Google panics with Windows Phone 8 announcement, schedules Nexus event same day

Last we checked there are 31 days in the month of October, which means 31 opportunities to schedule press events. And if you were feeling randy, we hear that November has 30 more occasions.

So we can’t help but cast astonishment at Google’s insistence on having a big reveal on the very same day that Microsoft is holding its Windows Phone 8 announcement. With Microsoft on the West coast (San Francisco), Google has opted for New York City giving tech blogs a headache for travel plans.

The next Google Nexus device?

Google is expected to announce at least one new Nexus phone most likely from LG though rumors are circulating that there may be several Nexus devices this time. In addition, they may also reveal some other tidbits about their OS (insert ridiculous desert name here). At least now we know why LG left Windows Phone as they became Google's Nexus sweetheart.  (That's okay though as Google can have LG and we'll keep Nokia.)

We don’t think this is a coincidence either as Microsoft had announced weeks ago their October 29th date. It is clear to us that Google is trying to steal Microsoft’s thunder by having their own circus on the same day to reveal whatever boring black-slab Nexus phone. And that’s kind of a jerk move by them. But this is Google after all and copying others seems to be their modus operandi these days, even when it comes to press events.

But we think Microsoft is bringing more to the table this time around with those new devices from HTC and Nokia. And at least we’ll have something interesting to look at.

Edit: For those saying that Google always announces devices or OS changes at All Things D's Dive into Mobile conference, that is not the case. For one, The Dive into Mobile spans over two days, October 29th and the 30th and we're sure Google could have planned for the 30th if they had wanted. Number two, although Google's Andy Rubin will be at Dive into Mobile, Nokia's Stephen Elop will also be a speaker--that doesn't mean Elop is announcing anything that day.  

Regarding devices, the Nexus S was first shown at the Web 2.0 conference in November and the Galaxy Nexus was revealed in a joint Samsung press conference in Hong Kong. Point is, the Andy Rubin's Dive into Mobile appearance is separate from this Google press event and it did not have to be scheduled at the same time.

via: Android Central

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

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  • Meh. Last Crapdroid announcement, about the new Motorolas, didn't garner that much attention. This will backfire on the Google douchebags. You'll see.
  • Awesome. That's why I hate everything about Google. Making money on other people's content. Damn copycats. I'll enjoy my almost Google free life.
  • Let me guess, you use Bing and IE? :-)
  • Bing goes best with Opera
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  • +1 on opera, and Bing rewards gives me bonus Xbox points when i search, so... Yeah!!!
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  • Of course. Only Google product I can't dismiss is YouTube.
  • Same here. Almost. Makes live more simple too. And frankly it's only possible with Microsft products and services. All the way from Business stuff up to Xbox.
  • ...but they didn't CREATE YouTube.
  • Bing with Firefox...  IE only for financial websites like banks, credit cards etc... as IE has wider security... blocks almost everything...
    Firefox vs Chrome... FF blocks ads even in videos... ads on Youtube is rare for me... no ads watsoever when I watch southpark, CBS shows, Daily Show with John Stewart, etc!...
    Google is good for these: gmail, scholar, Youtube
  • Bing and IE 9
    Bing and IE10
  • i use bing and opera lol!!
  • I've reasons to believe Apple & Google are quite worried about Surface, Wp8 launch quite a bit. However, I think the last GN device launched last year on Oct 19th according to what I read on wired. So, it's sort of a 50/50 thing but to say both Apple & Google aren't worried will be pushing it a bit.
  • I would very much like to know what those reasons are. Your logic seems very flawed to me, as the one major player in the tablet space, Apple, with around 70% market share, and Google, with hottest tablet right now, the Nexus 7, are worried in what way about Surface? Surfacs, as of today, only has 4300 applications, battery life is unknown, and it still remains to be seen what the public's reaction to a Microsoft tablet that DOESN'T RUN ANY EXISTING WINDOWS DESKTOP APPLICATIONS will be. At the current price, the Surface RT is also overpriced by at least $100 (in comparison to an Apple iPad 2, in my opinion). It may have a neat "touch cover", but take a look at the aftermarket for iPad covers, and it won't be too hard to find something comparable. While I have nothing but high hopes that Windows Phone 8 will become a viable alternative to iOS and Android, Google and Apple worrying about WP8, either in phones or in tablets, is something that is far distant in the future, it it actually ever happens.  It certainly didn't happen with WP7/7.5; which was a really good cell phone OS, yet sales were almost non-existant.
