Halo 4 companion game coming to Windows Phone (after iOS and Android)

Xbox 360 owners who migrated to Windows Phone have long lamented the lack of a proper Halo mobile game. Sure, we have Halo WayPoint and its SmartGlass-style connectivity with Halo Reach, but Microsoft has yet to show us the proper love of an actual Halo videogame. Hey, pretty soon that’s going to change… Sort of… Thanks to Halo 4: King of the Hill, an upcoming augmented reality app developed by AR specialist Ogmento and sponsored by 7-Eleven and Mountain Dew. Yup.

Okay, so Halo 4: King of the Hill is more of an advergame than a proper game. The augmented reality portion revolves around launching the app and walking into a 7-Eleven Convenience Store (which we don’t even have in my part of Texas). Yes, that makes it something of a niche app if you ask me.

You then walk around watching your phone’s camera display, looking like a goon, and trying to locate the store’s Mountain Dew and Doritos products. Remember, Microsoft has a promotional campaign going in which purchasing these beverages and snacks gets you codes for double XP time in Halo 4. After scanning said products, you’ll gain supplies for the ‘game’ portion of the app.

Yes, there actually does appear to be some first-person shooting gameplay in King of the Hill. The brief trailer shows two players shooting at each other in a very simplistic 3D environment. Whether both players need to be in the same actual location or not remains to be seen, but I’d guess so. The game’s description says players will compete on a local and national level, which could simply mean results are compared on a leaderboard.

Why would you want to put up with in-your-face snack advertisements in order to play a dinky game at a convenience store? Prizes for Halo 4 on Xbox 360, of course!

Halo 4: King of the Hill

Halo 4 In-game prizes include:

  • Double XP Matches
  • Exclusive Custom Locus Helmut (SIC) (US Only)
  • Ghost Prop Avatar (Canada Only)
  • Bulletproof Emblem
  • War Games Longbow

Considering how popular Halo 4 is among Xbox 360 gamers, unique emblems and such are actually a cool way to differentiate yourself from other players. Nobody wants to look just like everybody else.

The down side

Halo 4: King of the Hill

Okay, I’m philosophically opposed to a game that’s geared towards advertising the trifecta of 7-Eleven, Doritos, and Mountain Dew. That’s called money grubbing, and it doesn’t have your dietary well-being in mind. And I’m also annoyed that I couldn’t possibly make use of Halo 4: King of the Hill if I wanted to, since 7-Elevens aren’t everywhere. Besides, we still deserve a real mobile Halo game, and this doesn’t look like it.

But the biggest rub may be that Halo 4: King of the Hill is out right now on iOS, Android, and… that’s it. This page on Ogmento’s website lists it as coming soon to Windows Phone, while another page on their site makes no mention of our platform of choice. Sure, the delayed WP release is most likely due to the well-known difficulty in porting games designed for other platforms to WP7, but that’s little excuse.

Microsoft and Ogmento have effectively created a Halo game (albeit an ill-conceived one) for Apple and Google’s platforms first, and Windows Phone last. Unless the Windows Phone version is only days away, that doesn’t look good. We’ve reached out to Ogmento and will update with further release dates when they become available.

