GoPro Windows Phone app for Nokia Lumia: total control for extreme sports fans

Continuing our tour of MWC 2013, we’ve been checking out the Partner apps Nokia is showcasing within their booth (something of a home-from-home for the Windows Phone Central team today). This time we’re bringing you a hands on video with GoPro. Nokia have been working with the GoPro team to build a quality first party app for Windows Phone and it really shows with this app.

If we step back for a moment and answer the question, “what is Go Pro?” well the official website is probably better positioned to answer, but essentially what we’re looking at is a wearable camera suitable for capturing sporting moments from a first-person perspective for editing and sharing with the world. Nokia even had a demonstration unit alongside their demo Lumia device and it certainly looks designed to take a beating.

GoPro on Nokia Lumia with camera

But how do you control something that's strapped to your head? That’s where the Nokia Windows Phone app steps in. Allowing you to connect directly to a GoPro camera to control the action as it happens (via an Ad-Hoc WiFi connection). The app also features a pretty smart use of picture-in-picture so that you can use your phone as a secondary camera to capture stills, perhaps to film your reactions or provide an alternate camera angle.

Alternatively, if you find yourself in a moment where you’re not shredding a mountain or riding a wave then you can consume content from other GoPro users. For those just getting in to the GoPro world this will no doubt provide some inspiration.

You can find the full video demonstration below, it’s a really impressive app that provides a wealth of control over the GoPro camera. You can expect it in the Windows Phone Marketplace sometime in the spring.

Jay Bennett