    Apple and Google are competing with each other, not WP8, at least not until WP8 establishes iteslf. In my mind, it is still an open question as to whether Windows 8 itself, or WP8 by extension, will be the success that Microsoft is expecting them to be.
    The scheduling fo the Google event is more to blunt the effects of next week's Apple iPad announcments, and to impress Wall Street with exciting new products before the Christmas buying season. Google only waited until the Apple event was offically announced to set their own date. I sincerely doubt that Google even considered that they were announcing the same day as the WP8 announcment. Besides, who gave Microsoft exclusivity on that date, in the first place? its just another day; the whole world doesn't revolve around it.
  • considering like 70% of computers run windows I think the announcement is a pretty big deal.  And the windows 8 annoucement has been known for quite a bit of time.  It would be total a total fallacy to think that the event organizers did not consider that microsoft one ofteh largest companies in the world was announcing their new platform.  They compete in the same fields and therefore know what each other are doing.  I think you are fogetting about this.
  • Above all, it must be kept in mind that Google is announcing on the same day as Windows Phone 8, NOT Windows 8, which will be a couple/three  days prior to that. Why Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are not being announced on the same date is something that only Microsoft can answer. Microsoft, in the mobile space, is a non-force at this time, having less than 5% of the market. Windows 8 announcement is a big deal (biggest deal possible, I think). Windows Phone 8 announcement, not so much.
    That being the case, Microsoft's dominance on the desktop has nothing to do with what is going on in the mobile space. Google is not announcing on the same date as Windows 8 (Oct. 26), but on the same date at Windows Phone 8 (Oct. 29). In this case, the bigger deal is the Google announcement, not the Windows Phone 8 announcment, by virtue of the sheer market size and influence of Android/Google. This may change in the future, but as of today, this is the case.
    Think of it another way, 1.3 Million Android phones are being activated every day. Nokia sold 2.9 Million phones LAST QUARTER. Even allowing for non-Nokia Window Phone sales of around a Million phones (being quite generous), or roughly 4 million WIndows Phones total last quarter, more Android phones are activated in 4 days than the entire Windows Phone marketplace does in one quarter (90 days, to use round numbers). Some may make the argument that this is based on Windows 7/7.5, but as Windows 8 isn't out yet, to claim that WIndows 8 will improve this is a little speculative at this point, with no real factual basis. I would like to see Windows Phone 8 do well, as it will improve all smartphones, but I would not be willing to make that prediction at this point. I just don't know, and neither does anybody else.
  • they do make great tvs though.  Phones crap, tvs super good.
  • They are worried about Surface.  Google more so than Apple but even Apple is.  Google really has no tablet apps so I'd say there are more appls for RT than Android tablets.  The Nexus 7 is not the hottest tablet out, that is still the iPad.  7in tablets are for women in kids.  Surface and any Windows 8 tablets Pro or RT can do more than either.  My friend works at Best Buy mobile and people always come in and ask about their Android tablet lineup and they always ask "Can I or my kids do homework on them?"  He always answers no because you really can't.  Now maybe on the iPad if you buy all the accessories and their overpriced wannabe Office apps.  Tablets will eventually overtake laptops.  Android can't compete with their phone OS.  Apple might even be forced to merge their mobile and desktop OS's.  Who honestly wants to carry around a phone, laptop, and a tablet?  Even Josh and Nilay were talking about how they start off on their iPads but eventually end up on the laptop to do work.  Windows 8 RT will let you do work.  Plus you can use Flash in the desktop browser, you can't even do that on Android anymore.
  • Under Android 4 and up, there is no difference between cell phone apps,and tablet apps. This means that ALL Android apps that have been updated to take advantage of Android 4.0 and up work just fine on tablets. So your argument that Surface RT has more apps is demostrably wrong.
