal assistant engine and don't think that Google understands this aspect and add in the abilities to do what is asked of it in time. They can afford to sit back and let Microsoft and Apple duke it out on that front as long as their search results are still better than them. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Exactly why I only use Cortana as a Bing... Er, MSN Weather & News hub and as a search app. I would probably not use it at all, if only Quiet Hour is not dependent on Cortana.
  • Same here. I only ever type my search queries rather than speak them but the results are still not as good as what Google returns. Cortana is still an infant compared to Google now and has a hell of a lot of catching up to do to be taken seriously by the general populous. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Bing might sucks overseas, but its definitely better than google in the good ol USA. The rest of the world doesn't matter. USA USA USA
  • This is based on...?
    The company that did this is based in Massachusetts and when MS ran that "scroogled" campaign it completely backfired. MS makes some very good products, but Bing is not a better search engine than Google.
  • But, how can there be a gap between Siri & Cortana, when Siri is powered by Bing!?
  • Maybe Siri has much more time to mature.
  • AFAIK Bing only powers Siri when Siri decides that a normal web search is in order. This test tries to determine how often the assistant understood the question being asked and answered with a knowledge card, in other words, Bing was only used when Siri didn't understand what was being asked.
  • Nice work Cortana we love you
  • Respectable numbers, especially considering that Cortana's personal features, like "time to leave" notifications aren't factored into this. Can't wait to see what the future holds.
  • There are also location and people reminders as well as the extra functions Cortana adds to things like Quiet Hours.
  • And my limited experience of comparing Google and Siri against Cortana shows a better response rate for questions. i.e. Siri and Google have to be asked 2 or 3 times to obtain an answer. But that's just me.
  • Cortana is doing amazing for a voice assistant in Beta, almost beating out Siri.  Also, those results are a bit inaccurate because Cortana works in a unique way compared to Google Now and Siri... I'd say Cortana is more feature-rich and actually useful (with people and location reminders, and an actual personality!).
  • Spoken like a true Fanboy. You have zero data to support your statement but still felt obliged to post a defence of an inferior product. One born every minute. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Spoken like someone who has never seen or used Cortana, and that's a fact seeing as "Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android" is at the bottom of your post. He might be a fanboy but your post is Pot. Kettle. Black.
  • Find, but where's your data to support that Cortana is an inferior product, "Fan boy".
  • For an objective analysis, you could read the article you're commenting on.
  • How can there be a gap between Siri & Cortana, when Siri is powered by Bing!
  • Cortana is still kicking arse even though its the youngest of the three
  • Still in beta !
  • Benchmarking via artificial metrics, this is not good. These are not weighted for importance, nor do they highlight interactive features.  It also misses the non-question features of the system.  One Example: Cortana'a sbility to notify the user of trafffic problems that correlate with an upcoming appointment and notify them early is something neither Siri or Google Now do. It also misses the 'contextual' conversation features and 'Assistant' features that Cortana has.  If you ask Cortana, "Who directed Clerks?" she responds with "Kevin Smith" and then if you ask her "How old is he?"  She gets the 'context' of the converstaion and answers properly   With Google/Siri you have to keep re adding the context back to the question, which can also lead to more errors. False metrics like this are good for help Microsoft identify what they need to provide basic answers, but in overall operations and features, it is worthless to compare the different systems.   Even with Cortana scoring the lowest on the list, it is the best voice/assistant software on any device by a hugh margin.
  • So basically what you're saying is this test was more weighted toward the area's that google now excels in as opposed to the things that Cortana excels in.
    Which is both typical and to be expected IMO. 
  • I would also point out that Google Now does take into consideration traffic conditions and your next destination and tells you accordingly. So your criticism there is flawed. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Regarding traffic, it was a feature example that Siri doesn't do and Google added, that still does not work as well or seamlessly as Cortana, even though it technically does have the 'feature'.  (Getting Geofencing and Google Now to work on many devices is still a freaking trick and it has been around for over a year.Do you really want to talk about the reliability of the features too, because this is where Google Now will look like a Child's toy that 'sometimes' works.)   How about instead of taking one example, you go with the overall point being made?
      In other news reporting on this series of tests, it is being called 'Direct Question Responses'.  Which was my point, that it is NOT COMPARING features of the technology, only comparing how well each answers DIRECT QUESTIONS.   Ok? *Smacks head*  
  • This was simply an analysis of search, the article never claimed it to be otherwise. Search is an easy element to objectively test. Cortana and Siri got schooled, which is to be expected when you are being tested on search against the global leader in search. But stop crying about it not testing something outside the parameters of the test that is notbeasy to objectively analyze.