Thanks to Karl for the tip!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Wtf lol
  • Really a slap in the face, when MS will really put out anything on iOS and Android before WP....smh
  • Yeah, I thought that too after reading the title...but then I saw it was the crappy 7-11 game and realized I didn't care.
  • lol same here. I was like.. .RAGE!! Then I saw the video and now I'm completely fine with it.
    If anyone complains about this exclusivity, they must not have seen the video yet. lol.
  • At first I was like... RAGE!! Then I read your comment. Then I saw the video and now I'm completely fine with it.
    I hope they keep it exclusive to iOS and Android so I can keep telling my friends how 80% of the apps in their stores are complete crap.
  • I watched it again just for lols. I like how he's shooting at a stationary, immobile spartan, then.. WHOOSH, there's THREE stationary immobile spartans to shoot at. Whoa!!
  • Hahah! Good one
  • Yep, I didn't see the video when I posted my reply, glad they didn't put that crap out on us....lol
  • Its just some promotional crapware more suited at home with Android. Anyway, its about time we had some reall good exclusive core game for Windows Phone. I hope we see that with WP8
  • Yeesh, I'll pass.
  • Wtf? Do people really care about crap like that???
  • geez how do you let anything halo slip to other platforms first?! idc how cheesy this is i cant wrap my head around something like this happening. on the brightside i have a galaxy nexus and will be hitting 7-11 today for drinks and snacks X3
  • Lol, you do that.
  • Dude its not even a real game.
  • iOS and Android can have this stupid game, or whatever it is.
  • Wtf are MS doing ! Give us a proper exclusive WP Halo game and even a Halo Wars mobile strategy game and a Gow WP game.
  • Halo wars on wp8 omg.....
  • They need to make halo wars 2 and have that work with smart glass or have a wp companion game.  I would buy that sight unseen!
  • nevermind, it works now for some reason...
  • Same in IE10.
  • Indeed, you need to refresh the page before you can edit a comment or add another one in IE10.
  • Hate to say it, but I've given up on trying to edit comments no matter what browser. I like the new look, but comment handling is broken.
  • Just another normal day where WP users get shat on. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to tell us MS is a software company, in it for the long haul, blah, blah, blah, so being treated like second class citizens in the meantime shouldn't matter, right? /s
  • So saaad :(
  • It's not even a real game, plus if that were the case they wouldn't get achievements either so shut it.
  • Halo 4sqaure! You guys should change the title!
    Anyway, HALO WARS TACT ICES like the Nintendo Wars series! For the love of god!
  • I call shamockery!
  • I think WP users might be the lucky ones. This sounds like a piece of crap.
  • Agreed there lol, what are they going to do about the people that live outside the us.. ? -_- Just like their bing services (local scout, bing rewards ect) still dont work in the netherlands for example..
  • I'm at least happy that they list the Windows Phone logo in their ad. Sick of seeing only Apple and Google logos on ads for apps, even when there is a Windows Phone version.
  • FPS are usually horrible on phones. Anyone remember Doom RPG? I'd like to see a more advanced version of that on Windows Phone.
  • why give them to ios or android. Just put it for wp only. Those iphone or android trolls dont deserve it
  • Looks like crap to me. Way to ruin the first Halo mobile title. Is there still a chance this project could get axed?
  • Microsoft should have their team work with Gameloft and use their Nova engine and bring an actual Halo game to WP. With a proper story I think it could be a killer game.
  • I hope they keep it exclusive to iOS and Android so I can keep telling my friends how 80% of the apps in their stores are complete crap.
  • This is ridiculous. Halo has been microsoft exclusive since day one in 2001. It bugs the crap out of me they would change that now. They might as well release Halo 4 on the PS3 and Wii U.
  • I have no idea what a "7-11" is, but this reminds of Yaris - the shitties title on XBL ever, which everyone is ashamed of having on their gamercard.
  • Indeed, I am Yaris branded for life.
  • The article tells you what it is.
  • I'm sorry, but I got disgusted and lost interest after watching the trailer of a really bad game filled with product placement. It's not you, it's the game, and me not being able to handle it's awfulnnes.
  • Bump WP7... As a devoted Microsoftie and Windows Phone 7 user. I will be fine with the delay, but there are a LOT of new WP8 users. Native code was supposed to fix this porting issue. They need to get this on WP8 yesterday. First impressions are critical in the next two months and this is just one more gap new users will end up being disappointed by...
  • Shocked they stamped the halo 4 badge on this. What an insult.
  • Crapp. I feel unaffected.
  • They really need to update Halo Waypoint on WP with support for Halo 4.
  • Very true. Shocking it wasn't ready for launch day.
  • That would be nice. Not sure why but I like like checking my stats and stuff at work.
  • WHAT?!?!
  • Its not meant to be a game but more of a halo 4 companion app meant to unlock things in the game. It just has a mini game in the way.
  • Can't say we're missing too much, and there aren't any 7-11s around me, either, so I think I'll survive.
  • I can only think of 1 7-11 in my area if it's still open,most of them shutdown years ago around here.
  • I normally defend Microsoft on most points, but this one...its getting harder and harder to understand some of the moves they make. Im not even remotely interested in downloading this not even for free... I hate to say it but it looks like I will have to use the upcoming release of Nova on windows phone to keep me sane for now... It'll be a get me by!
  • 343i needs to make a proper WP game!
  • http://www.facebook.com/Halo4KingoftheHill
    They mention expanding to WP8 but us WP7 users will be left high and dry... However UK users cannot get it anyway. I tried on both my iPod Touch and HTC Flyer. Complaint been sent though on their Contact Us.
  • WTH. This is dumb.
  • It sounds really freakin stupid.
  • Paul, where in Texas are you? I'm in San Antonio and just saw the first 7/11 I've ever seen here (been living here almost all my life and there are a bunch in Austin). They bought out every Tetco store and a few Shells in order to turn them into 7/11s. I also hear they bought the store portion of a bunch of Exxons for rebranding. This may be for that marketing push since they haven't been in many of these markets before. You may just see one in your area soon, not that that's an excuse for this.
  • I live near Houston. It's cool that the store is expanding to your area. I'd be pleased to see them down here as well.
  • Need help please can anybody tell me I got halo king of the hill on my ipad 2 and when I deploy it says need location services and directs me back to the deploy main menu what do I do to be able to play any help will be greatly appreciate