Google Voice: No invitation required

Google Voice has been out for about a year now and up until today, you had to request an invitation to use this service. Today, Google has announced that Google Voice is open to the public.

It’s still only available to residents of the United States but offers you free call, SMS messages, voice mail transcripts, and having one number for all your phones. To get your Google Voice number simply log into with your Google account and follow the set-up wizard.

There is a slight charge for International Calls (here's the rate schedule) and while there's still not a Windows Phone mobile app for Google Voice (hopefully that will change), you can still access things through your mobile browser at .

[Read: Google Voice Blog]

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  • Wow, I wondered when this would happen! I've been using my Google Voice Account ever since I got my invite (what, about a year ago now) and I love the heck out of the service, especially when using it on an Android Device! I totally recommend this to anyone that has to keep up with more than one phone you have to answer.
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  • There is a beta WM for Google Visual Voice. It works OK. Google Visual Voice v0.4
  • Google's voice has been out for a year and until today, we should request an invitation to use this service. Today, Google announced that Google's voice is open to the public.
  • No support for SIP = No thanks (