  • If Cortana implemented Wolfram Alpha I assume that these results woud improve.
  • Google now FTW!! Because till now, still can't use Cortana for my region.
  • I don't use Cortana for searching as much as I use her other features. Navigate, call, text, open app, play music etc.
  • ..same here..actually, i mainly use it for setting an alarm every once in a blue moon. I just say 'wake up at...' and the alarm's set; no further prompts. Good enough for me..OHH, how could I forget, and the ability to listen to and respond to text messages from across the room...THAT'S my favorite function! 
  • ...sponsored by Google
  • Cortana is new and available in chosen markets so it take time to grow up !
  • Google rocks!!!!
  • Cortana is great for us windows phone users. Better then the Tell me services we had before. Google and Siri has always been superior and not sure why Microsoft even elected to challenge them via commercials. They are cute and all but svoice speaks back the majority of answers while Cortana just gives you a web search. Cortana can't even speak my name without asking or give me the date and time. Glad we have Cortana but yes she needs to absorb more of the internet
  • Cortana is only behind in panels, it is better in almost every other respect.  Siri can't get anything right most of the time, and GNow is so robotic it's terrible and not many people use it in my experience.  Cortana truly helps you everyday.  I can't switch phones because of how much I use her on my 1520.  I tried the iPhone 6 for a day and a half and Siri was one of the primary reasons I had to switch back the next day.  I have found that I truly count on her to interact with my phone now.
  • That's pretty damn foolish.^^
  • Siri is garbage compared to Cortana, in my experiences.
    I've never use Google Now.
  • Well, I'm lucky enough to be able to use Google Now and Cortana on a daily basis and Google wins hands down for every day use. Cortana is great at amusing you with useless impressions and such like but you can blame Microsoft for wasting everyone's time with that. They should be spending development time with actual development rather than programming Cortana with silly jokes and impressions. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Hey WorzelGummage: I really don't believe that what Microsoft is doing is a waste of time. It is actually in my opinion them taking on a monumnetal task to influence how we engage digital assistants an to make us mosr comfortable doing so as it builds the infrastructure of the Post-PC user inerface: a Voice Navigated Digital Assistant Cortana - I explain my thoughts a little more comprehensively in my latest blog post. Check out my post on wordpress (I don't want to disrespect the comment rules and overdue posting links here so my blog is linked above. You commented earlier. :-) ) Just navigate to the latest Post posted today.  "It Takes Two; Microsoft is Training People (Us) and Cortana for the Post PC World."   It is a thorough response to WHY Microsoft is engaging users with what seems to be gimmicky features in Cortana. If you want to hit me up on Twitter @JLTechWord (this isn't a violation is it :-( ) thats cool too. I'll follow back. :-)   By the way you commented abouve that my nerves may have been touched. :-) No problem man.  no nerve touching here. Just a passionate tech guy, Microsoft fan(though I can appreciate the tech and business inginuity the other companies produce like the seamless integration of hardwawre and software Apple is proficient at achieving, and the sleek look of Android L that Google will soon release. Also Googles slick and concerted approach with OEMs and low cost hardware courting the next billion via Android One, and the sheer audaciosness, marketing savvy and take no prisoners, try everything appoach by Samsung (the only company to successfully dethrone Apple with "The Next Big Thing is Here" campaign) ) who thinks Microsoft is really onto something with Cortana. Thanks for the comment though. :-)
  • It all the depends on the methodology of the study. If the most most important thing they compared is whether the app shows custom content or not, then in fact they did not compare the apps, but the seach engines. It is obvious that Google has got richer database then bing which powers Cortana. In terms of the digitas assistant services Cortana is almost in par with Google Now.
  • Where are you guys getting this from? The internet is the internet. So how is one source "richer" than another??
  • Doesnt bing also power siri? .So the results should be closer rather than siri having a significant lead.
  • Unless Siri is doing a better job of understanding what you are looking for and communicating that to the search engine than Cortana does.
  • AFAIK Bing only powers web search. In this test, Bing only had a role to play when Siri didn't understand what was being asked.
  • We love cortana
  • Cortana has tremendous growth potential. She is just getting started and still kicking ass!
  • Cortana is an excellent tool, that I find myself using more and more every day.
  • Sorry but GNow is just better. On my Lumia 920
  • GNow is on Lumia 920?
  • Sooo...the Siri bashing ads are not that true.
    They shouldn't use negative marketing at all imho
  • Not really.  The ads specifically point out digital assistant features of Cortana that cannot be matched by Siri.  The test referenced in this article was specifically based on "knowledge panels".
