Halo: Master Chief Collection requires a huge day-one update

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will require a hefty day-one update for anyone purchasing the game on disc. The collection will take up most of the space on its Blu-ray disc, which amounts to around 45GB. However, this includes only the campagin modes of each game, with the multiplayer and some other features requiring a 20GB install, according to a Microsoft statement to Kotaku:

The Master Chief Collection will take up almost all of the usable space of a single Blu-ray (45 GB), and we will also issue a content update at launch that is estimated to be 20 GB.

For those pre-purchasing the game digitally through the Xbox One or Xbox Store, the content update will be downloaded automatically before launch.

What do you think of the day-one update for the Master Chief Collection, and does it impact your buying decision? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Kotaku

Joseph Keller
  • Bluray dual layer (45 GB) as a single layer would be up to 25 GB
  • Deal breaker. Seems slower
  • Slow internet.
  • No, this is awesome! It means youre getting even more content for your 60 dollars. However, it'd be better if they included a multiplayer install disc instead
  • Why do you need a MP install disc, surely if your playing online, you'll have internet access anyway?
  • The idea is.. If you want to play the single player.. Nothing is stopping you.. But multiplayer.. Then you best download all the maps as that is basically what the install is.. Although they could've just bundled all the MP stuff on another disc and allowed for a small tweaking update.
  • When will be available filtering the news in the WPcentral app. I'm not into Xbox stuff...
  • Just don't read it then....
  • Oh my goodness you're a genius JayMike!
  • I just don't, but would be nice to have some filtering option with some customization in notifications.
  • They site is shifting to an all-Microsoft coverage model, not just WP. It will never go away.
  • Well, that's not true...it will go away when these failing MS products do!
  • Failing? Really funny... Like Your sense of utopianism...
  • Not totally sure, but I think the revised universal app we're launching will support filtering.
  • Soon ?  
  • Wish I knew!
  • You're getting some flak, but I agree. I don't care about Xbox but I keep the notifications on for WP
  • Stop
  • Wpcentral is about everything Microsoft.
  • WPCentral is working on a new app and web layout to allow filtering. This will come with the rebranding of the site soon.
  • While at it, I'd like a filter to stop recieving push notifications on US-only stuff, like deals and AT&T/Verizon news.
  • Why did you click the article then? Seems like you wasted more time clicking and commenting, than you would have scrolling past at least 10 xbox articles.
  • Dannng.... There's gotta be a better way to play games... Why can't we play from the disc again versus automatic install, which still needs the disc anyway?
  • Fuck this app.!!! Each time I try to comment I end up commenting your post !
  • Did you tap reply and therefore have a little prompt at the bottom telling you who you were replying to and that you could tap it to cancel...? ;)
  • Hi Jay! I have also noticed odd behavior when replying. On my 1520 it no longer shows the name I am replying to. I assume that he started to reply to this post but decided not to.
  • Load times. You would be waiting a very long time for loading, remember the ps3 loading times before it had mandatory installs. The HDD is much faster than the blu ray drive
  • Digital purchase doesn't require a disc to play. It's the best way to fly really.
  • Ahhh yes digital downloads...i just have to buy like 3 3tb harddrives now lol each game is killing my oem hard drive space.
  • Bluray players are nowhere near fast enough to handle the high resolution textures and audio of our current generation games. That being said I now really, really need an external drive, 65gb is insane.
  • Sounds awesome. I haven't been utilizing my 500gb Xbox One HDD since launch, so this is going to be sweet!
  • Lucky you, I had to get additional 3tb lol now I feel comfortable
  • How?
  • External HDD support.
  • Ok thanks
  • Np!
  • If you sacrifice an Apple/Google product to please the Kinect it unlocks a secret 3TB partition on the drive.
  • Rotflmao
  • There should be an achievement for this too. :)
  • Tried that, didn't work..
