Google panics with Windows Phone 8 announcement, schedules Nexus event same day

Last we checked there are 31 days in the month of October, which means 31 opportunities to schedule press events. And if you were feeling randy, we hear that November has 30 more occasions.

So we can’t help but cast astonishment at Google’s insistence on having a big reveal on the very same day that Microsoft is holding its Windows Phone 8 announcement. With Microsoft on the West coast (San Francisco), Google has opted for New York City giving tech blogs a headache for travel plans.

The next Google Nexus device?

Google is expected to announce at least one new Nexus phone most likely from LG though rumors are circulating that there may be several Nexus devices this time. In addition, they may also reveal some other tidbits about their OS (insert ridiculous desert name here). At least now we know why LG left Windows Phone as they became Google's Nexus sweetheart.  (That's okay though as Google can have LG and we'll keep Nokia.)

We don’t think this is a coincidence either as Microsoft had announced weeks ago their October 29th date. It is clear to us that Google is trying to steal Microsoft’s thunder by having their own circus on the same day to reveal whatever boring black-slab Nexus phone. And that’s kind of a jerk move by them. But this is Google after all and copying others seems to be their modus operandi these days, even when it comes to press events.

But we think Microsoft is bringing more to the table this time around with those new devices from HTC and Nokia. And at least we’ll have something interesting to look at.

Edit: For those saying that Google always announces devices or OS changes at All Things D's Dive into Mobile conference, that is not the case. For one, The Dive into Mobile spans over two days, October 29th and the 30th and we're sure Google could have planned for the 30th if they had wanted. Number two, although Google's Andy Rubin will be at Dive into Mobile, Nokia's Stephen Elop will also be a speaker--that doesn't mean Elop is announcing anything that day.  

Regarding devices, the Nexus S was first shown at the Web 2.0 conference in November and the Galaxy Nexus was revealed in a joint Samsung press conference in Hong Kong. Point is, the Andy Rubin's Dive into Mobile appearance is separate from this Google press event and it did not have to be scheduled at the same time.

via: Android Central

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