  • The lame part of Google Now is it doesn't answer back for anything, it just always shows something on the screen.
  • plus a very stupid voice artist. too. rest is good
  • But surely that is what the end user wants. You give an instruction and get a result, rather than a smart arse response. If I wanted a personality from something I would talk to one of my real friends. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I'm not talking about the stupid gimmicks, I agree those are useless.  I mean asking it a piece of information, such as when an actor was born, or what team a sports player is on.  Cortana will issue the response verbally.  One or two sentence responses with a largely denitive single answer should be issued verbally if the question was asked verbally.  Google Now falls short there.
  • Actually, Google Now does that. There's a setting to turn verbal answers on and off. Turn it in and you get the answer spoken back to you.
  • Thanks, it didn't have that feature when I last used it, I'll have to try it again.
  • Not true. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • With a good internet connection Cortana is great. When the connecting is not quite as good she stumbles a bit.
    On another note I hope denim and hey Cortana come to Lumia 830 as I'm going to get one...
  • Cortana is so much better when using for daily commuter stuff.  Texting, calls, reminders, etc. I agree it is behind with panels, this will come with time (it better come fast) Cortana is also so much more pleasant to use.  The voice is much more human than GNow which makes it all the more natural to use.
  • its time for mobile first cloud first world. i know these personal assistants are awsome but ehat drives fully into productivity is Microsofts main attention. The october 20th will speak about cloud. thats what is main thing now.
  • Bing search+ Cortana for flight delays= new handset.
  • Cortana is excellent I have tried now on an android phone but Cortana understood me better and I've not had an issue with bringing back results.
    I have had a competition with an iphone user with siri. Cortana was faster.
  • That's disappointing. Hope it really lights a fire for Microsoft to improve Bing and Cortana results
  • Personal assistants are not mainly used in india. i hardly see anyone using google now. some of them dont even know. in india its just the hardware what makes the avg consumer buy a phone.
  • And free apps instead of paid
  • i had a wlm plus script that could fool you into thinking it was a real person a lot more easily than these so called "virtual assistants"  ms should buy this brain  for our dear cortana
  • i have used g now and Cortana finding me resturants or medical stores. Cortana gives me much accurate locations.
  • Actually, sometimes Cortana does dumb thing. I give it the order "call my wife", and works fine. Then I ask "what is my wife's name?", and an useless Bing search is shown, instead of at least show my wife's contact information.
  • Well, if you forget your wife's name then you deserve the answer that Cortana gives you :-P
  • Cortana you rock my world.
  • Like someone said above. I don't know how much this really proves. Cortana still does things that the other two cannot.
  • Such as?
  • Maybe it finds more entries like google does, links aggregators and fake websites
  • Cortana is B E T A still, and even if results shows now comparison you just wait for later on :)
  • Google can suck my dick. Cortana is still better overall.
  • Cortana gets better and better everyday. Pretty soon there will be no comparison
  • now Microsoft has to make internet explorer good again. to win back many ppl. Microsoft should release ie 11 for Android.
  • 1). Have you seen actual user data that shows which browsers are most used/popular?    2). Google would never allow IE on android.
  • i know ie is popular when it comes too running business apps. rest other sites and business apps arent that compatible with chrome. chrome is good for surfing.
  • Why not? They have about a dozen other browsers on Android, no reason not to add IE.
  • yes its about getring more users. may not get as good as chrome but atleasr some.
  • What? Has the EU heard about this??
  • Saying gnow "edges" out the others implies it was a close race, from the numbers listed its more like it blew them away. Not surprised as cortana really lacks any really outstanding features.
  • So, integration with quiet hours, people and location reminders and the notebook for storing interests, inner circle, reminders and places are not outstanding features? BTW, all that information in the notebook is editable as well. I'm saying that as someone who's used that glorified voice search app called Google Now as well!!
  • +925
  • If you think of Now as a glorified searchbapp, you never actually used Now, you used Search.
    Now beats out Siri and Cortana in every PA category except "soul". Frankly, I don't want to think of my machines as people. That's not healthy.
  • What features does Google Now have, other than search.
  • Here's a quick run down. Check the list near the middle. Stuff other than pure search,
  • That research I am sure was bias.
  • That'd be the US Cortana. UK Cortana probably got 1 and said it in an annoying non-Cortana voice.
  • just wait until cortana available on android/ios..