    As for 7 in. tablets being for women and kids, zip up your fly. I originally went with the Steve Jobs concept that 7" tablets were too small. However, I have changed my opinion of that after lugging around an iPad 3/"new" Ipad, and then trying a Nexus 7 (N7). The N7, for people on the move, is fully capable of doing most of the things that I need to do, it lighter and smaller (thereby much easier to carry aound). My iPad 3 stays at home now; the N7 travels with me, being hotspotted off of my iPhone 4S.
    Android, from version 4 on, certainly can compete with in the tablet space, and the N7 is proof of that. As for "...overpriced, wannabe Office apps..." Microsoft themselves will be addressing that in March-May 2013 when Office comes out for Android and iOS. People won't carry aound a cellphone, tablet and laptop. Most people will end up carrying a cellphone and a 7" tablet. If they need to do serious work, they will carry a cell phone and a laptop. I don't care how good a tablet is, or how big the screen, serious document editing needs a physical keyboard and mouse; and this includes Ipads and Surface RT (I don't thinkg the very neat "touch cover" of the Surface RT counts as a physical keyboard). I reserve judgement on Surface Pro, because they are relatively unknown quantities at this time. Some of the convertibles may work in this regard.
    If Apple had thought it would have made sense to combine their Desktop OS (OSX) and mobile OS (iOS), they woudl have done it by now. Apple is uniquely able to do what they want, without having wot worry about outside hardware manufacturers, or concern themselves with what hardware compatibility issues may arise. They haven't, and they know exactly the reasons for not doing so. You can speculate all you want, but that's all it is, speculation. Nobody knows all the reasons that Apple hasn't merged the operating systems except for Apple itself.
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  • What a bunch of freaking A-Holes. I hope LG Goes down in FLAMES soon, because the make garbage cheap phones anyway.
  • LG = Low Grade
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  • yup!
  • Ridiculous desert name eh?  So Google is switching it up?  Perhaps we'll see Silly Sahara, Googly Gobi, or Kalamari Kalahari next.
  • I think he meant Dessert name....but i like your Kalamari Kalahari... LMAO!
  • LOL awesome desert names. Next is the letter K so key lime pie will be next OS iteration I'm sure.
  • Rofl, I was just thinking of a pie name.
  • Key Lime Pie was already announced as the new name. Let's speculate on the L dessert name. Maybe Lemon marange.
  • Lemon... is about right.
  • Lychee
  • they should call the L update Liver to match to awful taste google and android have left in my mouth >:(
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  • I'm betting on Bread Pudding.
  • Google trash ass phones
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  • LMFAO... Very typical of Google. Pathetic attempt to try to overshadow Microsoft's amazing offerings by presenting its newest malware infested garbage. Who cares??
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  • And don't forget Apple is also holding an event on 23 October to presumably announce the iPad Mini. Everyone knew first when Microsoft was holding their events, so now Google and Apple are trying to steal some thunder. I get that's how the business works and all, but it's still a bit of a dick move whenever any company does it.
  • and the rumored preorder for this mini Pad start on Oct. 26
    Both are scared as hell even with their duopoly on the mobile market.
  • It is business; it is exactly what Nokia did with the 920 before iPhone 5 announcements that were scheduled before. Some rumors came out about Samsung’s Galaxy S4 too. It’s all ok and part of business, the really important thing is who brings the best of the best, and in this case, although it took them too long, its Microsoft’s time around.  
  • Well said.
  • I always say this, even started a thread on it in the forums.
  • LOL! Sorry ass LG phone to boot! I've had two LG's and nothing but problems.
  • I'm one year with my Quantum and can say it has been a problem-free pleasurable experience.
  • That's because it's also a windows phone
  • That's certainly part of it!  The hardware and the OS work great together, so kudos to both LG and Microsoft!
  • I had to give my quantum up because I didn't like that they gimped certain features of the OS without providing their own alternatives.
  • I'm unfamiliar with this.  What happened?
  • In my case the inability to search for hidden WiFi, which was a big deal for me and their network app was a joke. I loved the keyboard though.
  • The fact Google is trying to punk Microsoft out like this, proves that they are recognizing the threat of WP8 that's approaching. They're so petty, and I love it ha ha ha..
  • This is the reason why I bing.
