Halo Infinite's gameplay demo has been remade in Halo 5's Forge mode

The "Arrival" map.
The "Arrival" map. (Image credit: Alexander Henry)

During the official gameplay reveal for Halo Infinite, fans got a first look at the types of enviornments they'll get to explore in the final game. Expansive grasslands, horizons filled with massive cliffs and alien-like metallic pillars, and more were shown off.

One fan in particular, Alexander Henry, decided to give himself a challenge: he wanted to try and recreate what was shown in the gameplay demo in a playable 4v4 Halo 5: Guardians Forge map. Despite how difficult it often is to build a map from the ground up and make it enjoyable to play on and look at, he managed to achieve his goal.

Ultimately, what I find the most impressive about Henry's map (dubbed "Arrival"), is how shockingly good the attention to detail is for something made in such a short timeframe. I've done some Forging in my time and consider myself experienced at it, but it usually takes me weeks to achieve the look that I want with my map. The fact that Henry was able to create something so good-looking in less than two days is incredible.

I also love how close the map resembles what we see in the gameplay demo. Through creative use of the various Forge objects, Henry was able to recreate everything from the crashed Pelican to the large, looming tower in the background. He was even able to add in the ring structures scattered throughout the terrain as well, which really helps sell the Halo Infinite vibe.

Michael Schorr, Forge Lead Designer at 343 Industries, caught wind of Henry's map on Twitter and indicated that he enjoyed the map. This echoes the positive reception that the map has recieved from both fans and other Halo developers alike. If you'd like to download and play the map yourself, you can do so here.

What are your thoughts on the map? Are you impressed with what Henry was able to accomplish in such a short timeframe? Are you excited to see what Halo Infinite's Forge mode is like? Let us know. For more on Halo Infinite, make sure to read our article on the questions we have about the game following its official gameplay reveal.

Brendan Lowry

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