Halo 5 gets 'Big Team Battle Refresh' with new maps and playlists

Even after all these years, Halo 5: Guardians is receiving excellent post-launch support. A few months ago, the game was upgraded for Xbox One X, and today, its "Big Team Battle" mode got new maps and playlists. In a post on Halo Waypoint, 343 Industries said the "highly-anticipated Big Team Battle Refresh is now live in Halo 5! Our team has been working with the best Forgers in the community to build, polish, and tune these large-scale battlegrounds."

Big Team Battle is an 8 vs. 8 mode with a lot of variety. You can play Capture the Flag, a standard Deathmatch, and much more. You can read 343 Industries' goals with this content drop below.

  • Update the game modes to improve the gameplay experience for all skill levels.
  • Improve the frame rate performance on all maps.
  • Establish consistent settings for weapons and vehicles across all maps.
  • Increase the likelihood of objective modes ending on score rather than on time.
  • Maintain Big Team Battle's identity.
  • Find a good balance in the delicate dance of infantry and vehicle combat.

There are seven new Big Team Battle maps which look like a lot of fun. More details about them can be found in the 343 Industries' blog post. There are plenty of other tweaks you can read about, too.

Are you interested in the Big Team Battle Refresh? Let us know. Do you still play Halo 5 even after all these years?

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  • Of course I still play! This is the game I keep on coming back to. It has the best multiplayer gameplay out there, in my opinion.
  • Tbh there has not been much competition this gen for the FPS King but I still think mp wise halo is the game to beat.
  • Halo 5 is close to perfect when it comes to the multi player. I just wish there were more players these days because it's hard tu find games sometimes.
  • Honestly did not like Halo5. Bring back split screen mode for these battles.
  • Split screen had its day. But sharing one screen for two people is too distracting and only robs each player of real estate. Better still, make Halo DUAL SCREEN.
  • They need to bring back the real Team Arena mode or, at the very least, make Core Play a permanent playlist.