  • This answeres the question on why MS was so up-tight and secure with WP8. They knew Google was going to do this.
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  • add one more
  • Maybe Google is going to announce that it will start paying the "partnership fee" to Microsoft that all the other Android OEMs pay :P.
  • Pretty much typical for Google.  They don't play by the same rules (or observe the same rules of engagement) as either Microsoft or Apple, or any of the hardware OEMs for that matter.  It gets at the heart of the coroporate arrogance and suspect ethics behind the smiley faces and lava lamps.  The sad thing is there are lots of people who think Google is somehow different.  From my perspective though, they are more dangerous than Microsoft ever was in the evil monopoly days. 
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    Google litearlly has a direct line to CIA, FBI, and all the alphabet boys.
  • And just like with the Nokia/Microsoft announcement they tried to take the limelight from, nobody will remember the Google event.
  • They did the same thing with apple iPhone 5... The Moto razors crap people didn't even talk about them.. Correct me if im wrong I think they did something when Nokia announced the lumias..
    google is like mitt ROMNEY
  • Really? You had to go political? I hate google, and like Romney. Your logic makes no sense...
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  • Romney reminds me of a pre owned Mercedes Benz car salesman.  Dude is sketch.   I dislike Obama more however so my vote is going to Gary Johnson.
  • I'm gonna write myself in.
  • +1 for Gary Johnson
  • ^ This!
  • Mitt Romney is our only legitimate hope to save America.
  • I think I'll end up voting for Daniel Rubino. I encourage everyone to do the same. He's the only hope for the future of our children.
  • +1 lol  As an anarchist, I'd have to disqualify myself :P
  • Ron Paul was hope for America and windows phone nokia
  • Can we vote for the Lumia 920? With the 8X as its running mate.
  • Wow, way to completely be ignorant about Android's lifecycle. Every year Google announces a new phone on the same day Andy Rubin goes to speak with Walt Mossberg at an AllThingsD conference. It happened with the Nexus One, Nexus S, and the Galaxy Nexus.
    Do your research before saying something like this.
  • How Dare Your Try to Stop this Circle Jerk!?!
  • way to be a rebel!!!!!....... :-\
  • @anujahooja Check your facts again. I'll repeat what I wrote before. I disagree with you assessment, clearly they could have done someting on the 30th. Nexus S was shown at the Web 2.0 summit, not All Things D Galaxy Nexus was announced in Hong Kong, not D: Dive into Mobile.  
    "Dive Into Mobile is a separate event which even Stephen Elop will be attending. It's on the 29th and 30th. This  Google invite is a separate device announcement not connected to that WSJ event and I don't see how it necessarily follows they have to a Nexus announcement on the same day."
  • Dang, Danny just schooled ya son. Woop woop!
  • Check my reply:
  • Boom HeadShot :D
  • Nope. Check my reply:
  • Read the comment again. I said it's _on the same day_ as the interview with Walt Mossberg. The day the Nexus S was announced, Andy spoke to Walt. The day the Galaxy Nexus was announced, Andy spoke to Walt. It'll be the exact same thing this time. It doesn't get announced at the event, but it happens on the same day.
  • Analjahooja is in the wrong site. He/She/ It should be in the Android side. :-p
  • Head Shot @anujahooja by Daniel Rubino hahaha
  • @ anujahooja: Looks like somebody should take their own advice.
  • I do:
  • LG vs Nokia and Nokia wins everytime.
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  • As we discuss this, Google shares have plunged 9% and trading has been halted.
  • I wish they hadn't halted it.  I'd like to see all those greedy fucks and their investors knocked down a few more pegs.
  • MS is to be blamed here... they should have announced wp8 a month ago.. and if it wasn't ready. they should have announced the press conference on october not on september...
    Google and Apple are doing a better job, they announced their events 2-3 weeks ahead, do the event and their product is out on the same date or in the next couple weeks.
    Best they can do now, is to play it like on E3. Announced most things a day earlier and then do a public presentation on the 29th.
  • Why should MS have announced WP8 months ago? So that Apple and Google have time to steal features from it yet again like they did with Mango? Keeping it under wraps keeps people interested and scouting the web for every new tidbit. I think they are doing the right thing.