  • It's obvious why Google Now returns such relevant results... Every breath you take
    Every move you make
    Every bond you break
    Every step you take
    Google's watching you Every single day
    Every word you say
    Every game you play
    Every night you stay
    Google's watching you O can't you see
    You belong to G
    Build their database with every step you take Every move you make
    Every vow you break
    Every smile you fake
    Every claim you stake
    Google's watching you  
  • spy spy 24x7 spy.
  • Well said, "singed". LOL
  • This is bull.
  • Exactly! How can there be a gap between Siri & Cortana, when Siri is powered by Bing! At least they shd be tied.
  • She is still in beta and not yet available on all wp and region, so for me Cortana did excellent
  • But she has a great voice!  
  • As expected, no surprise here.
  • I'm in love with Cortana lady
  • These were the ONLY things that Google can do better.
    Evereything else is abysmal and they know it!
  • Makes sense, Google have more computing power to support Google Now.
  • We're #3 ... Again. I guess whe MS puts their heads together to come-up with something awesome, they keep falling short. 
  • How can there be a gap between Siri & Cortana, when Siri is powered by Bing! They asked be tied.
  • Love Cortana, I just can't get into any other OS, I just think windows makes sense.
  • Doesn't Siri use Bing also?
  • Exactly! How can Siri out edge Cortana.
  • Answer: Brainwashed isheep
  • AFAIK only for standard web searches. The way this test was setup any standard web search was considered a failure, so I don't think Bing did anything for Siri here.
  • I see test where cortana does better
  • I live in the UK so don't have Cortana (properly)
  • On a different note, Why do I feel that I am the only one who sees Android and ios as total rip offs from the Symbian OS ?
  • Seems like Android users missed this: "That said, don't take these results as providing a complete assessment of what your platform offers."
  • Actually the reverse could be said about this and cortana fans as well. What is really exciting is watching boths continuing to evolve and get better and then wait to see full implementation on both platforms. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I don't think double and triple the results qualifies as edging out. More like drastically outpaces.
  • WP is still in Beta!
  • You mean Cortana? Windows Phone is not in beta.
  • WP is still in Beta!
  • Totally....i mean give that guy a medal who thought there should not be vibration all along the call or during alarm. And alarms are designed stupidly it should be bombastic to wake you up. I don't really trust my phone if I have to wake up very early in the morning.
  • Lol, Microsoft doesn't need Cortana.  Windows Phone needs Cortana.  Hope that makes sense =)
  • In the context of this study, I don't think that "edges out" adequately describes the smack down that occurred.
    Honestly, I don't know why y'all feel the need to protect Microsoft by sugarcoating articles/titles. If they are getting beaten by Google/Apple/Sony then just give it to us straight. You won't lose your integrity by taking off the rose tinted glasses.
  • No problem.  Cortana is just a toddler, still having her diapers changed and drinking formula. Give her time to grow and develop before you start to worry.
  • Yeah, but you have to look like an idiot saying "ok google" to your phone. No thanks.
  • At least the Moto X 2014 allows custom hot phrases...
  • No surprises. Cortana is utter bobbins.
  • I think google now is better than Cortana but Cortana does do curtain things better then the others and Cortana will only improve as they are doing now.
  • I think Google pays this analytics to put them on top, so more people use Android. I don't like statistics.
  • How can there be a gap between Siri & Cortana, when Siri is powered by Bing!
  • Since cortana like all of wp features has only had a half arsed roll out and not all users have it yet its hardly surprising its nit used alot!
  • In my first Siri use all those years ago, I was impressed initially. Only spent about 30 mins with Google Now and its faster with comparable phones both on Wi-Fi. Yet, I enjoy using Cortana more. It floats my boat.
  • Shouldn't Siri and Cortana be the same since they share Bing?
  • Cortana wasn't very useful anyways. I asked it to tell me the traffic on a nearby road or give me the answer to a question and it failed. Google Now gives better results but doesn't ever talk. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • So they compare a Beta to maturely developed Siri and google now? Stupidity level=????
  • If true, I think it's a case of new toy to try. Compare Google maps (phone), to Here. I've done side-side. Wow! Here Drive, hands down.
  • Wait, but isn't the draw of Cortana that she learns your preferences based on what you tell her over time?  I presume there's some sort of machine learning process by which she determines the custom results and functions that a particular user wants.  You can't test that just by comparing results out of the box, can you?  Sounds like this firm missed the point of Cortana altogether.
  • A what about BlackBerry ? ;)
  • Well, we can easily get another hundred or so if they integrate wolfram alpha
  • WP is just not as mature of an OS yet as IOS and Android. It takes time.
  • Google even can't turn off the Bluetooth. Bloody stupid
  • Google sucks...