  • Hahaha : Most of The First comments - 1. Hmm seems faster
    - 2. Hmmm seems slower
  • This is what you wanted to post separately after everything???
  • I just ordered it digitally. Even with a Virgin Media 120mbps connection, I'm glad it'll all be downloading prior to the go-live hour.
  • When Revelation Update Denim
  • Don't care "HANG EM HIGH" Another shouty message
  • Don't we have to install the game to the hard drive before we can play anyway? So it's not like you could buy the hard copy and play instantly, even if there wasn't a 20GB patch to download.
  • Lol. Would take me around an hour. Yes! For four games with full campaigns that isn't that bad.
  • Dude just the campaigns
    Halo 3 7,9 gig
    Halo 4 4,3 gig
    Halo CE 5,1 gig
    And they didn't changed the graphics in 4 and CE and just edited the resolution of 3 so ... Halo 2 AE must be at least 20 gig big lol
  • All the games get bumped up to 1080p60. Halo 2 gets new lighting, models, content.
  •   Wrong.  http://t.joystiq.com/all/2014-10-09-343-halo-2-anniversary-campaign-not-...  
  • what's wrong?  halo 1, 3,  and 4 are 1080p60.  halo 2 story campaign is 1328x1080 at 60 fps while the multiplayer is 1080p60. from your link:  "campaign of Halo 2: Anniversary now runs 60 fps at a crisp resolution of 1328x1080, which is a significant and meaningful boost in image quality we think fans are really going to appreciate. All of the other games across the entire package of The Master Chief Collection run 60 fps at 1920x1080 native."
  • My hard drive is almost full
  • I feel like buying an Xbox One with a 500 gig hard drive is like buying a car without power steering. It just doesn't make sense in this day and age. What a disservice Microsoft. A one terabyte drive should be standard.
  • @KMF79 Agreed. I already had to buy a 2TB hard drive so I could stop deleting my installed games.
  • What is the storage of the ps4? 500gb is a joke . I think this whole generation of video games is a mess
  • Best off getting an external drive anyway. There is a few benefits. Firstly, having a second drive means that the game can load from one while all the background os stuff can load from the internal. Then if something happens to the console and it needs a factory reset or replacement, You haven't got to go through the palava of redownloading or installing.
  • Just get an external. I got my 3TB for $105.
  • Where did you get it
  • Soo... Around 65gb total install? Ouch.
  • And nobody know why that kind of a game is bigger then games like skyrim with their ultra mods ( around 22 gigs ) ...
    Guess its goin to be like titanfall xD 22gigs of sound data hahaha
  • Don't know about you, but 65GB for four games sound pretty reasonable to me.
  • It will take me all night to download the update on my slow ass connection. This kinda sucks.
  • Try turkey, It'll take a week.
  • Are blu ray discs that expensive? They could afford to pop all of the multiplayer maps of halo 2 on a second disc, it seems mighty unfair of Microsoft to boot do the same with this.
  • Actually they have done it with odst ! Why not again ?
  • Because this is 2014, and I don't care about political correctness, anyone who can't afford to download this patch shouldn't have a system.
  • It's not always about affordability. If you live in a rural area of many countries you're unlikely to achieve broadband speeds >10mbps, with some monopolistic providers throttling or limiting users who exceed a certain amount of data (often less than 20gb). I'm on a 152mbps cable connection with no limit (aside from some peak time throttling) so 20gb of patch won't affect me much either (so long as MS's servers are up to the task). However, this didn't mean I have to be a tool about those less fortunate than I.
  • Cost isn't the issue, it's convenience.
  • I'm gonna need a bigger hard drive....
  • Gives them longer to work on the game. Cant grumble at that
  • Some games used to be on two disk, why don't they just use two dual layer blurays?
  • This is dual layer. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Doesn't answer why don't they just use two discs.
  • Titanfall took almost 24hours to download on my internet and that was only like 19gbs and this is 60gbs? This might take like 4 days
  • Well the preload goes live today so that gives you just under a month to dl it all before you can play it so that's good.
  • Except it costs an extra thirty bucks to get it digitally here than to but it in the shops, digital is an absolute rip off.