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  • Wow, that's one stupid comment
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  • Let Google do what they feel is necessary, I'm not bothered by it in the slightest. We all know that the new Windows family is a HUGE cut above the rest. Apple, Google, and any other company out there; they gave us the goods, now it's Microsoft's turn!
  • A couple nexus phones are nice, but they aren't really anything all that special. There are good phones on the market right now running stock Android. But with with the Windows Phone event there could be major announcements about new features or even a 920 varient on verizon. Which i think more people are curious about.
  • Haven't the Nexus line of phones generally not sold well at all?   And to top it off now they're going to go with LG or Sony?  Those two are fighting for the bottom of the Android market last I saw with HTC trying to stay in a distant 2nd behind Samsung who's running away with it.    Just like the Motorola event back in September, this isn't giong to go anywhere I bet.  Let them annoynce yet another device, if history is anything to go buy it'll be another nexus dud.
  • LG makes nice refrigerators.... I forgot they made phones... Which makes them irrelevant in my eyes, have a nice day :)
  • This make nice washers/dryers as well.
  • LG makes nice refrigerators.... I forgot they made phones... Which makes them irrelevant in my eyes, have a nice day :)
  • Umm... the announcement is the same day as the D: Dive Into Mobile event that has been planned for months. Andy Rubin has announced previous versions of Android at the event in years past. We all love a good conspiracy theory but the facts kinda steer us into the opposite direction.
  • Ok, your officially out of the circle jerk.
  • @dagamer34 D: Dive Into Mobile is a separate event which even Stephen Elop will be attending. It's on the 29th and 30th. This Google invite is a separate device announcement not connected to that WSJ event and I don't see how it necessarily follows they have to a Nexus announcement on the same day.
  • Go shovel your B.S. elsewhere friend.
  • Will Windows Phone ever get a break. MSFT will have to hit on the drums rather hard to make penetration. Hate on other companies are kind of stupid, but I got to say I hate Googles move on this one, Apple was enough of an issue, now WP will have to go up against Google also. Both companies are way ahead of MSFT so this is bad.
  • Come to think of it, WP being superior or not, people so far doesn't seem to care. With a movie like this, the public might not even notice WP.
  • Really people? I'm so sure of WP not mad at all come one come all in the end who will be standing WP. it's easy remind us why so many are choosing WP over your same looking phone just thinner screen bin there for so long HD7 need I say more.
  • A Nexus by LG? Wow, epic fail. WP should be truly thankful to be rid of LG. Crap Company.
  • It is this kind of reporting that makes me dislike WPcentral. It was rumoured for quite some time that the next Nexus phone will be presented at D: Dive Into Mobile. Amongst other things Andy Rubin will be there and Google presented the Galaxy Nexus at last years event in Hong Kong.
    I would prefer a little calmer and relaxed reporting - not this competition kicking ...
  • Incorrect. They are separate events with different press invites. Google will *not* be revealing the LG Nexus at D: Dive into Mobile.  D: Dive into Mobile is also over 2 days: October 29th and 30th. I'm sure Google could scheduled on the 30th had they wanted to.
  • A lot of companies show their new devices at Mobile World Congress, IFA, CES or other events. It just makes sense to use an event, when a lot of journalist are in the same place. And you use the first day, because they have than the chance to talk about it. The Google event will be 2 hours before Dive into Mobile starts. And Andy Rubin will speak at the first day of Dive into mobile. It doesn´make sense to let him speak first and later unfold their new device ...
    I a just not that kind of guy that seeks a conspiracy behind every bush. In the long run it won´t make anyway any difference ...
  • But Google hasn't used this event before for Nexus devices (e.g. Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus) and surely they could have scheduled another day as they've done in the past.  It's not conspiracy just opportunism and Google has to know that Microsoft is having a press event that day.
  • Google used AsiaD by the same host laste year for the Galaxy Nexus.
    Sure - Google could have gone out of the way of Microsoft. But is it really that important or evil? I think it  will get WP8 even more attention anyway.
  • Google's trollen
  • Nothing new from Google just ICS maybe some new features like there might be a double drag down menu. No thanks google opening a window to get to another window then open that window just to find what you are looking for is old. Google time to take notes, MS did that with windows mobile now watch your os go down in the following year because wp8 will be here to take over your sluggish os. Did I stutter? No but android did & force close on me many countless times.