  • Wow real intelligent reply Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It's so nice of all these research groups to tell the designers what features to put in place. Since apple and Google couldn't figure that out on their own.
  • Cortana has surpassed Siri already. Siri doesn't really work very well, if you are outside of a large metropolitan area (according to what I've seen with my old iPhone). Cortana seems to work good, even in the small town I live in.
  • Me too lol
  • This really doesn't tell you much and is a good example of how not to use statistics. It ignores use cases, ability to accomplish intended tasks etc. Google Now may be able to tell me how much a banana weighs, but why do I care if it provides less useful responses for the things I use?
  • I think it is relative to you and what you're after. If Cortana provides me with what I ask, 100% of the time, to me she's the winner. I've been using her alot while on vacation. She hasn't failed me yet.
  • But Microsoft can learn from this result
  • Google now is just a voice search app. But Cortana is a real voice assistant.
  • Cortana is still my favorite!
  • Cortana just sounds more fluent then siri who sounds all glitchy
  • I hate Google...
  • I think Cortana is pretty basic compare to google now. Most of the times cortana just returns Bing search. If I ask who Manchester united plays next game it will give just Bing result where as google now will give the actual thing along with previous results.
  • Google rules
  • It seems that the title of the article was meant to stir up controversy (Google Now voice search edges out Siri and Cortana in comparison) even though the article advises "don't take these results as providing a complete assessment of what your platform offers" and "Keeping in mind that the data generated from this study is hardly definitive". In other words, take it with a few grains of salt.
  •   Cortana in beta stage , identifying most of the voice queries, while Google now couldn't .... I had to uninstall google now , because its not so integrated 1 .......not so responsive either ....
  • I don't understand. If both Siri and Cortana are using Bing, then how could they get different scores in the same test?
  • Still , I hate Google.
  • My primary phone is a 1020, but I carry a MotoX, and maintain an iPhone 5 as well. Don't think you can be legitimatly indignant without a broad base of experience. I'd have to agree that for pure information retreival,  Google Now has the edge. As the article notes, that is Google's core business after all, search. The other platforms have their own strengths.
  • Waiting for next nexus with android L.
  • I think Cortana is a great personal assistant, and does just as good a job as Siri did for me when I used to use my iPhone.
  • This is a pretty lame comparison that only covers a minor feature of voice assistants. I have a Lumia 920 and an iPhone 5s and I would definitely rate Cortana better overall than Siri. I use Cortana way more than I do Siri which tells me that it is in general more useful. The only thing I use Siri for is voice transcriptions when writing emails. It works amazing and you can add punctuation. You just have to have service for it to work. Cortanas voice transcription is really pretty bad.
  • Windows phone itself is a beta os
    Suxxx big tym n m$ over the time has done nothing to promote it to mass audiences
  • As far as cortana is concerned - restricted to us uk n china users.(although u can change ur region n get cortana BETA:P) only .
    m$ ppl work like as if dey hv deir life to make wp8 a success
    Its been like 4 years, m usin wp
    no new features coming in, no versatility nothing
    Even dey cant motivate devs to make app for deir folks
  • All your comments are disregarded because of lol speak.
  • I think these Stone temple pilots had (at least) a (kind of) bias.
    They valued Google's results for bringing up this answer carousel for a question for the height of a certain object. Giving answers on a VARIETY of objects is NOT the answer to a question to a SPECIFIED object.
    Microsoft made that very clear when they presented Cortana.
    When you ask for the "best Indian restaurant around", you want the answer to present you the ONE highest evaluated Indian restaurant (in your location), not a LIST of differently evaluated restaurants.
  • Cortana is still in beta. Still is shown on any preview build. That is for certain.
  • I love Assistant. Cortana will be hidden behind the "beta " for long time.
  • Maybe it was trying to show the percentage of phones Cortana is actually on. :)
  • As others have stated, how can any firm be taken seriously when they opt to do a comparison of two well-substantiated voice assistants against one that is still in BETA and not fully funtional.  Cortana has limitations which is probably why her search results content wasn't as significant as Google Now's.  Everyone knows that Microsoft's databases are much larger than Google's so why wouldn't Cortana be able to provide more contentual information unless she was in BETA and limited by her acccess to that data.  Once Cortana is out of BETA and has access to that information, perhaps they can revisit this little test and see who wins then?
  • ROTFL!!!!!!
  • WPCentral please check better news's sources next time!!!! ROTFL! "It’s no secret that at StoneTemple we are Google+ enthusiasts."
  • now i think microsoft is going to take this as a challenge
  • Cortana will always be my number one in our hearts ♥
  • Beta, excuse for slowness.