  • That's really gonna tax people without high speed internet
  • ...and those with metered ISPs or those that have a fixed amount of data per month.
  • Helloo am I the only one that realizes this is FOUR games in one? I mean really of course you're not going to get all that on one disk. At least all the offline content is on the disk and the only thing you need to dl is the multiplayer that was a smart move. I mean halo 4 was two dual layer DVDs that's 8.5 GB per disk so that's 17gb for just halo 4 for xb 360. So like I said its expected.
  • Hellloooo! They could have packaged a second disc for retail editions. Simple.
  • It does not affect my decission to purchase it. What I'm thinking is if this patch is for multiplayer, then I hope it is optional. I play mostly campaign in games... so being forced to download 20 gigs so that I can play a feature I don't want... it's a little annoying.
  • It's not optional if you want to play multiplayer.
  • I was hoping the day one update would be the steam release...
  • What happened to just putting a second disc in the case? There is no way they didn't know a rough size estimate a long time ago.
  • There should be an option for everyone to download the update before its released for the people who have bought the disc version.
  • Was just about to say the same.
  • I agree!! I don't want to wait until midnight to start downloading 65 gigs on a college connection.
  • I'm getting it on disc and this update and file size won't change my plans on purchasing the game.
  • Is that 20GB's of data to download straight away?!!! Jees....that's a joke! Not everyone has super high speed broadband. I'm lucky if I can download 3GB of data over the course of a night.
    Microsoft really need to stop assuming that everyone has blazing fast internet
  • It's 4 games plus multiplayer and some other things, I wouldn't blame them...
  • ordered.
  • No because im buying mostly for nightfall
  • What is the benefit of preordering digitally vs. Physically?
  • Mostly just getting it faster. Don't have to wait in line for the disc and then installing the game when you get home.
  • The benefit is it will already be downloaded once I get home later today.
  • Christ thats a lot of gigs
  • Why do people complain about day one patches? Ur still gonna get to play the game...
  • It's not so much the patches themselves (although that is annoying - why not release a fully working game out of the box?) but the size of the patches. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Shut up and take my money!!!
  • Well, I don't blame them, it's 4 games plus a bunch of other stuff
  • Yes yes yes
  • If you're short on storage pick up an external USB 3 hard drive...works beautifully
  • I'm getting both digital and physical so I'll just have to put up with my slow internet.
  • Big install is lame.
  • I won't be able to rush out and buy this on day one now really. N.B I don't live in the middle of nowhere, I live a few miles out of the city centre, but our ADSL speeds available are poor, less than 1 meg speeds. WHen we cancelled it had gotten so bad it was down to < 0.5 meg speeds. My internet speed is fine, but it's over 4G (16 - 49 Meg speeds) so it's £50 for the first 50GB of data, and then £15 for each additional 10GB. We always use up the initial 50GB and need to buy atleast 1 or 2 10GB add-ons. So i'd need to get 2 more for this additional 20GB, so it's going to cost me about £30 on top of the price of the game just for the data required to download the updates. This is more the fault of BT / OpenReach for providing such a poor service here, but it does mean i'm going to have to either skip the game, or buy it at a later date when I have a chance to lug the Xbox One over to the office one day and download from there. Taking it to the office isn't a massive issue, but it's more hassle than it should be to play a specific game. The plus point of taking it to the office is I may as well just take it and pre-load the entire game by buying digital. (May just pre-load a couple of games whilst I have it there I suppose). I'd LOVE a way to login with my Microsoft Account on a Windows 8 PC, purchase a game and download it to a USB3 Hard Drive, without having to have the Xbox One there itself.
  • 20GB day one download? That's insane!
  • Well this is going to suck for Aussies. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android