  • +1
  • +2
  • Google will probably be rolling out Android 4.2, which is a major announcement in the Android world. Android 4.1.2 brought in GPU acceleration to all screen related functions; 4.2 will be improving that and will have major improvements to the OS; perhaps not highly visible, but there will be a lot of improvements under the hood.
    Current Android 4.X phones are anything but sluggish. And with the pending arrival of the quad core Android tsunami, the whole "Android is sluggish" thing will be a thing of the past. Android has a large number of vendors around it, and they will always try to compete with each other. WP8 has some, but nowhere near as many, and I personally believe that the Microsoft-Nokia alliance has prevented more vendors from signing on to WP8. When your star vendor, Nokia, is on a downward spiral, it doesn't encourage others to commit to the same OS.
    Android will continue to be the the dominant OS for cell phones, with iOS second. It will also be significant in the tablet space, but unknown if it will take over from iOS in that space. Windows Phone 8, while a good, very competitive cell phone OS, is an unknown quantity right now.
  • Silly, lame, ad agency.
  • UGH! This makes it harder for me to be both an Android and WP lover!
  • It's a pretty discusting tactic and I hope it competely backfires on them exactly how it did when they did the SAME thing in September.
    Last time I checked, the buzz surrounding the Lumia launch was MUCH greater than that of Mototolla's announcement. In fact, the talk about Nokia's phones made a huge jump after the annnouncement with Moto's barely even showing a blip.
  • Boring black slab, at least I'll be able to buy it on Sprint, I have a Nexus now, and although it's not as nice looking as my preferred Windows phone, I really like it, I like it a lot. and if I can't get a Windows on Sprint, well, a Nexus is the next best thing. 
  • Amen, if Verizon doesn't get a Windows phone I'm dropping them and going to Sprint.
  • Ting
  • I would pay good money to watch a lucha libre match with Ballmer vs Paige. I'll bet on Ballmer. BOOM!
  • Easily.
  • Typical Copycat in everything
  • So, Google is going to announce a new OS that not one non Nexus phone will run until this time next year.  Jelly Bean was released in July and new phones being released today are still packing Ice Cream Sandwich.  
  • The Nexus devices, for the most part, receive the update within one or two weeks. Because of the fact that Google has pre-built the code to run a Vanilla Android experience
  • I can't believe noone has brought this up. Motorola/Google also the the same thing when Nokia announced the Lumia 920. They scheduled the new Droid Maxx and new android phones to be unveiled the same day in the afternoon after Nokia.
  •   Google panics with Windows Phone 8 announcement, schedules Nexus event same day
    Thats a little presumptious isn't it? How do we know that Google "paniced", we don't. For all we know Google could have had this event scheduled for months now. I'm not saying that its not possible that they did schedule on the same day on purpose but lets not jump to conlusions, thats just bad journalism. 
  • +1.
    LOL. I agree. Panic is totally the wrong word. Apple's October 23rd event to stop Nexus 7 holiday sales is definitely not panic. Neither is Google's attempt to steal thunder from Microsoft. They are cool, calm, and calculated moves designed to prevent their competitors from stealing market share.
    That is not the definition of panic at all.
  • They did panic today when they mysteriously release their earning report in the middle of the day. Stock trading has halted after the mad dash of investors to sell.
  • +1 Google stock is taking a shit today.
  • This is the same shenanigans they pulled with Motorola, announcing the RAZR HD or whatever it's called on the same day as the Nokia Lumia 820/920.
  • Windows phone 8 craps on Android
  • Apple on October 23rd and Google on October 29th. Interesting strategies to say the least. I can't say I blame them because it really is quite a good strategy. Apple steals the thunder from Google and keeps their substantial lead. Google steals thunder from Microsoft and keeps their substantial 2nd place lead.
    If you were the marketing leader you would do the same, might as well make it harder on Microsoft. The positive of this is that if it works, maybe Microsoft will learn their lesson and schedule events on time.
  • If that LG phone is really their next "flagship" nexus device, I don't blame them for being worried lol.
  • It's actually a pretty sick handset if it is anything like the LG Optimus G. In fact, it pretty much double downs on the flagship WP8 handset in most of the important areas.
    Literal doubles
    CPU - Exact same chip set with all the advantages except with double the cores.
    RAM - 2gb vs.1gb
    Theoretical doubles
    The Dimensions are much better than the best WP8 handsets. Maintaining a slim body in extrememly compact dimensions while still managing a fat battery. Something that Windows Phone manufacturers are struggling with. For example, even with a big 4.7 screen, the international LG Optimus G is only slightly bigger overall than the Lumia 900 and HTC 8x. While managing to be way smaller than the 920 and Ativ S.
    Slight advantages.
    Same 1280 X 768 screen resolution but slightly larger.
    Now, you just have to weigh whether or not the above advantages neutralize a better operating system, camera, and wireless charging. A lot of that depends on how much better you think the Windows Phone OS is compared to Android but it is defintely nowhere near a joke or a panic attack like us Windows fans wish to believe.
    In fact, Phone Arena already gave the LG Optimus G a 9 out 10 review and this Nexus will be even better due to Jelly Bean.
  • Take your spec obsession to another site to spew your drivel.  Any Windows Phone user know that spec considerations are the least of our concerns when using a device.  Its obvious you use a 6inch tablet phone that doubles as a hot plate during cold winter evenings.
  • Well the way I see it, this is a good thing for WP... this due to the fact that I have never owned a LG device than I havent hated to my guts! None of my friends, family, friends family, in-laws or anyone I have acually come into actual contact with have ever had anything nice to say about LG, EVER!. Sure, LG's hardware is impressive and sort of sexy from afar, thats how they get you! Use any of LGs products on even a semi regular basis, and you realise how crappy it actually is!... Wow I needed that off my chest... Anyways, the reason its good for WP is that ALOT of ppl are gonna get a bad experience from this, and they arent going to blame it on LG, they are gonna blame Android (just as Windows Vista was blamed when OEMs ignored Microsofts guidelines for hardware requirements). Hopefully this will make more Android ppl jump ship, even though its still years away atm.
  • I agree with everything in your post except that part about vista. That OS would have been garbage on a supercomputer...
  • People are forgetting about the Ipad Mini announcement on the 23rd. Apple is guilty too.
  • Its intentional lol. iPad mini will be Apple's second let down in a row...
  • worried about a phone that has been out for how long and can't gain any traction, other then through fangirl rants... really? Google is "worried", lol.. Rubino couldn't make it on his highschool newspaper, so why expect better writing skills or a half decent career on a blog.. lol... ;-) BB10 will probably do way better then WP8, you heard it here first...
  • Who cares? It's not like the average consumer goes to these events. Some consumers might watch these events live, but they're really for the media. Is it such a bad thing that all our favorite tech sites will have news to report about new android phones and new WP8 phones in the same day? Sounds like a fun Monday to me! I wish there were ten different companies announcing their new mobile lineup on the 29th. More choices for me!
    And from reading the comments, I see there is a LOT of google hate going on. I encourage you guys not to take sides here. Microsoft, Google, and Apple are all huge companies that make millions of dollars because of us. Pick the best phone and go with it. Every time one of these companies announces a new phone or feature, evaluate it and decide if it meets your needs better than what you currently have in your pocket.
    Personally, I have been an ios and an android user, and I'm going to be a wp8 user as soon as I'm upgrade eligible. Give them all a try!
  • Absolutely +1
  • Yup! I tried them all that is why I'm here with WP and will be staying put.
  • Wow... It's kind of depressing to see that just about everybody is so biased... I welcome everything. I own a Lumia 900, HTC One X, Droid Razr, and an Ipod Touch (4th Gen) I get to experience all of them on a daily basis. Sure, its seems a little bit of a convenience that Google just so happened to schedule their "big reveal" on the same day as Microsoft. But seriously, Google, Apple, and Microsoft try to cock block each other almost on a daily basis. They're always pushing each other around, and thats good. It keeps all three of them on their toes in order to keep innovating. If Windows 8 and WP8 are truly as good as everybody is expecting, then Google trying to steal the momentary spotlight won't matter and will show that Google has brought a knife to a gun fight. and if it does overshadow it, well that just shows that Microsoft might have a little more to polish up. But thats no reason to start dogging the software providers, nor the hardware that just happens to support them. Because i have a hard time believing that any of you could do all that the three of them have done. Im only 17 y.o. And I refuse to be so biased. I think its just a bad reflection on oneself.
  • I can't decide if it's a bitch-ass punk move, or a punk-ass bitch move. Well, it didn't work out so well for them last time when Motorola went same day as Nokia.
  • LOOOL!!!!! +100
  • android was rushed out because of the same windows phone fear .. it doesn't matter what they do, WP is a superior system.
  • Off Topic: Guys check this out. Jaime Rivera is being destroyed. He told people not to preorder the Surface and MS body guards got him! Check it out. It's funny.
  • That was so funny, Jaime Riveeeeeeeeeraaaaa is getting his ass kick with his own article. Jaime is the biggest green robot ass licker. He is the troll in his own blog.
  • I'm mad at myself for expecting anything less than pure hatred for Android on this blog.  Google has no need to panic over anything Microsoft does when it comes to phones.  Just because you love your platform doesn't mean you have to hate on other platforms.  It makes your love for your platform of choice look weak and easily threatened.  There's a phrase on the street for this that fits better, but I won't use it in a public forum.
  • The Apple strategy is much better: announcement on 23rd, so press will be full of Apple mini for 23 and 24, preorder will start on 26th, so press again full of Apple sales ('sold out within minutes'), MS Win8 announcement will only be a side note ('MS ships Win8 as a iPad competitor' etc), actual shipment of iPad Mini and availability in stores will be on 29th. Again 29 and 30th of October will be full of Apple coverages in the media (reviews, pictures of thousands of people standing in line before shop openings etc). Again WP8 presentation will only be covered in a side note then.
  • I don't get the trolling in both the article and the comments. Why shouldn't Google do that? That's business and that doesn't mean they're threatened by Windows Phone 8, it's just that you always try to steal thunder when competitors do something. Makes total sense (like announcing the Surface just before the Nexus 7). I would expect this from WMPoweruser really.
  • Microsoft could potentially land a killer blow to the Google Nexus Event if they were to introduce a 7-8" Surface Tablet... maybe not so much to the Apple Event (too much mind share + Apps).
  • Its a tough call these days and I believe both Microsoft and Google are doing really great things. Android is getting really good due to project butter, lag was always its biggest issue. Android also has much superior notifications and multitasking. Windows phone is definitely the most elegant of all the mobile os's. I'm curious to see how wp8 does with notifications. I really hope they step it up, because I love windows phone. But It looks like google is getting their act together with android. Windows phone still has the best social integration and shutter buttm!
  • For the record, I'm a HUGE Microsoft fan, but I also am a fan of all technology, I own an Android Tablet, along with a Win 8 tablet, Windows Mobile, WP7, WP7.5, and future Lumia 920.  But, one thing I have to say is Microsoft is REALLY bad at their announcements lately.  They give you half of the information needed, no pricing, and they announce MONTHS before a product is ready.  That takes all the excitement out of it and people move on.  Again, I would WAY rather Microsoft got this right, because I am 100% on their side, but they really need to take a look at how they do these things.  They have shot themselves in the foot on this, and they only have themselves to blame if they don't ever gain marketshare.  I think it's silly of Apple and Google to do this, but Microsoft has left themselves vulnerable on their own doings.
  • Agreed.  I do think however that the Windows name is entriely too big for people simply just to forget about them.  The services Microsoft provides for both consumer and enterprise communities will likely not be replaced by another company in our lifetimes.
    I anticipate both Windows 8 and Windows Phone to meet strong demand once the new products arrive.  I've literally fallen in love with Windows 8 and Windows phone sice using them over the past few months
  • Isn't the point of a news site to remain unbiased? The obvious hatred for Google here is appalling. 
  • lol Now that is how a hater makes a post '-'
    It is funny 'cause the Nexus devices are actually being a succes and Windows Phone isn't '-'
    And Google chose that date because it was the one year anniversary of the Galaxy Nexus....
    *Not trolling nor wanting to starting a fight, just telling some facts '-' *